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RC big rig with amazing detail! Tamiya 56357 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3348 6×4 Tipper Truck review by RC Driver

Some RC kit builds are quick, others take some time and some take a really long time. We received the Tamiya Mercedes-Benz Arocs Tipper Truck some time ago, but this build up kit is loaded with parts and detail. So we chose to build it as time allowed, painting parts here and gluing parts there and finally it’s complete! The Tamiya Mercedes-Benz Arocs Tipper Truck like many other Tamiya big rigs is just an amazing scale model that is radio control. It is comprised of components that will certainly impress you as you build it. If you are big rig fan or just a scale enthusiast that likes building models, this truck is certainly a kit you will enjoy. Check out all of the features of the Arocs in our detailed review and of course see it in action.
Source: RC Driver YouTube channel

More details of Tamiya 64427 RC Guide Book Volume 15 2020 Spring-Summer

This is Tamiya RC Guidebook Vol.15, which carefully selected and published Tamiya’s major RC models. The cover is decorated with a new model of 4WD chassis, Comical Avante, which has been added to the increasing popularity of Comical RC cars. A model with plenty of nostalgia and cuteness. Of course, classic touring cars and formula cars that are attractive for high-speed driving, off-road cars that can be run anywhere, tanks and trailer trucks with big size are powerful, 3 wheel RC where cornering with fun tilting the car, out of the box Includes Tamiya’s major RC models such as the ready-to-play completed model XB. In addition, we’ve posted some of the hot new products that will be released by this summer. You can also enjoy RC movies by printing the popular QR code and jumping to the Tamiya website using your smartphone or mobile phone. RC Beginner’s must-see RC start guide explains the basic “run straight” machine for running. In addition, there are a lot of pages that will be useful for fans who are going to start RC, such as guides for race participation and introduction of the popular “Try!! Tamiya RC School”. At the end of the book, we also introduced hobby shops nationwide and Tamiya’s RC circuit. All color A4 size, 38 pages with plenty of volume.

Tamiya 70238 Kayak official product video

★This assembly kit creates a dynamic kayak model, with a submarine motor and underwater gearbox underneath the central float powering the model via cranks and link rods as it paddles gallantly forward. ★Length: 210mm, width: 165mm, height: 105mm. ★Change paddle blade angle to alter movement. ★Stickers are included to decorate the figure. ★Includes everything needed for simple snap-fit/screw-together assembly.
●If motor does not rotate with the switch on, or emits abnormal noises, turn off immediately and determine the cause.
●Do not touch any rotating parts such as cranks.
●Do not hinder rotation of cranks by force. This will result in motor heat buildup that can burn fingers, etc.
●Never use the product in oceans, lakes, rivers or ponds.
●Always install batteries with correct polarity.
●Never short circuit, dismantle, heat or incinerate a battery, as it could overheat, leak or explode.
●Always dry the model with a cloth after use. Turn off the switch and remove batteries from the model after use.
●Running in hot/warm water may soften motor case or melt grease, resulting in water leakage inside.