Dark Side of the Boom – Tamiya RC Boomerang Black Special

This is a project that has been in my head since the re-release of the Boomerang as I always liked the different coloured Mini 4WD Special versions of Tamiya classic buggies, Boomerang was my third Tamiya RC in my childhood and I like building the re-releases in alternative paintshemes which I wouldn’t dare on originals. Unfortunately this time I waited too long as Tamiya just released the first RC version of such a special, the Avante Black. Anyway, this is a 2008 re-release kit painted black and with blue plastic dampers to match the rest of blue parts (blue anodized dampers would perform better but not match so well), as well as a Black Motor Endurance with its black casing and blue endbell and quite rare vintage white tires. Unfortunately the weather is poor so photos could be better, still I hope it gives an idea of my plan.

6 thoughts on “Dark Side of the Boom – Tamiya RC Boomerang Black Special

  1. Seri

    Hi there. I like the blue Details like the shocks and the blue motor endbell. But the white tires are killing the whole apeareance in my opinion. I’d rather go with black tires and blue or black wheels. But all in all I like the result!

    Thumbs up!

  2. admin Post author

    Thank you very much and I can understand your opinion very well, I just chose the white tires as a “negative” to the normal ones, like the black instead of white body, but will try it also with black ones. Blue wheels is also a great idea which I may try when temperatures get warmer.
    Best regards

  3. admin Post author

    Thank you, glad you like it.
    I think I used the dampers from Tamiya Rising Fighter.

  4. admin Post author

    Thank you, I didn’t make them white, they existed like this, limited release item.

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