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Future Tamiya RC 1/16 Centurion Tank MK3

Presented by the chairman Mr. Shunsaku Tamiya and Dr. Taki at a Japanese RC tank event.

Source: RC Tank 愛好会

Full details of Tamiya 35375 1/35 Soviet Heavy Tank KV-2

Overall length = 204 mm The photo shows the kit assembled and painted.

About the KV-2
In December 1939, the Soviet Union formalized the KV-1 as the next-generation main heavy tank, incorporating many modern equipment such as diesel engines and torsion bar suspensions. The KV-2 is a heavy tank for breaking through positions that further enhances the attack power of this KV-1. The body is based on the KV-1, and the main gun is replaced from a 76.2mm cannon to a huge 152mm howitzer. The turret has become an extremely tall box to ensure internal space. Handing over to the military began in July 1940, and more than 200 vehicles were completed. The KV-2, which struck the German invasion in June 1941, suffered from troubles such as breakdowns due to excessive vehicle weight, but some vehicles fully utilized the powerful defense power and the power of the 152 mm howitzer. Take advantage of the lonely struggle. It stood in front of the German troops, which continued to make good progress, and became an important force until they were ready for a counterattack.

Model outline
KV-2 1/35 scale, plastic model assembly kit. ★ Overall length 204 mm, overall width 95 mm. Based on the actual vehicle coverage, the powerful figure that surprised the German army is modeled with a high sense of reality. ★ The huge turret realistically expresses the rough texture and welding pattern of the armor surface in detail. ★ Hatch of each part of the car body can be assembled by choosing opening and closing. ★ Tracks are connected to the straight part. The slack at the top is also finished naturally. ★ A full-body image of the commander standing outside the car and a half-body image of the occupant leaning out of the hatch are set. ★ Two types of markings are available.

Unboxing of Tamiya Wild One Blockhead Motors Edition, Land Rover Defender 90 CC-02, Lotus Europa Special M-06, Subaru BRZ TT-02 and Track Set

Tamiya continues to pump out lots of fun RC kits for RC modelers and collectors to enjoy. Many RC enthusiasts started with Tamiya kits or chose them for their first builds after a RTR. Tamiya just has fun easy to build kits with great manuals to help guide builders along. With that said, Greg was able to get his hands on a bunch of new kits that will be hitting store soon. These kits will be reviewed on the channel, but to get you pumped about what’s ahead, we decided to to an unboxing to you get a peek of what’s inside. In this video you’ll see the new Tamiya Wild One Blockhead Motors Edition buggy, CC-02 Defender 90, Lotus Europa Special M-06, BRZ TT-02 and a bonus peek at the Tamiya Track set. If you’re looking for a kit to build, you don’t want to miss these options!
Source: RC Driver

Another photo and more details of Tamiya 58697 Astute 2022 TD2 Chassis

Tamiya is proud to announce a new 1/10 R/C off-road buggy model based upon the brand new TD2 chassis.
The newly designed stylish body is produced by Kota Nezu who penned that of the recently released Super Avante.

About the model
• This is a 1/10 R/C assembly kit. Length: 387mm, width: 246mm. Wheelbase: 283mm.
• The distinctive polycarbonate body is designed by Japanese designer Kota Nezu of znug design.
• The new TD2 chassis based around the TD4 chassis employs an front inboard suspension layout which offers exceptionally slim, low-profile form. Also, its front suspension arms have a skid angle of 25 degrees for superlative ground-hugging and stable performance off-road, plus angled CVA oil dampers to allow smooth suspension movement.
• The chassis based on the one-piece monocoque frame uses the same ball differentials as the ones of the TD4 chassis, plus full ball bearings, and features a transverse battery pack positioned to the rear and a midship transverse motor with 3 gears connecting it to the drivetrain for optimum balance and improved performance.
• Ribbed front and rear square spike tires facilitate stability and great grip. The newly designed star dish design front wheels are attached by hex hubs.
• The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension system uses CVA oil dampers for superlative performance.
• Choose between high and low type wing stays to adjust the downforce depending on the road surface.
• Comes with a driver figure who gives your buggy a realistic look, and high-torque servo saver.