Return of the Champ

Before Tamiya announced the return of the Buggy Champ in 2009, I never thought this would ever happen. But as we all know, Tamiya surprised us with fantastic re-releases over the last years. And finally after the release of the Sand Scorcher 2010 it seems that Tamiya is possible to make every dream come true.
For me it was a real experience to build such a historic car. I´ve restored a Super Champ in the past, but to build a SRB from new is another thing.
As a regular visitor on tamiyablog, you may know that we try to use different colours and paintschemes on most of the Tamiya re-releases. So this Buggy Champ is no  exception.
This time Tamiya “TS-39-Mika Red” was used.  The car is totally stock, except for the alloy wheel covers which give a more authentic look to the whole car. Sometimes, it seems unreal for me. You can really buy new SRBs ?
Again, a big “THANK YOU” to our favourite company.