4 thoughts on “Tamiya 58514 1/10 RC Mud Blaster II & photos of other future releases

  1. GreatDane

    Tamiya has captured all the bodies beautifully, I must say – the Audi and the Ferrari in particular πŸ˜‰

    I am looking forward to see how much effort Tamiya is going to put in the 1/12 RM chassis; hop-ups, bodies, and tires etc.

    I believe the 1/10 F1 class is popular in Japan and I am inclined to think the 1/12 RM will follow suit.

    How about a fast forward to oct. 13, please? πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. Black Hole Sun

    Hi all,

    Is this the new 58514 product photo? Due to the “Mud Blaster II” name, I would have expected it with the Blackfoot III chassis. If the original ORV is used on the Mud Blaster 2, it makes no real sense to have released the BF3 on the WR-01 chassis :/


  3. admin Post author

    This is the photo we got for the 58514 but like for the RM-01 its a preliminary one (shows the old 1700 EX battery pack), so it will change, but I believe it will be on the ORV chassis. Maybe they made the BF03 on the WR-01 chassis because they didn’t want “to step back” chassis-wise from the Blackfoot Extreme?

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