First Tamiya 58519 Toyota 4×4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36) impressions (added one more video 06.02.2012)

The team of had the chance to the see and drive the new Bruiser re-release at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2012. Our first observation was that the new gearbox drives similarly quiet as the old one and shifts gears very smoothly. Also although not many changes have been made at the steering (at a first glance we only noticed new steering knuckles) it seems to respond better and turn quite sharper which is probably also because of the differentials. Another observation was that it doesn’t have front free drive wheel hubs any more (as they aren’t really needed with a diff) and so climbing in reverse is significantly improved. The tires of the 2 running prototypes seemed also a bit softer then the old ones and the tires of the demonstration chassis were significantly softer. The new gearbox is shorter and elastically mount only in the rear (front mount is stiff) and it has 2 lugs which aren’t used, so maybe Tamiya has more future plans for it? Also in the end there is a rod which at first glance has no function but possibly is for easier servo rod alignment. The differentials have a screw and thread on the upper side which is probably for locking them. From what we understood from a Japanese employee the box won’t have blisters and that there won’t be a Multi Function Controller for it, the runners in the fair had just both TLU-01 and TLU-02 light units. The decal sheet has 4 blue squares to possibly cover the side bar screws, weird it didn’t have 6 or 8 for all the screws. All in all we were extremely satisfied by this unexpected re-release and the amount of important but well hidden improvements.

More photos of the fair can be seen here.

6 thoughts on “First Tamiya 58519 Toyota 4×4 Pick Up Bruiser (RN36) impressions (added one more video 06.02.2012)

  1. GreatDane

    Yeah, I think she is a real beauty 🙂

    Hopefully they re-release the Hilux and the Blazer at the upcoming Shizuoka Hobby Show in May or the Tokyo Fair in october. Will see what happens.

    Them 2 lugs on the transmisson that aren’t used, also made me think that Tamiya might have some great plans for this transmission?

    Could this be a new Tractor Truck transmisson despite the low gear 4wd, perhaps? 😉

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. kevin lockhart

    I’m so happy that tamiya re-re the bruiser, but by any chance do anyone know if tamiya will release the blazing blazer?

  3. admin Post author

    Only few people at Tamiya headquarters in Japan know about future releases and trust me, they won’t tell their secrets.


    One to get -thats for sure. I will be getting this Bruiser, but I feel that with a 4 channel radio, spare body, 2 sets of decals spare wheels etc the est bill will go over £1000.
    Saying that its money well spent! -Or put it another way, I have spent far more and got less on other things-at least this way I am re-living 1986!!

  5. Ken Wengler

    I am really mixed as to get this Bruiser kit or the Tundra High Lift kit. This is SOOO much more money, but I like tranny and metal parts, even though the low gear ratio of this is much higher than the Tundra which may make it not as good on my rock climbing course.
    I have the Land Cruiser CR01 with many up-grades including 4 wheel steering and it is a wonderful and unbelievable rock climber/maneuver.

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