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Synapse Tamiya Mini 4WD Badge Collections Vol. 2

Tamiya 67436 Mini 4WD Badge Collection Vol.2 (Falcon Jr., Lunch Box Jr., Thunder Shot Jr.)

Tamiya 67437 Mini 4WD Badge GUP Vol. 2 (Tires & Wheels x 3)

2nd can badge series!

It is a “can badge” that tributes the mini 4WD package and the design of the upgrade parts. The second set includes two types, Falcon Jr., Lunch Box Jr., Thunder Shot Jr., and three sets of wheels designed with five spoke wheels and dish wheels. The designer is in charge of “SPIRIT VISION” which deals with product design such as custom cars and character · artwork. Mini 4WD fans, Tamiya fans, as well as one point item of fashion is also a badge of attention.

★ 3 types of tires & wheels
★ Diameter 57 mm each
● Selling origin: synapse 

Tamiya 63693 60 Years of Japanese Plastic Models Book

Since the birth of a plastic model in Japan, it has reached 60 years in 2018. The plastic model will have reached the 60th calendar. So, it means that most Japanese boys in Showa, Heisei grew up under the influence of a plastic model.
In the 60s and over, people would have been absorbed in the zero game, Battleship Yamato, Panther Tank, and the slot car, and some people said that they made it from the “Water Line” series from the end, if they were over 50s, only to the waterline Let’s see. If it is a little lower generation, I think that there are many people who have been addicted to Gundam (Gundam’s plastic model) and mini 4WD.
This brief description of this wonderful plastic model has been carefully described in terms of industrial history and cultural history from the birth to the present.
Pictures are posted on many of the plastic models that appear. The voice saying “Oh! I made this!” Appears to be heard from here.
A special long interview of Tamiya’s Tamiya Shunsaku chairman called Plastic Model world legend is also posted. It is full of what triggered Tamiya to become a global manufacturer, and struggle for that.
We put a detailed chronology at the end of the book. Please enjoy a packed toy box full of plastic models.

Author biography
Noboru Kobayashi (born Kobayashi) born in 1965. He is a publisher involved in editing plastic-related books. The main edited book. “The work of Tamiya model (Bunko version)”, “Japan plastic model excitement history” (written by Hiroshi Ida), “Japanese plastic model 50 years history”, “Shizuoka model whole history” “20th century airplane plastic model great” Currently, freelance writer.

Publisher: Bungeiharu autumn
Book papers page 204
List price (main price 880 yen + tax)
Release December 20, 2018

Lay out the package of the popular kit of the former years on the back cover

Tamiya News No. 596 with Bruiser Hog Heaven design cover

Tamiya 65596 January 2019 News Vol. 596

Tamiya news January issue full of various information for model making is issued. Well, this month’s Tamiya news first, Mr. Masayoshi Mino reported on the pattern of ARMY 2018, which was held at Patriot Park in the outskirts of Moscow in August (PATRIOT PARK). We have picked up vehicles that were rarely known in Japan, from among the fighting vehicles with more than 100 open to the public. Mr. Saki Kikuchi’s “Battle History for Modeler” focuses on two Ace Pilots of the German Night War Force who disappeared overnight in the battle of Berlin which intensifies, considering the last action . In addition, we delivered the pattern of the 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M release event, which was held at Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi store in September. It is the attention to the thought to the motorcycle which the staff who handled the actual car development and design and the designer in Tamiya speak from their respective standpoints. The page of the facing scene is “Raindrops Keep Fallin ‘On My Head November 1944 Belgium” by Mr. Junichi Nishijima. An ambitious work that decorated cigarettes smoked by 1/35 scale soldiers. The expression of falling rain is also a favorite place. In addition, we introduce the winning works of the 19th Modeler Contest & Suites Decoration Contest held at Tamiya Plastic model Factory Tresa Yokohama store. I am looking forward to seeing my own world view, which is cute and compiled according to this theme, “small world”. In the introduction of the new product, I posted the 2nd programming robot, the chain program robot working set and the 1/48 super marine spitfire that appeared newly, with 2 pages each.

● Asking for model fans Yuta
Egama (General Manager, Second Design Headquarters, Executive Officer, Ricoh Technologies, Inc.)

● ARMY 2018 International Military Technology Forum
(Photo: Written by Masayoshi Mino)

● War History for Modeler 329
“Death Battle in the Night Sky” -119 RAF Bomber Command vs. LW Nacht Jaeger’s Battle)
XXIV. Battle of Berlin: II-5 (Ken Kosuke & Ueda Nobu)

● Italian Army Equipment Commentary Vol.94
MAS boat -1 in the Front War 1 (Commentary, Illustration · Italian Army Researcher Yoshikawa Yoshiaki)

● Ship Yoyoumi talk 9th
bow story · Part 3 (photo · sentence Yoshihide)

● 1/12 Yamaha YZF-R1M release commemoration event
real car & model development staff talk show
September 22, 2018 Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Shop ● My masterpiece Mr.  Hideaki Ura (Tokyo, Manga Assistant · 51 years old) ● Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2018 Champion Decision Battle October 14th Tokyo · MEGA WEB ● Introduction of new products 1/48 Super- Marine Spitfire Mk.I Chain Program Robot Working Set Nishijima Junichi’s Scene “Raindrops Keep Fallin ‘On My Head Novenber 1944, Belgium” 2018 The 29th Modeler’s Club Joint Work Exhibition Exhibition

2018 Tobu Modeler Contest Tobu Award Scenery Work
“Beetles” Toshihisa Sato

● 10th Mini Keikyaku Prize-winning Work
“1/35 Stuart, Make Vespet ” Taku Goto

5th 2nd Wheel Design Open Lecture
August 23 Niigata / Nagaoka Institute
of Design Nagoya University of the Arts Professor of Design Area Nobuya Higami

● Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Torresa Yokohama Store
19th Modeler Competition & Suites Decoration Contest Winning Work

● Waxing Cup Cup 2018
October 14 Plaza Hall by iTSCOM ( Kanagawa Yokohama) Sekiguchi KenIsamu

● Race report
RC car competitions of the report

● Back cover
78th snapping contest announcement

Photos published in this issue

Details and photos of Tamiya 64418 Catalog 2019 Scale Model Edition

Tamiya catalog (scale model version) is also issued with many fans collecting fun every year. The cover of the 2019 edition is a high sense organization that laid out the completed photographs and the Tamiya logo on a white back with scale model runners. New products such as 1/35 M551 Sheridan, 1/48 Super Marine Spitfire Mk.I, 1/24 Ford GT, 1/12 Yamaha YZF – R1M, etc. were posted in large format photos. Of course, there are also items such as pleasant tools and tools, paint, airbrush and compressor in addition to this. In addition, we posted mini 4WD, 1/16/1/35/1/25 RC tank, 1 / 14RC trailer track. In addition, the excellent work of the patch contest 78 is introduced. Choosing the next model while watching carefully from corner to corner is a way to spend happy time unique to model fans. It is a book that is fully immersed in a charming model world. Size 26 × 25.5 cm, all 101 pages.

Tamiya New Item Release list for January 2019

Scale Models
 32596  1/48 Japan Ground Self Defense Force Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle
 35365  1/35 U.S. Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan (Vietnam War)
 25186  1/35 JGSDF Type 90 Tank & Type 73 Light Truck Set
 25187  1/35 Japanese Type 1 Self-Propelled Gun & Kurogane 4×4 Set
 25188  1/35 JGSDF Reconnaissance Motorcycle & High Mobility Vehicle Set
 25418  1/24 Lancia Stratos Turbo (Silver Color Plated)
 12685  1/35 U.S. MCI Cartons (Vietnam War)
 12687  1/35 Scale U.S. M551 Sheridan Photo-Etched Parts & Metal Gun Barrel Set

RC Models
 58661  1/14 R/C Buggyra Fat Fox (TT-01 Type-E)
 58663  1/10 R/C Toyota Hilux Extra Cab (CC-01)
 58665  1/10 R/C TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TS050 Hybrid (F103GT)
 47381  1/10 R/C Super Astute (2018)
 54846  TB-05 Carbon Front Damper Stay (for TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers)
 54847  TB-05 Carbon Rear Damper Stay (for TRF Super Short Big Bore Dampers)
 54848  Aluminum Wing Washers (Black)
 54849  Aluminum Wing Washers (Blue)
 42327  3x6mm Hi-Grade Aluminum Hex Head Screws (Blue, 5pcs.)
 42328  3x6mm Hi-Grade Aluminum Countersunk Hex Head Screws (Blue, 5pcs.)
 42329  3x8mm Hi-Grade Aluminum Hex Head Screws (Blue, 5pcs.)
 42330  3x8mm Hi-Grade Aluminum Countersunk Hex Head Screws (Blue, 5pcs.)
 47393  TA02 High Speed Gear Set

Mini 4WD
 18653  Hexagonite (MA Chassis)
 18713  Razorback (FM-A Chassis)
 18716  Geo Glider (FM-A Chassis)
 18093  Mini 4WD Koala Racer
 95439  Gun Bluster XTO Light Blue Special (Polycarbonate Body)
 95450  Dash-X1 Proto-Emperor Premium Black Special (Super-II Chassis)
 95451  Black Saber Premium (Super-II Chassis)
 95443  Lightweight Plastic Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm) (Fluorescent Green)
 95449  Super-II Easy Locking Gear Cover (Clear Red) Mini 4WD Station
 95453  HG Carbon Side Stays for MA Chassis (1.5mm)
 95227  Mini 4WD Shirokumakko (Finished Model)
 95233  Black Plated Screw Set

Tools & Paints
 74146  Needle Nose W/Cutter II
 74147  Fine Engraving Blade 0.4mm
 67416  Tamiya Maintenance Tray (KTC)
 67430  Tamiya Multi-Purpose Furoshiki Cloth (MM 50th Anniversary, 90cm)

Official details and product photos of Tamiya 25418 1/24 Lancia Stratos Turbo (Silver Plating Body)

Total length = 178 mm Picture is a kit assembled and painted

★ It was developed as a rally car, and the body of the Lancia Stratos who participated in the race of the 1970s was made a plating part. ★ Realistically reproduce the appearance of Chin spoiler, over fender, rear wing equipped with group 5 machine. ★ Bucket seats and dashboards are also three-dimensional enough in the room. ★ With a whole figure of a driver doll.