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More detail photos of Tamiya 57409 Lunch Box Mini on SW-01 chassis and 58671 Mazda 3 with red TT-02 chassis


More official product photos of Tamiya 57409 Lunch Box Mini SW-01 Chassis

This is a compact, maneuverable, and above all super-fun addition to the world of Tamiya wheelie models! It’s a familiar face, too, as the legendary Tamiya Lunch Box has been shrunk down to 1/24 scale.

The classic shrunken Lunch Box body sits on top of the 4WD SW-01 chassis.

SWD-01 chassis key features:
• The steering uses 1-piece upper arms for a tight turning circle and the body leans to help suppress tumbles. It can be converted into a 4-wheel steering setup with separately sold Item 54898 SW-01 Upper Arm Connectors.
• The body is attached to the body mounts using magnets for quick attachment.
• The Type 370 motor is located right in the center of the SW-01 chassis, in a gear-driven 4WD setup with a gear ratio of 21.875:1.
• 1/24 scale R/C model assembly kit. Length: 190mm, width: 146mm, height: 140mm.
• The famous Lunch Box body is molded in lightweight and durable polycarbonate and is pre-painted.
• The body leans in the direction in which the model steers, achieving remarkably tight turning circles.
• Responsive 4WD.
• Strut style suspension.
• Can be used with standard size servos and R/C equipment despite its compact nature.
• Big, tread patterned tires give superb traction and add to the overall cartoonish look of the Lunchbox Mini.
• Dish type wheels.
• Compatible with Tamiya LF Battery LF1100-6.6V Racing Pack (M-Size) as a power source.
Aftermarket battery note: Battery pack size must be under 66x36x15mm in size.
• 370-type size motor included.
Requires: 2-Channel Radio, standard size servo, 7.2-7.4volt battery pack & compatible charger.
• Compatible with: item 51610 RC T301 Battery Case for use with 4 AA batteries if desired.

More detail photos of new Tamiya 1/35 Japan Ground Self-Defence Force Light Armored Vehicle & 1/35 German Heavy Self-Propelled Howitzer Hummel Late Type from the 58th Shizuoka Hobby Show

Tamiya 1/35 Japan Ground Self-Defence Force Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) (tentative name)
With the Iraqi dispatch specification on sale, and the domestic specification that has been improved in the details has been modeled. Driver figures included.

Tamiya 1/35 German Heavy Self-Propelled Howitzer Hummel Late Type
Open top car, unique indoor and immersive figures

Tamiya New Item Release list for June 2019

R/C Models
 58669  1/10 R/C M-08 Concept Chassis Kit
 47402  1/12 R/C Lunch Box “Red Edition”
 51620  M-08 Concept C Parts (Uprights, 2°)
 51621  M-08 Concept Gears (Spur, Counter, Idler)
 54870  Stabilizer End 5mm Adjusters (4pcs.)
 54874  TT-02 Adjustable Upper Arm Set
 54875  TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit
 54876  T3-01 Reinforced Differential Joint & Pinion Set
 54888  M-08 Concept Titanium Screw Set
 54889  M-08 Concept Carbon Damper Stay (Front)
 54890  M-08 Concept Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
 54891  M-08 Concept Aluminum Steering Arms (L/R)
 54892  M-08 Concept Aluminum Steering Bridge
 47403  WR-02CB A Parts (Gearbox) (White)
 47404  WR-02CB B Parts (Uprights) (White)
 47405  WR-02CB D Parts (Chassis) (White)
 47406  WR-02CB F Parts (Frame) (White)
 47407  WR-02CB L/N Parts (Body Mounts/Suspension Arms) (Yellow Green)
 47408  WR-02CB M Parts (Bumper) (Yellow Green)
 47409  WR-02CB S Parts (Spokes) (Chrome Plated)
 47410  WR-02CB S Parts (Spokes) (Deep Gray)
 47411  WR-02CB T Parts (Wheel Rims) (Chrome Plated)

Scale Models
 24352  1/24 Mazda 787B
 25419  1/24 Lamborghini Countach LP 500 S (Clear Coat Red Body)

 18654  TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRT/Yaris WRC (MA Chassis)
 95120  Baron Viento (FM-A Chassis) Japan Cup 2019
 95485  Festa Jaune L Green Special (Polycarbonate Body) (MS Chassis)
 95116  Fully Cowled Mini 4WD 25th Anniv. Low Friction Low Profile Tire (Maroon, 2pcs.)
 95118  Hyper-Dash 3 Motor J-Cup 2019
 95119  Hyper-Dash Motor PRO J-Cup 2019
 95484  Reinforced Gear Cover (for MS Chassis) Pink Mini 4WD Station
 95493  19mm Aluminum Rollers (5 Spokes) w/Plastic Rings (Green)
 95494  FM-A Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Yellow)
 95495  MA Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Yellow)
 95496  Lightweight Plastic Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm) (Fluorescent Yellow)
 95497  HG 13mm Tapered Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless)
 95499  Lightweight 13mm Aluminum Ball-Race Rollers (Ringless/Black)
 95506  Japan Cup Junior Circuit Straight Section Set (Black, 4pcs.)
 95507  Mini 4WD HG Aluminum Setting Board (Black)
 95514  Mini 4WD HG Maintenance Base (180x210mm)

Tools & Paints
 74150  Modeling Template (Round, 1-12.5mm)
 87201  Figure Accent Color (Pink-Brown)
 70233  Twist Crawler (2-Channel Remote Control)