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Off-Roadin’ & Haulin’! Tamiya 58676 Volvo A60H Hauler G6-01 6×6 RC Off-Road Truck Review by RC Driver

Get ready heavy equipment enthusiasts! The G6-01 platform from Tamiya gets a new body style and a new look to the chassis with the release of the Volvo A60H Hauler kit. The G6-01 is a full build up 6×6 truck kit that comes with the motor, you get to add your choice of electronics. The big features on this G6-01 are the pre-painted Volvo A60H cab body and abs molded dump bed. The chassis and other supported parts are now molded in a bright yellow to match the body. We assembled our kit and took this hauler out bashing. The G6-01 is a fun all around kit and delivers a lot of action whether you’re speeding around your backyard or a dirt lot. Love the look of heavy equipment, but still want the fun of running an RC at full throttle? Then you need to check out the Tamiya Volvo A60H Hauler G6-01 6×6 Truck!
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

Introducing the Dash! Yonkuro & Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go!! related Tamiya Mini 4WD

Introducing the machines that appear in the popular mini 4WD manga “Dash! 4WD” and “Hyper Dash! 4WD”. Dash corps machines, including the protagonist Hinomaru Yoshiro’s machine “Emperor”, are on display. It is a fun lineup to make new and old dash machines and compare them.

18651 Dancing Divine Doll (MA chassis)
18649 1/32 Canon D ball (MA chassis)
18644 1/32 God Burning Sun (MA Chassis)
18643 1/32 Rise Emperor (MA Chassis)
18641 1/32 Shooting Proud Star (MA Chassis)
18075 1/32 Great Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18073 1/32 Dash 0 Horizon Premium (Super II Chassis)
18070 1/32 Super Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18069 1/32 Dash 1 Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18632 1/32 Dash 01 Super Emperor (MS Chassis)
18630 1/32 Dash No. 3 Shooting Star (MS Chassis)
18628 1/32 Dash 2-Burning Sun (MS Chassis)
18625 1/32 Dash 1 Emperor (MS Chassis)
17006 1/32 Wild Zaurus

Introducing the machines that appear in the popular mini 4WD manga “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !!” and “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! Return Racers !!” In addition to the protagonists, the Magma and Sonic, the favourite machines of the Hoshima brothers, machines of teammates and rivals are on display. This lineup is also recommended for those who want to recreate the famous scenes while working with original fans who are starting Mini 4WD and their favourite machines!

19454 Cosmosonic (FM-A chassis)
19453 Great Magnum R (Revolver) (FM-A chassis)
19452 Brockengigant Premium (FM-A chassis)u
19451 Gun Blaster XTO Premium (FM-A Chassis)
19450 1/32 Spin Cobra Premium (Super II Chassis)
19449 1/32 Tridagger WX (AR chassis)
19448 1/32 Proto Saber Evolution Premium (AR Chassis)
19447 1/32 Beak Stinger G (AR chassis)
19446 1/32 Great Blast Sonic (AR Chassis)
19445 1/32 Buster Sonic Premium (AR chassis)
19444 1/32 Beat Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19443 1/32 Diospada Premium (AR chassis)
19440 1/32 Cyclone Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19441 1/32 Hurricane Sonic Premium (AR chassis)
19442 1/32 Z Wing Magnum (AR Chassis)
19439 1/32 Beak Spider Premium (Super II Chassis)
19438 1/32 Ray Stinger Premium (Super II Chassis)
19437 1/32 Bergkaiser Premium (Super II Chassis)
19436 1/32 Shining Scorpion Premium (Super II Chassis)
19435 1/32 Vanguard Sonic Premium (Carbon Super II Chassis)
19434 1/32 Victory Magnum Premium (Carbon Super II Chassis)
19433 1/32 Tridagger X Premium (Super II Chassis)
19432 1/32 Sonic Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)
19431 1/32 Magnum Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)
18622 1/32 Rodeo Sonic
18621 1/32 Bison Magnum

Tamiya Mini 4WD “High Speed ​​Colors – A new sense circuit created with Sony”

“New sensation circuit” for mini 4WD with sound, light and image will appear in Shibuya on February 13

Author: Toshiya Koketsu @DAYS
Sony, with the cooperation of Tamiya, will start a new sense of racing activity “High Speed ​​Colors-A new sense circuit created with Sony-” at the Sony Square Shibuya project from February 13th.

The New Sensation Circuit is a new entertainment experience that colors the mini 4WD running at high speed with Sony’s high-speed vision sensing technology and sound, light, and video. First, the participants select the main color, sub-color, and circuit effects to be mapped to the body of the mini 4WD. The colors and images that are projected will change depending on the design and direction selected, so that the participants themselves can be creators and create the direction.

First, when the Mini 4WD starts running, the body design selected by the participants is mapped to the body. After that, a retro game style stage appeared on the circuit. When a coin appears on the course and the mini 4WD gets through it, a sound is heard, and when a DJ turntable appears on the course and the mini 4WD passes, a sound like scratching sounds. Furthermore, as the mini 4WD progresses, the sound and production are linked together, such as the body turning into an insect in the middle and a huge “eye” appearing. Then, the stage changes to a stage like the near future of science fiction movies, and a light beam comes out from the body of the mini 4WD and appears as a trajectory on the course. Finally, the stage changes to a stage like a different space with various elements. The Mini 4WD cuts the finish line of the race and finishes.

The productions inside and outside these courses were co-created with the creative group “PERIMETRON” led by King Gnu leader Yuki Tsuneda. Producer of PERIMETRON, Shotaro Nishioka, produced the project, two-person creative unit Margt was in charge of direction and design, and Yuhei Kobe was in charge of CG production. The music is made by 20-year-old artist Dr. Pay.

The new sensation circuit allows two people to experience each race. Since there are 180 patterns, you can enjoy it as many times as you want. Participants will also be presented with a mini 4WD with a custom-designed design and an original video of the powerful race.

Source in Japanese language: Response.20th

Video of Tamiya 70236 Curved Universal Arm Set – Construction Idea

★ This handy set includes two types of curved universal arms – use them to add another dimension to your creations!
★ Parts are molded in 10mm-width, 3.5mm-thickness plastic with 3mm holes at intervals of 5mm making them compatible with separately sold universal plates and arms.
★ Arms can be cut using standard modeling tools such as a knife or side cutters.
★ Contains four each of both types of curved arm, plus screws, spacers, nuts and other components used in construction.

Some new Tamiya RC assembly manuals

47430 1/10 RC Mustang SVT Cobra R ’95 (TT-01E) Chassis Body
47431 1/10 RC Eunos Roadster (M-06) Chassis Body
47432 1/10 RC Super Clod Buster Black Edition Super Clod Buster Black Edition add-on
47433 1/10 RC Toyota Supra Racing (A80)(TT-02) Chassis Body
47439 1/10 RC TT-02 Type-SR Chassis Kit
47443 1/10 RC Porsche 911 GT1 Street (TA03R-S)
58677 1/10 RC VW Karmann Ghia (M-06L) Chassis Body