Tamiya 58489 Avante 2011 Re-Release Informations, Pictures & Videos (Updated 11.11.2010)

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Tamiya 58489 1/10 R/C AVANTE (2011)
To be released February 11, 2011.
The basic configuration of the original boasted a high driving performance and high quality without changing up and the strength of the material such as changing the chassis parts. The current RC mechanism is in support of travel such as a battery. Aluminum parts increased the intensity of the front knuckle, double deck change the purpose of increased strength carbon material. Ordered structure and upscale parts. Only the first production run will be shipped with Avante T-shirt.

Tentative price including tax 52800 yen.
The main chassis is equipped with a CPR unit was assumed. Mechanical response to the current FRP double deck, not made. Changes, including increased strength carbon material. Riyadanpasute carbon material can be. Same package size and design models to reprint the original box. Parts will be reproduced in blister. Tamiya original decals with changes in detail. The front knuckle machined aluminum parts and change the intensity increased while pursuing the same shape. Specifications can change the oil o-ring to be a lower cap ring that can be easily replaced. For unspecified motor is still attached. Be able to reproduce the image of the original gold color. Number of turns, motor can, end bell, colored stickers are to be considered.

17 thoughts on “Tamiya 58489 Avante 2011 Re-Release Informations, Pictures & Videos (Updated 11.11.2010)

  1. GreatDane

    Great footage…The Avante is sreaming for grip in them dunes…Awsome 🙂

    A very avanced 1/10 buggy back in the haydays. Even with todays standards.

    I am looking forward to see more details about the 2011 Avante when the Fair opens.

    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  2. Model Kits Direct

    Great to see the Avante again. It’s one of Tamiya’s finest kits in my opinion. I always thought it was over engineered, but it did show what Tamiya were capable achieving. Looking forward to building one soon!

  3. GreatDane

    Just out of curiosity; did the original Avante use 12mm hex wheel mount?

    The colorpics are to small for me to see any details. I take it the colorpics are of the Avante 2011?


    Best Regards

    GreatDane c”,)

  4. admin Post author

    As far as I remember the AV has normal hexes.
    Seems the drawings are from the new one as the motor doesn’t have the black Technigold sticker label as in the original drawings.
    Best regards,

  5. admin Post author

    AV hexes are definitely 12mm, that’s also why many use them to mount regular touring wheels on their 959s and Celicas.

  6. na

    I would expect the 2001 plastic version to be re-release because the 1988 metal version were fragile, unreliable, weak on the front suspension which give bad direction and poor traction to the front wheels and they weren’t turnbuckle, they were useless! I hope Tamiya could rethink their decision.

  7. admin Post author

    They won’t and its not a bad decision at all, the original Avante is re-released as a classic because it was a high-tech “sculpture” despite (unfortunately) not being a good performer, still people love it and much more buyers will buy it then the Avante 2001, as many people love and buy the other re-releases where many of them also are poor performers (SRBs, Hornet/Grasshopper, Hot Shot etc.) Also Tamiya will improve some of the shortcomings as they did with other re-releases so it will be a bit more reliable.

  8. Eddie

    I just unloaded an original version of this kit on ebay. The kit is unlike any other. It’s not so much a competitive car as it is a work of art. Over engineered, over thought, fragile as an egg…but in my opinion, the best looking rc car ever made. If the $620 price point stands, it will also continue its legacy as being one of the most expensive rc cars ever made. Still, kudos to Tamiya for bringing back a little slice of world class eighties.

  9. sam

    It really is a work of art and i ordered mine today. I sold mine years ago and never regretted selling anything so much..

  10. JasonWD

    I has two Avantés in the 80s and used to race them against Optimas and Schumacher CATs in the UK.

    In my opinion the Avanté was the end of the golden age of RC cars. It is an engineering masterpiece that fully deserves to be re issued. The Egress was a more viable racer, but lacked the charisma of the Avanté.

    I’m buying one to put on a shelf and run every now and then.

  11. Jeffreyisrich

    Wow I can’t wait to get mine this Saturday. Is the Avante a limited quantity type or a car? I called so many stores and one said tat only one shipment of Avantes are coming to Canada. Now I just have to wait and only one lucky store will make $500 off me. Oh yeah I forgot on step 9 of the manual it says to put masking tape on TEMPORARILY but it never says when to remove it. If anyone on this forum could answer all my questions it would help out so much and it would mean a lot to me.

    Best regards, Jeff

  12. admin Post author

    Well, in the end every Tamiya is produced in limited quantities ;-), from what we were told the first production batch was sold out so fast that Tamiya planned to produce a second one.
    Best regards,

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