First interview Tamiya’s new president Nobuo Tamiya wo takes office on July 1st, aiming to expand customer base by providing more support and hands-on experience opportunities

He will become Tamiya’s new president on July 1. The number of beginner modelers has increased as people spend more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are still concerns about the industry’s future, including a backlash from stay-at-home demand and a shrinking domestic market due to the declining population. In addition to continuing to develop products such as highly appealing plastic models, mini 4WDs, radio-controlled cars, and tools, he will also focus on responding to inquiries and holding events in order to expand the user base.

What are your aspirations for taking up the position?
I’d like to thank the fans and people involved who have supported our company for so many years, and play a role in connecting the past, present and future. I’m proud to be a model maker.
With the goal of being the best in the world in quality, I will always strive to have passion, precision and calm judgment, just like the red and blue stars in our logo.

What do you thinkabout the current state of the industry?
We live in an age where everyone has a smartphone as a matter of course. I believe that as digitalization progresses, the value of real things and experiences will actually increase. The importance of after-sales customer service and event hosting is also increasing. If we can seize these opportunities, the possibilities of the industry will expand. I want to not only supply products, but also share the sense of accomplishment of completing a model with more people.

What will your company focus on?
We will continue to convey the appeal of models not only to people who continue to make models, but also to people who have never touched them, and continue to create mechanisms that allow everyone to enjoy models casually. In addition to original builds that allow people to freely combine a variety of parts and Mini 4WD crafting classes, we will also continue to exhibit products, original package drawings, and interview photos in museums.

What are your plans for revitalizing the industry?
In the hobby industry, it is important for users that diverse manufacturers coexist and prosper together. Our competitors are like-minded people who want to expand the model fan base. Our company has agents in over 60 countries overseas. We want to attract more fans from all over the world to Shizuoka, the ‘world capital of model making.’ In the digital age, efficiency and speed are important, but balance is also necessary. I want to make models that can be by your side when you take a moment to stop and enjoy your time.

After working at Tamiya Nobuhiro Audit Corporation and his family business, Kitagawa Lumber Industry, he joined Tamiya in September 2020. He has been in his current position since July 2022. He graduated from Kyoto University and is from Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City. He is 37 years old.
Source in Japanese language: Shizuoka Shimbun