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Close to the secret of Tamiya RC and mini 4WD body design! Takayaki Takayuki “Hyper talk show” video

On October 18, 2018, held at the Twin Messe Shizuoka · Tamiya Fair 2018 venue. It is a video of a talk show by pdc_designworks representative, Mr. Takayuki Takayuki who has been deeply involved in the body design of Tamiya’s RC and Mini 4WD. In this movie, Tamiya’s RC ( from about 0:01: 20 ), mini 4WD body design ( from around 0:17:15 ), and even the impression of the review of the mini 4WD design contest ( around 0:26:44 More) and others were extracted and made public.
RC Dyna Head 6×6 (G6-01 TR chassis)
Mini 4WD contest result announcement

Tamiya 63693 60 Years of Japanese Plastic Models Book

Since the birth of a plastic model in Japan, it has reached 60 years in 2018. The plastic model will have reached the 60th calendar. So, it means that most Japanese boys in Showa, Heisei grew up under the influence of a plastic model.
In the 60s and over, people would have been absorbed in the zero game, Battleship Yamato, Panther Tank, and the slot car, and some people said that they made it from the “Water Line” series from the end, if they were over 50s, only to the waterline Let’s see. If it is a little lower generation, I think that there are many people who have been addicted to Gundam (Gundam’s plastic model) and mini 4WD.
This brief description of this wonderful plastic model has been carefully described in terms of industrial history and cultural history from the birth to the present.
Pictures are posted on many of the plastic models that appear. The voice saying “Oh! I made this!” Appears to be heard from here.
A special long interview of Tamiya’s Tamiya Shunsaku chairman called Plastic Model world legend is also posted. It is full of what triggered Tamiya to become a global manufacturer, and struggle for that.
We put a detailed chronology at the end of the book. Please enjoy a packed toy box full of plastic models.

Author biography
Noboru Kobayashi (born Kobayashi) born in 1965. He is a publisher involved in editing plastic-related books. The main edited book. “The work of Tamiya model (Bunko version)”, “Japan plastic model excitement history” (written by Hiroshi Ida), “Japanese plastic model 50 years history”, “Shizuoka model whole history” “20th century airplane plastic model great” Currently, freelance writer.

Publisher: Bungeiharu autumn
Book papers page 204
List price (main price 880 yen + tax)
Release December 20, 2018

Lay out the package of the popular kit of the former years on the back cover

Tamiya DynaHead 6X6 Off-Road G6-01TR video review by RC Driver

The Tamiya G6-01 platform is a 6×6 RC vehicle that certainly delivers some unique driving experiences. We’ve reviewed the Tamiya KongHead and King Yellow and they’ve recently added another truck to the G6-01 line-up, but this time with a twist. The new rig carries the G6-01TR tag and the name of the rig is the Dynahead. The Tamiya DynaHead 6X6 is modeled after the vehicles you see in European Truck Trials. If you never seen truck Trials, look it up here on Youtube, you’ll be glad you did. This RC version from Tamiya is a full kit build-up and out on the trails give you an exciting excursion through any off-road elements. Tired of the same old trail trucks? Break-away and see what the G6-01TR has to offer.
Source: RC Driver

Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Vol.3 plastic model course special edition – Tatsuya Kaneko’s scene view modelling technique

September 24, 2018 (congratulation) Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Published at Shimbashi Store
00:02:00 Let’s think about the image of the scene!
00:04:30 Easy to use with a good size “Display base”
00:06:55 Let’s draw sketches!
00:10:30 Prabang determine the height of the terrain at
00:16:20 think about the “way of showing the ground”
00:20:50 tips of frame-making by Prabang
00:30:50 styrene board in making the basis of the ground
00:40:40 Leave the texture of the soil to “scene texture paint”!
00:50:40 vehicle and fit the ground
00:53:30 vehicle layout point of considering the “highlight”
00:58:30 ★ important ★ control the psychology of “viewer” in eye-catching
01:02:03 Let’s grow “grass” with static glasses!
01:07:45 One way to use bonds for woodworking
01:15:35 When the grass grows the road can be created
01:18:30 How to sprinkle static glasses
01:20:30 secret? Kaneko flow “How to stand up the grass”
01:33:57 “The weathering master” also raises the ground reality!
01:40:00 Let’s use tools that are easy to control by myself
01:46:00 Excellent usability ” trolley set”
01:48:30 a device of “utility pole”
01:51:50 “cutter saw “Easy grain expression
02:01:35 “Runner” is a simple material of wood
02:05:45 Fixing method of tank
02:08:30 How to make a title plate
02:11:30 How to put on crawler tracks and tire marks
02:14:18 completion!