Tamiya Wild One Max video presentation

This is the kind of car that reminds us all that being childish isn’t a bad thing at all. In a genius tie-up, The Little Car Co – whose usual 75 per cent remakes are of famous classics like the Aston DB5 or Bugatti Type 35 – is building a Wild One you can drive.

You get a spaceframe long and wide enough to take two full-sized adults in proper Cobra Racing bucket seats, a 38bhp electric motor and eight swappable, modular battery packs that make up 14.4kWh of juice. That’s enough for roughly 68 miles of off-road driving or 125 miles on-road if you’re careful.

Brakes are by Brembo, springs are by Eibach, adjustable dampers by Bilstein. Tyres are Maxxis front and rear on 14s, and there’s not much else to it. Although the first 100 Launch Edition cars do get a little plaque and a limited edition Wild One R/C car included in the price. Which is £35,000 (excluding VAT and shipping), by the way, so not beans.

There’ll be a cheaper one later, possibly that you can build yourself, possibly without the road-legal bits (windscreen, lights, wipers, number plates etc), but that’s all yet to be finalised.

And if that sounds expensive, then it probably is, for a toy. But for a little car that makes absolutely everyone grin when they see it, it’s cheap at half the price.
Source: Top Gear