More Future Tamiya Releases Winter 2011/2012 – Updated 14.09.2011

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14.09.2011 new photos

13.09.2011 many new items and photos

Mini 4WD:

15436 Large Diameter Stabilizer Head Set (17mm)

15437 13mm Aluminum Bearing Roller (Ringless)

15438 Reinforced Gear & One Lock Gear Cover (for Super II Chassis)

18064 Terra Scorcher RS (Super-II Chassis)

18065 Super Avante RS (Super-II Chassis)

18066 Slash Reaper (VS Chassis)

18633 Rising Edge (MS Chassis)

19436 Shining Scorpion Premium (Super-II Chassis)

94839 VS Fluorescent Color Chassis Set (Orange/Green)

94840 FM Reinforced Chassis (Red)

94846 Low Friction Plastic Roller Set (Blue & Light Green)

Finished Models:

21096 1/20 Tyrrell P34 1976 Japanese Grand Prix No.4 (Finished Model)

21111 1/20 Team Lotus 99T Honda 1987 No. 11 (Finished Model)

21112 1/20 Team Lotus 99T Honda 1987 No. 12 (Finished Model)

Static Models:

20066 1/20 Porsche 928S (re-release, but unlike original release, now without motor)

35316 1/35 British Military Motorcycle BSA M20 w/Military Police Set

35323 1/35 Israeli M51 Super Sherman

61109 1/48 Dewoitine D.520 Fighter Ace & Citroen Traction 11C  Staff Car


42205 1/10 TRF417-2012 Version

51470 Gear Diff Unit Maintenance Parts Set

51472 DB01 Gear Diff Unit Joint Cup

54321 TA06 Carbon Reinforced A-Parts (Bulkhead)

54322 TA06 Carbon Reinforced J-Parts (Damper Stay)

54323 TA06 Carbon Reinforced T-Parts (Gear Case)

54324 TA06 Carbon Damper Stay (Front)

54325 TA06 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)

54326 M-06 Rear Mount for Carbon Damper Stay

54327 M-05/M-06 Aluminum Rear Upright (1 Degree)

54329 DB01 Gear Diff Unit

54330 F104 Carbon Reinforced C-Parts (Gear Case)

54331 F104X1 Upper Deck Rolling Damper Set

54332 F104 Counterweight

54333 F104X1 Flexible Long Upper Deck

56327 1/14 MAN TGX 18.540 4×2 XLX

56328 1/14 MAN TGX 18.540 4×2 XLX Full Operation Kit

56516 Maersk 40-Foot Container for Tamiya 1/14 Scale Container Semi-Trailer

56517 Matt Chrome Front Wheels (22mm European Type)

56518 Matt Chrome Rear Wheels (22mm Double Tire)

57818 XB Ford Bronco 1973 (CC-01 Chassis)

57820 XB Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X PRO (M-05)

57821 XB Audi R8LMS Nürburgring (TT-01 Type-E)

58503 Honda Ballade Sports Mugen CR-X PRO (M-05 Chassis)

58504 Audi R8LMS Nürburgring (TT-01 Type-E)

58505 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (FF-03)

58506 Ferrari 599XX (TA06)

58508 VW Scirocco GT24-CNG (TT-01 Type-E)

58509 1/12 Toyota TOM’S 84C (RM-01)

A revival of the traditional 1/12 Tamiya category Racing Master with a new chassis. Power source: 380-motor and LF1100 Battery.  The rear of the main chassis is pitching to the gear case FRP2.5mm thick plastic height adjustment, with a two damper front suspension with King adopted the trail. One of the attractions is scale looks and performance and not just focus on maximum speed and handling. (Autotranslation. Subject to changes as soon as firm information gets available in English.)

84237 Subaru Brat Metallic Special

84255 1/10 TA05 M-Four Chassis Kit

84256 Avante 2011 Racing Steering Set

84257 Avante 2011 Ball Diff / Torque Splitter Set

84258 Fast Attack Vehicle 2011 Aluminum Damper Set (Front & Rear)

Tools, Paints & Educational:

70201 3mm Plastic H-Type Bar (5 Pcs.)

70202 3mm Plastic Concave Type Bar (5 Pcs.)

70203 Eco Motor Gear Box (3-Speed)

74106 Hard Coated File PRO (Tapered 6mm)

74107 Hard Coated File PRO (Square 3mm)

74108 Angled Tweezers

74109 Straight Tweezers

81535 Acrylic Mini X-35 Semi-Gloss Clear

81786 Acrylic Mini XF-86 Flat Clear

89955 Modeler’s Knife (Fluorescent Pink)

Will be permanently updated.

14 thoughts on “More Future Tamiya Releases Winter 2011/2012 – Updated 14.09.2011

  1. GreatDane

    This must be the list of new releases for the upcoming Tokyo HobbyShow to be held mid october?


    It is a new chassis and as I see it is a direct competition to the Yokomo 1/12 class. I believe they also use a 380 motor. Good looking cars BTW.

    A Audi R8LMS, Ferrari 599 and Scirocco..Wow, I can not wait to see these cars. Wicked 😉

    But the Audi on a TT01 chassis? A new suspension layout, perhaps?

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. Eric

    According to HLJ website there’s also the following static models:

    14058 1/12 Yamaha FZR750R (OW01) (re-release)
    35323 1/35 M51 Israeli super sherman

    We can note that the military item 35321 is missing, perhaps a later announcement.

    Also I couldn’t believe that so few static model new item will be release in the next 3 months.
    Look at the Fujimi anouncement for the 3 next months: a 1/350 and 1/700 aircraft carrier, a 1/72 airplane, a 1/20 modern Ferrari 2010 F1, a 1/12 motorbike and 3 cars at 1/24 scale (mercedes, lamborghini and honda). All new tools !
    So if there’s no more new-tools kits from tamiya – and regarding their last release since january – I think that Tamiya is colapsing. I hope not because I’m a Tamiya fan.

  3. GreatDane

    Well done guys with the pics…it all looks sooooo good 😉

    The Audi and Ferrari are just so cool.

    But the car that really grows on me is the new 1/12 RM. I do hope Tamiya will be releasing some nice bodies next to the Toyota, Porsche and Ford that was released with the original RM back in the hay days. 😉

    Do you now if the RM comes with rubber og sponge tires?


    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  4. admin Post author

    Thank you! 🙂
    We also really like the simplicity principle of the 1/12 pan cars which keeps expenses low and speed high, my guess is the tires are foams as the wheels look like the original 84C/956 ones.
    Best regards,

  5. miramar

    @ GreatDane:

    with regard to the R8, there are good reasons to assume it will be on a regular TT-01E. As you of course know, Tamiya has a Gallardo on the TT-01E chassis, and as the R8 and Gallardo are based on the same platform in real life, the front of the R8-body should clear the front dampers of the TT-01E chassis just like the Gallardo front does. In fact, I believe the front of the R8 is actually a bit higher than the front of the Gallardo, so clearance should be even a bit better.

    Unless we have overlooked some available information, it’s not yet clear whether the new 1/12 “RM” will get rubber or sponge tires, but judging by the drawing, it appears to be sponge tires and even if the new chassis isn’t intended for all-out 1/12 racing, sponge tires would appear to make sense.

  6. miramar

    @ Eric:

    Thanks for the tip about 14058 and 35323! We knew about them at the time you made the comment, but we generally don’t list re-releases that are released with the original item number (14058) as they in most cases aren’t really groundbreaking news. Secondly, we needed to clarify that 35323 was actually a new item and not a typo of 35322, already known as the M1 Israeli Super Sherman.

    As for your other comments, I understand your concerns, but don’t fully share them. Most important, though the quantity of static Tamiya models from completely new toolings currently might be moderate, there are plenty of brand new Mini 4WD and RC items. At Tamiyablog we are of course also aware of the importance of the static models for Tamiya, but in the current global economic situation and fierce competition from companies like Trumpeter, maximising revenue by releasing new kits that are spin-offs from existing kits with moderate investments might be a clever strategy. If that’s actually what is going on!

    You are however not entirely right in your statements about Fujimi, although you are quoting HLJ. The ships, planes, F1 and motorbike may be from new tools (I simply don’t know), but the three 1/24 cars are definitely not. The SLS pacecar is based on Fujimi’s existing SLS roadcar (with minor changes), the Aventador is supposed to be partially based on Fujimi’s Murcielago (although body mold is surely brand new) and the Honda CR-Z Mugen is clearly based on Fujimi’s existing normal CR-Z, although the body itself might be from a new mold.

    Furthermore, after Fujimi first established their Enthusiast Series of models in the mid/late ’80’s, Fujimi probably more than any other maker has been notorious for releasing many different models based on the same molds. If nothing else, Fujimi is still alive and kicking despite of this (or maybe even because of this?), and might even serve as an example how what now seems to be Tamiya’s strategy actually works pretty well!

  7. Eric

    @miramar: thank you very much for your answer and your concern about static models. I agree that the copying strategy from chinese companies is a true and big problem which concern not only the plamodel companies but also a lot of domain.
    I agree that Tamiya could be sorry to see their beautifull kit, as the 1/32 Spitifire for example, copied by another companie and sale cheaper. It’s true for military and aircraft kits. But I’ve never seen any Tamiya’s cars, F1 or motorbikes copied by any companies, even chinese one. So why not to invest in these kind of kits ? I dream of a 1/20 Red bull RB6 F1 kit.
    Also many modelers – and I’m one of them – prefer to buy an brend new kit that a re-re-release of a kit that they already have.

    I can note – as you made – that most of the investment are for RC products. As a static model fan it’s a pitty for me. I’ve baught hundreds of Tamiya kits and I spent a lot of money on them. And suddendly Tamiya hardly reduced their plastic release and forgive their fans and costumers: it’s not fair, it’s just business.

    You’re right about the fujimi’s 1/24 cars which aren’t new tool. But the 1/20 Ferrari F10, the 1/12 Kawasaki ZX-10R and 1/350 Hityu are beautifull new tooling.

    Anyway I hope to see Tamiya back on static model one day and I’m happy for you – RC fans – with all these news items. And thanks again for you answer and comments. Long live Tamiyablog !!

  8. miramar

    @ Eric: Thanks a lot for your comment and considerations again!

    I’d like to note that though you are of course right that there is a lot of copying going on, I didn’t intend to indicate that Trumpeter is doing so. In fact, I think that not a single Trumpeter model is a copy of another company’s model, so Trumpeter should likely be considered clean in this respect. It has however been claimed that Trumpeter has used Tamiya models for “inspiration”, as in case of the Trumpeter 1/32 Fairey Swordfish having peculiarly many similarities with the Tamiya 1/48 Fairey Swordfish, for instance in the parts breakdown and overall architecture of the model.

    As for Tamiya cars or motorbikes being copied by other companies or not, I haven’t seen any copies either. But I guess you know about the company/brand “Ben”? They have offered several of Tamiya’s 1/24 cars (for example the Porsche 935/78, of which I have the both the Ben and Tamiya version). Apart from the name, they are however so similar to the Tamiya kits, including the company address stated in the manual, that I tend to believe this was a daughter brand of Tamiya at some time.

    Anyway, the reason for not seeing copies of the bikes and cars, is possibly because of the purely profit-oriented strategy of the copiers. The market for car and motorbike plastic model kits is generally considered to be much smaller than the market for armour and aviation models. So when the copiers decide which product to copy, they will of course primarily consider what they can sell the highest quantity of, and thus tend to choose armour and aviation models.

    You state that many modelers, including yourself, prefer to buy new kits rather than re-releases, especially of models you already have, and I can only agree. I have collected 1/24 cars for 30+ years myself, but so to speak in parallel, I collect the Tamiya 1/24 Sports Car Series, and though I have them all except the Dressed Up Leopard, I buy the re-releases too. So I see the collecting from two sides and as I don’t care about the market value of obsolete models, I welcome the re-releases. That said, I’d be happy to see more brand new 1/24 cars from Tamiya.

    As for “…..most of the investment are for RC products”, like you state, that’s not what I meant to say. Not because I necessarily think it’s incorrect, but simply because I don’t know. What I do know however, is that the static models is Tamiya’s most important product range. And as Tamiya releases most of the RC-chassises with many different bodies, the investment for every new RC-item is most likely modest.

    Anyway, regardless of being a static- or RC-fan (I’m both), I think the best for Tamiya is to have more than one leg to stand on, and different product ranges is a way of diversifying risk and ensure survival. So any new profitable Tamiya product, whether we personally like it or not, is good for Tamiya, and thus good for us Tamiya enthusiasts.

    And of course you’re right, for Tamiya the whole thing is “business”, but in a world where most companies increasingly try to make the maximum profit with the minimum of effort and investment and follow extreme short term strategies, Tamiya is one of the nice exception, in my humble opinion. There is still a lot of love, dedication and enthusiasm in their products and I think we can hardly blame Tamiya for a short term focus!

    Finally, I can only agree with your last sentence; I too hope to see more new static models from Tamiya. And yes, we guys at Tamiyablog are RC-fans, but we are Tamiya-fans and static model fans too, although our posts and showcased own models are mainly RC. Maybe we should consider being a little less RC-biased with our blog-activities? 🙂

  9. Eric

    @miramar: very interesting talking, thanks a lot.

    I was also thinking about another thing. In France (sorry, I’m french 😉 ) we said that “Natures hates vacuums” that is to says that if a field is empty then somebody comes to fiil it.
    If Tamiya leaves too many times the static models field then others compagnies will invest it. I’m thinking about 1/24 Rally cars for examples. Tamiya haven’t released any new WRC car since 2005: 6 years ago. WRC fans were frustrated and the new companies like Simil’R and Belkits appears in order to release WRC kits. These companies exist just because of the lack of WRC kit from Tamiya. We can note the sames with Fujimi and formula 1. At the end of this year all the WRC cars will be relased at 1/24 scale by non-tamiya companies: Ford Focus WRC 2010 from Simil’R, Ford Sierra RS WRC 2011 from Belkits, Citroen C4 WRC 2010 and DS3 WRC 2011 from Heller. So WRC fans doesn’t needs Tamiya .
    So what? I trully believe that if Tamiya leaves the static model field then customers will be statisfied by other companies and at the end they won’t need to buy Tamiya kits. It’s not good to be absent from a market field: you’re loosing the “know-how”, innovations slow down, project employees leaves you and competitor becomes stronger and of course benefits fall down.
    I also wonder how many times foreign distributors will support to sales old kits and re-re-relaese without any news and big sales. They also needs benefits.

  10. Ken

    Read from that a “1/6 Honda MB50” will be released. Is it a re-release of “1/6 Honda MB50Z” (16014) or a completely new item?

  11. miramar

    Tamiyablog’s understanding is that the kit in question will be released with item number 16014, and thus be a re-release of the original MB50z kit, and we are pretty confident it will be virtually identical to the original release. When Tamiya has made modifications, improvements or for instance added photo-etched parts to 1/6 motorbike- and 1/12 car-kits in the past, the new kits have always been assigned new item numbers. The other way around, when kits have been released with their original item numbers, they have generally been identical or close to identical to the originals. Our expectation is that the re-release of 16014 may get Cartograf decals and maybe simplied sprue- and parts-packaging in the box, but otherwise be identical to the original.

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