While waiting for the Tamiya Black Porsche 934…

…I finally managed to realize an idea I’ve had for a long time in my mind (long before the TamTeach Gear Black Porsche 934 was announced). The idea was to make a Black 934 close to the original 58001 concept (i.e. with a simple pan car chassis) but with modern parts, like Tamiya could have made it in the present.

1:10 49400 body and wheels (inner wheels painted to resemble disc brakes) were used with selfmade golden decals and matted black stripe decals. F103GT, TL01 and CR01 body mounts were used in such a way that no body pins and drilling of the body in the upper regions were needed.

An F103GT chassis was used as it’s the current Tamiya pan car chassis. To make it fit the short and wide 934 body, it was widened at the front with TG10 rear wheelaxles modified on a lathe and with spacers in the rear. The wheelbase was shortened with a custom made powerpod and T-bar and by turning the gearbox 180°. This way the chassis (I call it F103GT-SW) is also not mid-engine anymore, but rear engine, as a 911 should be. This isn’t a perfect performing runner but another concept of the Tamiyablog series “how could Tamiya have done it nowadays”. I would like to thank Miramar for his support on the technical solutions.

Together with its brothers, the orginal Black 934 and the limited 49400.