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Tamiya Introduction of TA08 PRO and TA series history & Tamiya Mini 4WD LIVE Vol.2″ Live broadcast of the Japan Cup 2020 satellite Okayama tournament venue

Introduction of TA series history ① and Tamiya RC high-tech course
-Looking back on the history of the TA series, which was the beginning of the current Tamiya touring car RC, from the first “TA-01” (released in 1991).
・ The popular Tamiya RC high-tech course explains how to make “gear differential” and how to select oil. Gear differentials are used in various types of RC, but they are an important part that greatly affects driving performance. We will generously convey professional know-how such as adjustment methods!

Introduction of TA series history ② and new products
・ The second TA series history that continues from the morning episode! .. Introducing the history of belt drive touring cars that started with TA03 (released in 1996). We look back on the chassis layout that has evolved with the times.
・ [Special news] Introducing the details of Tamiya NEW Touring RC car !!
Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara,

Tamiya Mini 4WD LIVE
Live broadcast of the Japan Cup 2020 satellite Okayama tournament venue! (plans)

A new corner “Mini 4WD Academy” has also started to deepen the knowledge of Mini 4WD.
In addition to new product information, we will be the first to introduce the latest information on YouTube Live.
You can post comments and ask questions during the live stream, so please join us in the program as well.
・ Mini 4WD public relations: Master Ueda
・ Tamiya Mini 4WD Planning and Development Staff

Tamiya RC Condele Results Announcement and Tamiya Engine Workshop Introduction & Introducing Tamiya RC March new products and 2021 Tamiya race event and Tamiya RC history

Tamiya RC Condele Results Announcement and Tamiya Engine Workshop Introduction
・ Announcement of the result of the hashtag project “#Tamiya RC Condele” !! Thank you for posting a lot of original colors, real finishes, and unique customs. Introducing a number of unique machines that are fun just to look at!
・ We will relay the “Engine RC Car Workshop” held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit from the site !!

Introduction of Tamiya RC March new products and 2021 Tamiya race event and Tamiya RC history
・ Introducing new products from Tamiya RC March 2021 !! We will also explain new tires for touring cars and M chassis.
・ Introducing the 2021 Tamiya Challenge Cup and Tamiya Grand Prix Regulations and the key points of race strategy.
・ Introduction of Tamiya RC History ⑦. “Wild Willis” used by the main character of the popular RC manga “Radicon Boy” in the 1980s will also appear !!
Tamiya Satoshi Maezumi, Riku Sunahara

Tamiya 58693 1/10 RC TA08 PRO Chassis Kit – Coming soon!

Tamiya 58693 1/10 RC TA08 PRO Chassis Kit

Tamiya is delighted to announce an even further hopped-up chassis in the ever-evolving TA series: the TA08 PRO!
This 2 belt-driven 4WD chassis features a Stepped V design and plenty of high performance parts, that ensure this is a seriously quick chassis that you will love to drive!

About the model
This is a 1/10 scale R/C touring car chassis kit.
Features Stepped-V shaped chassis which balances weight and rigidity.
The battery pack and servo are positioned on a slight angle (about 10 degrees) to reduce surface contact and facilitate optimum weight distribution.
Positioning spur gear in front of motor produces stable drivability.
2 belt-driven 4WD uses TRF420 gear differentials and steel TA07 differential joint cups.
A-arm suspension arm gives your model a low center of gravity, enhanced with laid down dampers.
Camber and caster angles are adjustable by turnbuckle shafts and lower arm spacers respectively.
Comes with Super Short Big Bore size dampers.
Universal shafts and full bearings give efficient drive.
Rotating body mounts by 180 degrees switches between standard and 2mm advanced body positions.
Please note that the R/C equipment, motor, battery pack, tires and body are sold separately.

New Product Preview! Tamiya 61121 1/48 McDonnell Douglas™ F-4B Phantom II™

The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

★ F-4 Phantom II, a masterpiece jet fighter adopted by the US Navy and Air Force and operated around the world. Among them, the first mass-produced Navy type F-4B will be added to the series. ★ Based on in-depth research, the exquisite outline and cross-sectional shape of the actual machine are accurately reproduced. ★ The canopy can be opened and closed, and the outer wing can be assembled by selecting the folded / unfolded state. The horizontal stabilizer moves in conjunction with the left and right. ★ Missiles and drop tanks are also available. ★ A set of 2 pilot dolls and 3 types of markings of the Mig Killer who participated in the Vietnam War.

Finished products and runner parts are on display at Shizuoka Hobby Square !! Please have a look.

Special sale of Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020 event sales limited items

“Fujitsu Dry Battery Provided Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020” Event Sales Limited Items Sold at Mini 4WD Stations Nationwide. Due to thesituation where Japan Cup 2020 cannot be held in various places, special event sales limited items will be sold nationwide. We decided to sell it at the station.
* Items that are not available for sale and the quantity is limited, so please forgive us if they are out of stock.

⇒ Click here for information on Mini 4WD stations nationwide.
Release: Around March 26th (Friday) * Varies depending on the store.

Mini 4WD kit
◇ Mini 4WD Dog Kuroshiba Special (VS Chassis)
◇ 1/32 Night Rage Jr. Clear Blue Special (MA Chassis)
◇ 1/32 Keane Hawk Jr. Clear Purple Special (MA Chassis)
◇ 1/32 Avante Jr. Black Special

Upgrade parts, etc.
◇ HG Carbon Multi Wide Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2020 Gold Print
◇ HG Carbon Multi Wide Rear Stay (1.5mm) J-CUP2020 Gold Print
◇ HG 19mm All Aluminum Bearing Roller Set J-CUP2020 Black
◇ Super Hard Low Height Tire & Red Plating 5-spoke wheel (Neo VQS)
◇ Full cowl mini 4WD 25th anniversary blue tire & green plated wheel

◇ Mini 4WD basic box (with sleeve) J-CUP2020 Black
◇ Mini 4WD basic box cabinet (navy)

Tamiya New Item Release list for April 2021

R/C models
47454 1/10 RC Plasma Edge II Iridescent Purple/Green Body (TT-02B)
56365 1/14 RC Mercedes-Benz Arox 4151 8×4 dump truck (with RC)
45069 Tamiya Brushless Electronic Speed ​​Controller 04S with Sensor
42374 VG O-ring 40 ° (for gear differential)
54988 Silicon differential oil # 300000
54996 M-Chassis Lightweight One-Piece Aluminum Axle & Hub Set
54997 Hornet Full Bearing Set
54989 CC-02 A parts (matt chrome plating)
54990 CC-02 B parts (matt chrome plating)

18098 Iron beak (VZ chassis)
95570 Mini 4WD Penguin Racer
95612 13mm all aluminum bearing roller (green)
95613 Mini 4WD clearance gauge (1mm)
70243 Triple crawler work set

Tools & Paints
74159 Modeler’s knife PRO spare blade (thin flat blade) 5 pieces
74160 Modeler’s knife PRO spare blade (plastic cut blade) 5 pieces
74161 Modeler’s knife PRO spare blade (scraping blade) 2 pieces