Tamiyablog’s photos from the Nuremberg Fair

The 2010 Nuremberg International Toy Fair opened this morning, and Tamiyablog members are on site today and tomorrow. Below some “first impression” photos of new items presented by Tamiya on the fair. The photos will be replaced by higher quality photos later, as required. For detailed list, scroll down to the previous blog entry, or click here!

14 thoughts on “Tamiyablog’s photos from the Nuremberg Fair

  1. GreatDane

    My complements to the guys present at the Fair. Very nice photos.

    I do like the Unimog, which might indicate that the CC01-chassis may be around for a while. But Tamiya should address the steering system issues with some hop up thing.

    The Mito looks stunning as does the Datsun 240 Safari (had the kit many years ago. And I mean many years ago…)

    The MAN TGX truck also looks nice. I did not see that coming.

    But no 1/8 electric buggy? 🙁

    Can not wait for more pics from the Fair.

    Keep up the good work 😉

    Best Regards,


  2. miramar

    @ Great Dane,

    thanks a lot for the friendly comments!

    We are also happy to see the Unimog, but its release was to be expected after the release of the FJ40 on the CC-01"M" chassis, so we weren't surprised by that one. And we fully agree about the steering system. It was pretty poor by current standards at the time of the release and meanwhile the design is almost 20 years old! Also, I personally would have prefered if the gearbox housing had been a separate part and not molded in one part together with the tub. That said, we all love the CC-01 and any new model that indicates that its lifespan will be expended is highly welcome.

    We agree about the MiTo too, which is a reason we posted several pics of it. A surprising release we think!

    As for the 240Z Safari, my own first encounter with the static Tamiya kit was in the early '70's at an age just getting into plastic models and still playing with diecast cars. At that time, I didn't an urge to get this model, but I indeed dreamed of having an equally detailed diecast car in a scale appropriate for my small hands at that time. Needless to say, I stored away a NIB kit of an original release version of the Tamiya kit some years ago, but the RC version is a long time dream come true, and totally eclipsing the existent ABC body of the same car.

    As for the MAN truck, we didn't hav a clue either. A new truck model was to be expected as Tamiya has quite strong traditions for presenting new (tractor-)truck models in Nuremberg. For the same reason, we expected a new body for the CR-01, but then again, in recent years Tamiya has presented a lot less new items in Nuremberg than they usually do on the Shizuoka fair in May, so there is surely a lot great items to come this year!

    Regarding your comment about no 1/8 electric buggy, we reckon that can be confirmed. As far as we know, the current list in the blogentry below and the pics in this entry cover the majority of new Tamiya items in Nuremberg and at least the highlights, and we don't expect to have any further surprises up the sleeve by the end of today.

  3. Ken

    Thanks for the great photos.

    Can the Unimog body in the CR-01 version be converted for use on the CC-01 chassis? (got a Unimog CR-01 and also a CC-01 chassis, wonder if they can be compatible)

    um, the 1:1 Sand Scorcher, I love it 😉

  4. tamiyablog.com

    Thanks you, the CR-01 main lexan bodies are basically the same with the ones used at the CC01 versions, but the new CC01s have a different wheelbase, so you must use some new extra chassis parts, check the online manuals.


  5. miramar

    Just a small correction to the CR-01 bodies on the CC-01 chassis comment; the wheelbase of the CR-01 chassis is the same regardless of having the Landcruiser, Unimog, Wrangler or Bronco body. However, the bodies themselves don't have exactly the same wheelbase. The wheelbase of the Landcruiser body is 252mm, which necessitates the mentioned new parts on the Landcruiser bodied CC-01 (58445) to get a "medium wheelbase". The Unimog body however has a 242mm wheelbase, so it fits exactly right on the regular "short wheelbase" CC-01, so only new body mounts are needed to fit a Unimog body from the CR-01 onto a "short wheelbase" CC-01. For using the Unimog body on a "long wheelbase" CC-01 chassis (Touareg and CR-V), the short prop-shaft would be needed too.

  6. Ken

    Thanks for the answers about the Unimog.
    About the Porsche 935/78, what is "Moby Dick"? (didn't see this name in the original kit 24010)

  7. Bram

    Tamiya screwed the Datsun by NOT making an accurate steel wheel, instead they used the multi-lugs military look wheels from the Humvee. Looks like a scaler project gone bad. It’s very un-Tamiya, since Tamiya mostly made a manufacturer specific looking wheels for most of their RC cars. But a swap to 26mm HPI stock car wheels should do the trick 🙂

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