New Tamiya Releases at the 2010 Nuremberg Fair

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Please note: Some of the listed items are not displayed at the fair. Furthermore, some items displayed as “new” at the fair are not listed below as Tamiyablog has presented them in the past.

Finished models:
21068 1/12 Suzuki RGB500 1980 No.10 (Finished Model)

Static kits:
24316 1/24 Aston Martin DBS 2006
24317 1/24 Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR 722 Edition (tentative)
24318 1/24 Porsche 935/78 Moby Dick (reissue of 24010 w/Cartograf decals)
243XX 1/24 Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) Taisan
25104 1/25 Russian SU-100 Tank Destroyer
25105 1/35 M4A2(76) Sherman “Red Army” (w/6 Figures)
25106 1/35 WWII US Field Maintenance Yard (w/2 Figures)
25107 1/35 Japanese Army Type 3 Medium Tank Chi-Nu (w/4 Figures)
25108 1/35 Japanese Army Type 5 Medium Tank Chi-Ri (w/Metal Gun Barrel)
32568 1/48 German Tank Destroyer Marder III M (with 7.5cm Pak40)
35307 1/35 German Heavy Tank Destroyer Jagdtiger Mid-Production, Otto Carius
35308 1/35 British Small Army Car 10HP Tilly

36313 1/16 WWII German Field Commander
92215 1/48 North American P-51D Mustang 9th AF
92216 1/48 North American P-51B Mustang “Blue Nose”

40557 TamTech-Gear Brushless Motor
40561 TamTech-Gear High Grade Aluminum Motor Mount
45042 TamTech-Gear Brushless ESC
45043 TamTech-Gear Brushless Motor & Brushless ESC Set
42163 TRF511 Box Type Battery Holder
42164 TRF Sticker Set (Black, White)
42168 Touring Car Short Type Spring Set
46601 XB Sports Mazda RX-7 (TT01ES)
46602 XB Sports Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32) (TT01ES)
46603 XB Sports Volkswagen Golf GTI (Mk. VI) (TT01ES)
46604 XB Sports Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.X (TT01ES)
51402 Honda S800 Racing Body Parts Set
51403 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo Body Parts Set
51404 Alfa Romeo MiTo Body Parts Set
51405 Alfa Romeo MiTo Wheels
51406 Sand Scorcher Body Parts Set
54198 F104 Rubber Tire (Front, Hard)
54199 F104 Rubber Tire (Rear, Soft)
54212 M-Chassis 3x37mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft
54213 M-Chassis 3×48.5mm Titanium Coated Suspension Shaft
54214 M05 Titanium Hex Screws for Motor Mount (2 Pcs.)
54215 F104 Spur Gear Adapter
56325 MAN TGX 26.540 6X4 XLX (Tractor Truck)
57800 XB BMW M3 E30 Sport Evo Drift-Spec (TT-01D Type-E)
57801 XB Nissan GT-R (R35) Drift-Spec (TT-01D Type-E)
58453 Alfa Romeo MiTo (M05L)
58455 Nissan GT-R R35 Drift-Spec (TT-01D Type-E)
58456 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Super Trofeo (TA05 Ver.2)
58457 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U406 (CC-01)
58461 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V WRC (DF-03Ra)
84109 TB-03R Chassis Kit
84113 Buggy Champ Ball Differential (part known for a while, but item number now confirmed)

Mini 4WD:
92218 Mini 4WD Pro Avante Evangelion “Awake” Version
92219 Mini 4WD Pro Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Home Color Edition
92221 Mini 4WD Pro Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Mr. Carrasco Edition
94717 Dyna-Hawk GX Super XX Special (Super XX Chassis)

94719 Laser-Gill Super XX Special (Super XX Chassis)
94722 High Grade Carbon Reinforced N-04/T-04 Units

Finishing Materials:
87118 Tamiya Polycarbonate Body Cleaner

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