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This is a project that has been in my head since the re-release of the Boomerang as I always liked the different coloured Mini 4WD Special versions of Tamiya classic buggies, Boomerang was my third Tamiya RC in my childhood and I like building the re-releases in alternative paintshemes which I wouldn’t dare on originals. Unfortunately this time I waited too long as Tamiya just released the first RC version of such a special, the Avante Black. Anyway, this is a 2008 re-release kit painted black and with blue plastic dampers to match the rest of blue parts (blue anodized dampers would perform better but not match so well), as well as a Black Motor Endurance with its black casing and blue endbell and quite rare vintage white tires. Unfortunately the weather is poor so photos could be better, still I hope it gives an idea of my plan.

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Looking back to the Tamiya RC 35th anniversary and introducing new items and promotions.
Unfortunately only in Japanese.

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As every year the visitors of the Japanese Tamiya hopepage voted for their favourite new releases.
As overall #1 the 1/350 Japanese Battleship Yamato was determined.

Total voting:
# 1 1/350 Japanese Battleship Yamato
# 2 1/10 RC Avante (2011)
# 3 1/24 Lexus LFA
# 4 1/10 RC TA06 PRO chassis kit
# 5 1/20 Team Lotus Type 78 1977 (with Etching Parts)
# 6 1/32 North American P-51D Mustang
# 7 1/35 BT army assault gun -42 in Finland
# 10 1/12 RC Tom’s Toyota 84C (RM-01 Chassis)
# 10 1/10 RC Fast Attack Vehicle (2011)
# 10 1/12 Fiat Yamaha Team Yamaha YZR-M1 ’09 Estoril Edition

Top 5 scale models:
#1 1/350 Japanese battleship Yamato

#2 1/24 Lexus LFA

#3 1/20 Team Lotus Type 78 1977 (with Etched Parts)

#4 1/32 North American P-51D Mustang

#5 1/35 BT army assault gun 42 in Finland

Top 5 RC models:
#1 Avante (2011)

#2 Ta06 PRO Chassis Kit

#3 Tom’s Toyota 84C (RM-01 Chassis)

#4 Fast Attack Vehicle (2011)

#5 Sand Rover (2011)

Top 5 Mini 4WD:
#1 Slash Reaper

#2 Rising Edge

#3 Victory Magnum Premium (Super Carbon II Chassis)

#4 Vanguard Sonic Premium (Super Carbon II Chassis)

#5 Vanquish RS

Top 5 other:
#1 Panel Line Accent Color

#2 Decoration Series

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Every older Tamiya RC fan knows that the Big Wig design was assigned to a famous external 1:1 race car designer to commemorate 10 years of Tamiya RC cars (1976-1986). Since this year we celebrate 35 years of Tamiya RC cars and Tamiya similarly assigned the design of its DB02 Leonis buggy to the TOM’s design team, we took the chance to link to the story of Takuya Yura and his company Mooncraft Co.,Ltd as its quite interesting and not broadly known.

About the company
Wind tunnel (opened in 1986, coincidence of the Big Wig design?)
Closed wheel race cars
Open wheel race cars
Sport cars
Other products

Source: Mooncraft Co.,Ltd

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Here it is, the Tamiya Sand Rover 2011.  A car, or I better call it a dune buggy (because it is the real dune buggy!) Tamiya fans waited so long for. After the Holiday Buggy 2010, Tamiya does the next step and releases one of the most popular Tamiya off road cars ever on the famous and solid DT-02 Chassis.

As mentioned before, the  modified Sand Rover body sits  now on the modern DT-02 chassis which is well known from the Tamiya Desert Gator ,  Sand Viper ,  Neo Falcon and of course the Holiday Buggy 2010. The car is meant as a real beginners car.  So it comes with a classic RS380S Motor as standard which is perfect to do the first steps into this wonderful hobby.  But you can easily change that to a 540 sized motor.  Our car is equipped with full ball bearings – Tamiya CVA oil filled shocks – high torque servo saver – Desert Gator wheels and front tires and Tamiya pin spike tires on the rear for that extra piece of traction on the track. Also a mild brushless system is used which is comparable to a 27 turn brushed motor but much more efficient.

For the body we chose a warm Tamiya TS-34 Camel Yellow, a colour I love, because it transforms the Sand Rover directly back into the 70’s.

When the weather gets better, we will see how the new Sand Rover can perform. 🙂