One thought on “Tamiya 2012 new product videos

  1. Gamepuppy

    You guys must really enjoy your job!?

    Meanwhile, back in the office…

    Great videos, the Bruiser looks awesome! …as does everything else!!!

    One thing I am wondering though is whether or not Tamiya have any plans to release the ‘Pick-Up’ ‘Crew-Cab’ and ‘Panel Van’ variants to go with the new ‘Samba’ VW wheelie Bus?
    …I think they’d sell a bucket load if they did given the scale of the worldwide ‘VW Scene’!

    Hopefully the Mountaineer kit will follow this totally unexpected Bruiser re-release and if Boss Hog’s in Heaven looking down on us, maybe we’ll get news of a re-re ‘Wild One’ or ‘The Fox’ or even an SRB F150 or ‘Super Champ’ in time for Christmas Q3!?!

    ‘Oh Tamiya, with these kits you’re really spoiling us!’

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