Tamiya Plamodel Factory opens at March 27 in Yokohama

Hobby manufacturing products such as plastic model conduct sales, Tamiya, Inc. (NASDAQ: Suruga-ku, Shizuoka President: Shiyunsaku Tamiya), the modeling studio to enjoy the plastic model shop in the TAMIYA PLAMODEL FACTORY will be produced by the March 27, 2008, South Building to the first floor of Yokohama TORESSA (Yokohama Kohoku Ward), Japan’s first stalls.
SEGA (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO Ota CEO and COO: Osamu Satomi) cooperation project under the firm Ltd. (Headquarters: Kawasaki Kawasaki Ward President: Yasuhiro Imazeki) store management development .
Homemade plastic models 50th anniversary this year, a plastic model of modern culture that brought children from the baby-boom generation to generation beyond the manufacturing of YOROKOBI to this location from the caller.

Overview [stores]
“Shop Zone”
Tamiya, the scale model (car, motorcycle, military, vessels, aircraft, etc.) in addition to the four wheel drive mini, the spy series, and fun widely goods, and create a suitable model, tools, paints, books also enough. In addition, unique products and the sale of merchandise such as planned.

“Studio zone”

Actually enjoy making studio model parallel establishment. Modeller Tatsuya Kaneko, who will oversee the writing modeling to achieve optimal work space. Desk work is a total of 20 seats, making model alone sit down and immersed in ITAKERU. It is, of course, also allows for a large table, and the use of group events such as planned. The finished product photography and painting room luxury room.

Tatsuya Kaneko was born in 1953. Has made diorama model and worked as a writer for magazines, television, advertising, and a lot of work to be announced. Also, TV Tokyo’s popular show “TV CHAMPION PURE MODELLING Championship” at the 2-year-peat from 1996 to’97. Currently, the quarterly magazine model “PANTSAGURAFU!” (Art model) is also active as editor.

[Features] Fun to make a plastic model is the master support.
Shops face a “master” is almost resides on the first side to consult the advice of full-scale modeling to your support.

Various programs held manufacturing experience.

Modelling lecturer in the studio to be greeted “baby boomers model for the classroom” to the parents and children in elementary school and you can feel free to participate in “the first four-wheel drive mini Workshop” and various other events scheduled.

Produced: Tamiya, Inc. / Planning and Cooperation: SEGA / management development firm, Inc.
TORESSA TOYOTAOTOMORUKURIEITO Yokohama Ltd. will operate large commercial complex.
2007 North Building opened on December 5. South Building will be opened on March 27, 2008.

222-0002 Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama Kohoku Ward Street Morooka town 700

Shop Zone
Studio Zone
Source: Tamiya, INC.