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Tamiya X-SA Kits, Expert Semi-Assembled Series

46701 1/12 X-SA Lunch Box
46703 1/10 X-SA Hornet

New from Tamiya, X-SA Kits. These replace the XB RTR Kits.

Kits are a big part of what we do at Tamiya, but we also understand that some people may not have the time or confidence for the assembly of an R/C model – that is why we have come up with the X-SA series of models. Each product features a fully-assembled and setup chassis with TEU-105BK ESC included, plus a fully painted body with the marking stickers already applied. All you need to do is provide the R/C equipment and battery pack & charger, and you’re ready to drive.

Benefits of X-SA series models

• No need to buy sprays and find a safe place to paint your model in – it’s already been painted by our experts!
• No need to put the time aside for an assembly process, with this finished chassis.
• No worry about miss-attached or mixed up parts!
• Use your own R/C equipment – no duplication of transmitters and receivers from multiple finished models.
• The series kicks off with classic names – don’t miss this chance to get ‘ready-for-radio’ Tamiya legends!
• A stylish dedicated package will really catch the eye.
• Assembly instruction manual is included for use in maintenance of the model.
• Backup from the extensive range of Tamiya Spare and Hop-Up Option parts.

Some upcoming Tamiya RC releases

47453 1/10 RC Volkswagen Type 2 (T1) Flower Power (M-05)
56364 1/14 RC Scania R470 (Silver Edition)
58489 1/10 RC Avante (2011) (new batch)

54962 TC-01 Carbon Front Stiffeners
54963 TC-01 Aluminum Rocker Arm Posts (4pcs.)
54974 Clear Colored Stickers (Red, Orange, Yellow)
54978 CC-02 Reinforced Rear Drive Shafts
54980 Ball Caster for SW-01 Wheelie Bar
54981 06 Module Hard Coated Aluminum Pinion Gear (27T)

No images or more information yet, will be posted as soon as available.

Tamiya New Product Exhibition Summer 2020 video

Trade show for model industry actors(July 1-2, 2020)
00:00 Video start
00:55 Educational Construction Series/工作新製品
01:19 Mini 4WD/ミニ四駆新製品
02:36 Full-size TOYOTA GR Yaris on display/トヨタ GR ヤリス実車展示
03:01 R/C Models/RCモデル新製品
04:31 Scale Models/スケールモデル新製品
10:55 R/C product test drive area/RC新製品試走コーナー
11:30 Shizuoka tourism information/静岡観光コーナー
12:00 Box art exhibition/島村英二原画作品展
13:47 Tamiya hobby history archives/田宮歴史館
15:14 Other companies also exhibited/他社の展示コーナー
Woody JOE, twilight model, EBBRO, FineMolds, PLATZ

Kojima neck fan “Storm Monster N” with Tamiya “Twin Star” design

Kojima will release a limited number of neck fans “STORM MONSTER N” at the beginning of August at Kojima Mini 4WD course permanent stores and Kojima Net. The price is 2,980 yen (tax included).

“STORM MONSTER N” is a neck fan designed with the familiar Tamiya logo on mini 4WD and plastic models. Tamiya’s synonymous “twin star” is applied to the wings and neck.

There are two colors, white with vivid red and blue on the wings and cool black. It has a large-capacity battery that operates for up to 6.5 hours and is a lightweight neck fan weighing about 170g. In addition to the three levels of low, medium, and high, the total volume of weak, medium, and strong circulation modes can be adjusted in four levels. The wings are equipped with LED lights that shine in seven colors.

The sales volume of this product is 2,000 white and 1,000 black. Advance reservations will start from July 18th.

Source: Kojima

Tamiya Mini 4WD 1/32 Neo VQS Japan Cup 2020 (Polycarbonate body/VZ chassis) & Japan Cup 2020 “MAX Surprise Circuit 2020 BYPASS-2” on-board camera videos

1/32 Neo VQS Japan Cup 2020 (Polycarbonate body/VZ chassis)
Released on Saturday, August 1, 2020
The Neo VQS Japan Cup 2020 is a memorial machine that brushes up the popular Neo VQS with its edgy style and next-generation driving. The lightweight and easy-to-customize clear polycarbonate body is used to further enhance driving performance. In addition, the VZ chassis is compact and has a wide range of settings. In addition, carbon-reinforced Y-spoke wheels are fitted with super hard small diameter low height tires.

Provided by Fujitsu dry batteries This is an on-board camera image when actually driving the “MAX Surprise Circuit 2020 BYPASS-2” official course of the Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020.
On Board [Normal Speed]

On Board [Slow Motion]
“Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2020” Click here for details!

Tamiya 58681 Formula E GEN2 Car Championship Livery TC-01 Chassis unboxing

Tamiya’s new Formula E car rides on a new chassis platform, the TC-01. This is a shaft-driven 4WD setup that takes some styling cues from the TA07, so it’s certain we’ll see some great performance from this new racer.
We got our hands on a pre-release sample and are looking forward to building it but, before we do, we wanted to show you what’s in the box.
———Product Used in This Video——-
58681 Tamiya TC-01 Formula E GEN2 Race Car
54955 Tamiya TC-01 Aluminum Rocker Arms
54956 Tamiya TC-01 Stabilizer Set
54975 Tamiya TC-01 Universal Prop Shaft

Source: CompetitionX YouTube channel

Tamiya RC Live – Story of electric touring car & TC-01 formula E capture story

Story of electric RC touring car capture
・TRF Kono first appeared in Tamiya RC live!! We will introduce electric RC touring car capture along with TRF Kono’s favorite car, TRF420, TA07RR, TB05!!


TC-01 capture story
・Comparing TRF Kono and Maesu Paisen’s favorite car, I will talk about TC-01 capture.

Satoshi Mamiya, Takayuki Kono