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47th Figure remodeling contest prize winning work announcement

In 2018, when the 1/35 military miniature series, the origin of the figure remodeling contest, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since the release of the memorable first figure model “German tank soldier set”, how much figures have “transformed” into various characters in this contest?

Well this time the Gold Prize is a work of Kunihiko Sato who participated in contest work for 47 years . I unwrapped the packing of the submitted work and thought that this year’s theme was animals … When I see it, the breath drawn by all the judges is a work called “BODY ART” of overseas artists There is a motif. In addition to naked modeling where the observation power and drawing skill are questioned even in figure modification, it is awarded to clearing a number of hurdles that various people of various poses combine and finally show them to animals by body paint. Mr. Taro Nagaiuchi’s silver prize is a point of evaluation, with the unique sense of texture of the Ainu’s costume, as well as the design sense of the pedestal that created the space well within the limited space and the sense of unity with the work. And Kenji Nagashima’s “USA” who won the bronze prize is also called an idea victory which integrated the new and old elements of the 2018 episodes and the 1/35 MM soldier figures engraving history of 50 years into a single work. It is a fun piece.

In the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the World Cup of Football Russia, the Koshien Summer in the summer was a memorial tournament and a sports big event was awesome in 2018. Tomohiko Nagayoshi chooses Naomi Osaka from among those players. Cute nationwide cute answer would be popular, one of the face of 2018. And Kazuyoshi Kondo who produced a popular character of a TV program traveling around Japan all over the electric motorcycle . The remodeling of the two of us was chosen as the topic award. MM prize is a tribute to the 1st / 35 MM series first work, Kiyoshi Okuyama participating in a German tank soldier who was carefully built in detail and an officer riding set familiarized as MM’s first animal model , And Naoto Ukita’s works, which tanks partially used in the background effectively draw out the soldiers’ feelings, are awarded, respectively. And Morio Oshjiro uniquely expresses the key man who holds the key to world affairs and gained an idea prize. Strength preservation of not only the idea but also the work of “inverse triangle” which catches a huge missile is awesome.

The 1/35 MM figure has continued technological evolution in 50 years, but the fun of figure remodeling still remains unchanged. You can change the orientation of your arms and face slightly, or just combine accessories. Everyone please feel free to participate in the contest with the figure modeled with the latest technology.

Modified Tamiya Dash No. 1 Concours de Elegance winning award

Mikey’s masterpiece “Emperor Resurrection” (on the picture) based on “Emperor” which was given “transcendence remodeling”

“Mini 4WD” boasts two boom in the 1980s and 1990s, boasting a cumulative sales volume of over 180 million units. In 2012, due to the revival of the official race “Japan Cup”, the popularity is rekindling involving adults who were once children. Meanwhile, the competition “Concours de Elegance” (hereinafter referred to as Condale) competing for the appearance of the machine as well as the race is showing great excitement. This time, Mikey, who was awarded the “NEW ERA Award” (Best Award) selected by the popular vote of the participants at the “JC2018 Tokyo Convention” Condale, attention to the creation of the winning work “Emperor Resurrection” I heard what I thought was driving.

■ The remodeling point of commitment is “low car height and light and dark paint color”

– Please tell me the history of “Mini 4WD”.

“It’s been 2 years since I was an elementary school student and when I became an adult.It was about half a year ago when I began a Condale in earnest”

– What machine was the source of “Emperor Resurrection”?

“Dash No. 1 · Emperor (Emperor)”

– Please tell us about the remodeling points you stick to when making it.

“The most sticking point is the whole detail balance.Originally, the car height is high, but how to lower the overall balance is rebuilt several times at various places and the dark color of paint color With light and dark shades of bright colors, we devise ways to embellish the silhouette of Emperor. ”

■ Won the Best Award, “This was the first time I made it for Condale in earnest”

– “Designed not to lose the” soul “of” Shijyōrou (the main character of the manga “Dash! Shikaro” which became the fire of the first Mini 4WD boom, Emperor is the main machine) ” As a matter of fact, where is it expressed?

“First of all, as a premise, to make sure that it is an emperor is conveyed firmly, although it is set to be a contemporary design, decals of the first emperor such as” 496 “and” DASH! “Are also redesigned Then I’m getting into it. In addition, we also put the letters “4wD” of Hachimuro of Shiichiro. ”

– What was the hardest part of the production process?

“At first, I was worried that I could make the first emperor potato stylish, (laugh) I also started with a no plan at all, so I made it with my own feeling only, so I explored it It was a pleasant time and a fun point. ”

– How many machines have you made for Condée so far?

“I had something for the race twice about Condale, but this time for the first time I made it for condi in earnest.”

– I think that it depends on the machine, but on average, how long will it take to produce one?

“Since I only have time to find the time after my child goes to bed, it will take about 2 months or so,” Emperor Resurrection “took about 2 months.”

■ I noticed that “making itself is more fun than winning the race”

– As a condole producer, what do you think is the most important technology?

“Because I am a beginner model beginner, I do not know what is important technology, but if I dare to say it, is not that I do not give up? (Laugh)”

– How do you decide the concept of the work?

“Because Condié of Mini 4WD has a high degree of freedom, it is very difficult to decide the concept, but since it is free on the contrary, I started making it anyway, and I made the concept visible from the way.”

– What triggered the creation of Condale work?

“I had been making a racing machine all the time since I originally returned, but when I was aware, I noticed that at some point” making things itself is more fun than winning the race. “In retrospect, mini 4WD is grown up as an adult The reason I began to become a chance, it was because I was surprised to see the condylé machine and say “This is the mini 4WD Like this !?” Why not there is no reason to do it (laugh) ”

– Is it also included in regular races? Have you entered on a machine different from Condée if it is entered?

“For racing it is made for racing, and in my case the way of making it is different, each making it separately because I am making different ways to make it separately”

– What kind of work do you want to challenge in the future?

“I’d love to challenge” shooting star “I liked when I was a child!”

– What is “Mini 4WD” for yourself?

“What I thought most of all about mini 4WD is a connection with people, I think that it is a wonderful communication tool that can make friends with various people beyond the difference of years.One machine was able to meet a lot of people I think that it is a completed machine, so Tamiya who has been working for many years, thanks to all the people who play mini 4WD! ”

Source in Japanese language: Oricon News

Rally legend Walter Röhrl gets a Tamiya RC Lancia 037 for Christmas

It seems like it’s totally cozy in there.

Here are his translated wishes:

Dear friends, I wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve and Happy Holidays. Take your time for family or friends and enjoy these relaxing Christmas holidays. We just had some presents and our Maxi was already eating his treats. But what he likes most is the gift box. We wish you a Merry Christmas.

Our Maxi will probably stay in there for Christmas….

Source: Walter Röhrl official facebook page

Close to the secret of Tamiya RC and mini 4WD body design! Takayaki Takayuki “Hyper talk show” video

On October 18, 2018, held at the Twin Messe Shizuoka · Tamiya Fair 2018 venue. It is a video of a talk show by pdc_designworks representative, Mr. Takayuki Takayuki who has been deeply involved in the body design of Tamiya’s RC and Mini 4WD. In this movie, Tamiya’s RC ( from about 0:01: 20 ), mini 4WD body design ( from around 0:17:15 ), and even the impression of the review of the mini 4WD design contest ( around 0:26:44 More) and others were extracted and made public.
RC Dyna Head 6×6 (G6-01 TR chassis)
Mini 4WD contest result announcement

Tamiya Mini 4WD body making with 3D printers

On 19th and 20th March 2016, a work experience class for parents and children using 3D printers was held at Tamiya’s official shop, Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi. What you make is a mini 4WD body. Create 3D data using modeling tool and output with 3D printer. In the end it is to install the completed body on the chassis (chassis) and run the circuit. Organizer sponsored by 3D data · 3D-GAN. It is a so-called industry organization that tackles the spread and promotion of industries using 3D data. I asked Mr. Tatsuya Soma to representative of the purpose of the event.

“3D printers are now very popular machines in Japan’s manufacturing, but generally speaking about manufacturing, the image of” craftsmanship “by hand is strong and this is not surprisingly known Of course the craftsmen’s work is wonderful, but in a way it is a rare case so that it can be respected.We feel the experience of so-called ordinary manufacturing, that is, the design and production of mass-produced goods to all participants I want to do it.”

Everyone can easily create 3D objects using 3D data and 3D printers. By widely noticing it, Mr. Soma continues to expand the base of manufacturing regardless of professional or amateur.

“For example, everyone knows” print “on paper, and it is widely used for creative activities of amateurs.Comike (Comic Market) is the best thing. Similarly if you create even three dimensional objects , Even if you do not have a 3D printer, vendors such as “DMM.make” and “Tokyo Risumatic” will act on behalf of the producer.The creation of three-dimensional objects which had been high in hurd is now very easy I hope that more people can use it and create unexpected and interesting things.”

If 3D printers become popular, it seems to be a threat to plastic model makers, but Tamiya is cooperative with this event rather than providing machines and places.

“Because designing the mini 4WD body by yourself is a dream of old fans. Also, as the current mini 4WD popularity centered on thirties and forty generations, as a theme for parent-child learning manufacturing I think that it is very suitable.I would like to learn advanced technology called 3D data & 3D printer through Tamiya’s Mini 4WD and experience the pleasure of making more people even more. “(Mr. Tamiya Sales Department Public Relations Miwa Mr. Iseko)

Unfortunately at this stage it is not allowed to participate in the official race with the original body. However, it seems interesting to create a class that uses the original body by providing regulation (such as having to attach specific body parts) to the body shape.

The 3D printer used this day is a small personal type called “AFINIA H480”. The price is about 200,000 yen cheaper than I thought, the software to create 3D data is not so expensive as about 15,000 yen. Also, if the PC also has Windows 7 or later OS installed, it can program without problem.

Participants first create 3D data of the mini 4WD body. Because elementary school student is a target course, we will not make data from our place. It is the flow of combining pre-modeled template body with preference detail and parts and outputting it with 3-dimensional printer.

Many children touched Mini 4WD for the first time, some of them also made creative bodies that stacked three rear wings.

When finished data is transferred to the printer, it finally starts printing. We will shape the mini 4WD body by laminating slender ABS resin while melting with a heater. Even if it is set to a relatively rough lamination pitch, it will take about an hour and a half to complete . Children are preparing mini 4WD chassis during this time to test with large circuit, but when releasing the machine to the course, most children were absorbed in running the body and forgetting about the body.

Along with the possibilities of 3D printers, it has been reaffirmed about the universal appeal of mini 4WDs that exceed generations.

Source in Japanese language: Nikkei Trendy

Video of the world’s largest RC competition Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race 2018

Tamiya Finals, the annual event at the end of the year held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit on Saturday, December 1, 2018, held at Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit, the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit it was done. A total of 343 players who won the representation right at the TRF project shops throughout the country also gathered in Kakegawa this time. Not to mention the RC race, the team members gathered together for 2 days to enjoy it.
0:00:08 Opening ceremony
0:00:26 GT Finals 3 (D / C / B / A Main) 0:
19:00 GT Finals 50 (E / D / C / B / A Main) 0:
43:09 GT Finals 2 (G / F / E / D / C / B / A Main)
1:15:59 GT Finals Girls (C / B / A Main)
1:31:04 GT Finals 1 (F / E / D / C / B / A Main)
1:59:20 GT Finals A (C / B / A Main)
2:15:32 Victory Ceremony

Tamiya Challenge Cup Final Race 2018 Semi-endurance race against shop
0:00:05 First race (20 minutes)
0:22:11 Second race (20 minutes)
0:44:50 3rd race (20 minutes)
1:06:06 Award ceremony
Tamiya Challenge Cup Final race “Tamichare Climax 2018 “. “Tami Cha Climax” which can be said as the total race of the “Tamiya Challenge Cup” that was held over 580 tournaments throughout the country was held. With the “Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit”, the world’s largest all-weather RC circuit fit for the big race, we will aim for the project shop in Japan. We used the topic “Comical Grass Hopper” at the semi-endurance race against the popular shop every time.

Photos of Tamiya at Honda Racing Thanks Day 2018

Inspired by Tamiya, SMKN students build electric cars

Author: Bandung Raya

Starting from his anxiety about vehicle pollution, Anggi Ramdani and five students from SMK 1 Lemahsugih, Majalengka Regency innovated to create an electric-fueled Car. The car named “Parikesit Electric Road Vechile (ERV) is inspired by a tamiya toy car that has a power source from the battery.

The assembled car stole the attention of visitors who attended the EPITECH XII West Java Vocational Education Exhibition held at Kerkof Field, Garut Regency, November 13-15 2018.

Anggi said the project was motivated by concerns about pollution caused by motorized vehicle use. “We were inspired to make environmentally friendly cars, which go green and do not cause pollution,” said Students of Light Vehicle Engineering majors, Wednesday (11/14/2018).

Whereas in the assembly, Anggi said that he was inspired by the toy car he played since childhood, namely Tamiya, whose source of energy was from the battery.

This Parikesit project has been prepared since four months ago to be exhibited in the EPITECH event. “The processing time is approximately four months and is deliberately prepared for the EPITECH exhibition,” he said.

He explained, Parikesit ERV is capable of driving at speeds of 25 kilometers per hour and is able to withstand loads of up to 200 kilograms. Brushless DC motor type vehicles have a maximum power of 1000 Watt with a maximum current of 20 amperes.

In addition to using the battery as a driver, the material used for the body of the car is a mixture of Polyourethane and coated with resin (fiber). “We deliberately use these materials because they are easily formed,” he said.

Anggi said that Parikesit ERV is still in the stage of development and improvement. Later when it is perfect, there will be opportunities for schools to start marketing to the community. “We still need to improve to improve this car, the plan is to add energy sources using solar panels and other innovations. If it’s ready, maybe the school can start marketing,” said the class XII student.

With this innovation, Anggi hopes to be able to change people’s views about schools that stand in the countryside no better than schools in cities. “Why do you have to choose a far-reaching school if there are also good schools in (near) villages that are ready for the facilities and infrastructure,” Anggi added.

The name Parikesit itself is taken from the name puppet. Parikesit is a child of Abimanyu and grandson of Arjuna.

Editor: Dadang Setiawan
Source in Indonesian language: GALAMEDIANEWS.COM