New releases presented at the 48th All-Japan Game Model Show, Tamiya Boomerang 2008 & Jeep Wrangler CR-01

There have been some rumours about new RC-models for the 2008 Plamod & Radicon fair in addition to those announced a couple of weeks ago. Now it’s official.

58418 Boomerang 2008
58429 Jeep Wrangler CR-01

And we wouldn’t be Tamiyablog if we didn’t include a picture of the next Mini 4WD Momoi-Halko Special. 😉 This time, the Hotshot Jr. (Mini 4WD Pro version) got the Momoi-Halko treatment!

94680 Momoi-Halko Version II, Hotshot Jr.

Here also a few photos of other new Tamiya RC cars which already have been presented earlier in this blog:

58417 1/10 Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo’07 (DF-03Ra Chassis)

58415 1/10 Toyota Tundra Highlift

84056 1/10 F103 Chassis Kit 15th Anniversary

42138 1/10 TRF416 World Edition Chassis Kit

84032 1/10 F103RM (w/L-body) (Limited Edition)

57780 1/10 XB Lamborghini Countach LP500S (TT-01E) (XB version of # 58413)