Tamiya donated 1,500 plastic model kits, etc. to Shizuoka City

A presentation ceremony in which 1,500 plastic model kits and other items will be donated to Shizuoka City by member companies of the Shizuoka Model Educational Materials Cooperative Association and the Shizuoka Branch of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West will be held on February 16, 2024 in the lobby of Tamiya Co., Ltd.’s headquarters in Shizuoka City. I got it. Last year, NTT West Shizuoka Branch took the lead in a fundraising campaign to support town development using plastic models.This time, with the cooperation of Shizuoka Model and Teaching Materials Cooperative Association member companies, the donations were turned into plastic model kits and sent to Shizuoka City. It was donated. The gifts will be used for things such as manufacturing education experience kits for elementary school students in the city and Hobby Show downtown tour programs.

Chairman of Shizuoka Model Teaching Materials Cooperative Association
Tamiya Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Shunsaku Tamiya Director Aoshima
Bunka Kyozai Co., Ltd. Representative Director and Chairman Norio Aoshima Director
Hasegawa Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Katsuto Hasegawa
Director Aoshima Bunka Co., Ltd. Daisuke Aoshima, Representative Director and President, Kyokuisha Toshiyuki Bansho,
Branch Manager, Shizuoka Branch, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone West Co., Ltd.

Hikaru Inaba, Director of Economic Affairs Bureau, Shizuoka City