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Useful guides for Tamiya RC cars (in Japanese language)

We introduce know-how useful to start Tamiya’s real hobby RC car. From assembly to foundation of setting, learn various know-how and enjoy RC life!

RC Useful Guide INDEX

■ 01 Let’s learn the assembly tool 
■ 02 Let’s learn how to paint the body 

■ 03 Maintain daily care of the car you career 
■ 04 Let’s master the maneuvering technique 
■ 05 Change the running with the difference of the body 
■ 06 Learn the gear ratio and set up 
■ 07 Tire selection that affects driving performance

Tamiya New Item Release list for February 2019

R/C Models
 54850  Medium-Narrow Mesh Wheels (24mm Width, Offset +2) (Yellow) 4pcs.
 54851  Medium-Narrow Rally Dish Wheels (24mm Width, Offset 0) (White) 4pcs.
 54854  Two-Piece 5-Spoke Wheels (2pcs., Black)
 54856  1/8 Scale R/C Dancing Rider Chrome Plated Body Parts Set
 54858  T3-01 Aluminum Servo Horn
 54859  T3-01 FRP Support Arms
 47398  Large Dish Wheels (4WD/Front, 62/25) (Pink)
 47399  Large Dish Wheels (Rear, 62/35) (Pink)
 47400  2WD Off-Road Astral Dish Front Wheels (60/19) (Pink)
 47401  Off-Road Astral Dish Rear Wheels (60/29) (Pink)
 42331  Body Sponge Tape Set (20x230x2mm 1pc./20x230x3mm 2pcs.)
 56548  Aluminum Shift Servo Horn
 51611  1/10 Scale R/C Toyota Hilux Extra Cab Body Parts Set

Scale Models
 35364  1/35 German Tank Destroyer Marder III M “Normandy Front”
 32541  1/48 Crusader Mk.I/II British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI
 32555  1/48 Crusader Mk.III British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI
 35001  1/35 German Army Tank Crew
 35002  1/35 German Army Infantry
 35003  1/35 German Schwimmwagen
 35004  1/35 WWII U.S. Tank Crew
 35005  1/35 British 6-Pounder Anti-Tank Gun

 18712  Lord Guile (FM-A)
 18714  Mach Frame (FM-A Chassis)
 18715  Copperfang (FM-A Chassis)
 95427  Liberty Emperor Premium (Super-II Chassis)
 95462  Manta Ray Mk.II White Special
 95466  Manta Ray Mk.II Black Special
 95468  Laser-Gill Super XX Special
 95477  Nissan Be-1 Blue Version
 95228  Mini 4WD Panda Racer (Finished Model)
 95442  Aluminum Spacer Set (12/6.7/6/3/1.5mm, 2pcs. each) (Gold)
 95455  HG Carbon Rear Roller Stay for Super X Chassis (1.5mm)
 95476  FM-A Fluorescent-Color Chassis Set (Green)
 95470  Front Under Guard (Blue)
 95471  Manta Ray Mk.II Clear Body Set II
 95472  Neo Falcon Clear Body Set II

Tools & Paints
 82161  LP-61 Metallic Gray
 82162  LP-62 Titanium Gold
 82163  LP-63 Titanium Silver

47th Figure remodeling contest prize winning work announcement

In 2018, when the 1/35 military miniature series, the origin of the figure remodeling contest, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Since the release of the memorable first figure model “German tank soldier set”, how much figures have “transformed” into various characters in this contest?

Well this time the Gold Prize is a work of Kunihiko Sato who participated in contest work for 47 years . I unwrapped the packing of the submitted work and thought that this year’s theme was animals … When I see it, the breath drawn by all the judges is a work called “BODY ART” of overseas artists There is a motif. In addition to naked modeling where the observation power and drawing skill are questioned even in figure modification, it is awarded to clearing a number of hurdles that various people of various poses combine and finally show them to animals by body paint. Mr. Taro Nagaiuchi’s silver prize is a point of evaluation, with the unique sense of texture of the Ainu’s costume, as well as the design sense of the pedestal that created the space well within the limited space and the sense of unity with the work. And Kenji Nagashima’s “USA” who won the bronze prize is also called an idea victory which integrated the new and old elements of the 2018 episodes and the 1/35 MM soldier figures engraving history of 50 years into a single work. It is a fun piece.

In the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the World Cup of Football Russia, the Koshien Summer in the summer was a memorial tournament and a sports big event was awesome in 2018. Tomohiko Nagayoshi chooses Naomi Osaka from among those players. Cute nationwide cute answer would be popular, one of the face of 2018. And Kazuyoshi Kondo who produced a popular character of a TV program traveling around Japan all over the electric motorcycle . The remodeling of the two of us was chosen as the topic award. MM prize is a tribute to the 1st / 35 MM series first work, Kiyoshi Okuyama participating in a German tank soldier who was carefully built in detail and an officer riding set familiarized as MM’s first animal model , And Naoto Ukita’s works, which tanks partially used in the background effectively draw out the soldiers’ feelings, are awarded, respectively. And Morio Oshjiro uniquely expresses the key man who holds the key to world affairs and gained an idea prize. Strength preservation of not only the idea but also the work of “inverse triangle” which catches a huge missile is awesome.

The 1/35 MM figure has continued technological evolution in 50 years, but the fun of figure remodeling still remains unchanged. You can change the orientation of your arms and face slightly, or just combine accessories. Everyone please feel free to participate in the contest with the figure modeled with the latest technology.

Some future Tamiya RC items to be presented at upcoming Nuremberg Toy Fair 2019

Preliminary photo of the real car

Photo of the original TA02 based 58140 HKS Skyline GT-R Gr.A

47394 Mountain Rider
47397 HKS Skyline GT-R Gr.A (TT-01E)
58666 Comical Hornet (WR-02CB)
586xx Ford Mustang GT4
84436 M-07R Chassis Kit

42332 TRF SSBB Damper Pistons Blank (4pcs)
42333 TRF419XR Aluminum Lower Deck
42334 TRF419XR Carbon Upper Deck (1.75mm)
47395 TA02 Center One-Way Set
51612 TS050 HYBRID Body
51614 Ford Mustang GT4 Body
54855 5.5 x 0.5mm POM Spacer (4pcs)
54861 Rally Block Tires (soft/2pcs)
54862 Alu Servo Step Screws (4pcs)
54863 Alu Hi-Torque Servo Saver Cap
54864 Multipurpose Driver Figure
54865 Ribbed F Bubble Tires Soft 2pcs
54866 Ribbed R Bubble Tires Soft 2pcs
54867 Aluminum Skid Guard (WR-02CB)