Some of Jun Watanabe’s customised Tamiya off-road cars at Blockhead Motors

Mr. JUN WATANABE|Representative of the design company “HANAKUMO INC.”
He designs collaboration products with sneaker brands such as Reebok and works such as numerous anime and games. In charge of the design of the RC car “Hornet by JUN WATANABE” with Tamiya. Currently developing “TAMIYA by JUN WATANABE” specializing in apparel
Blockhead Motors has become a hot topic for finishing the reprinted off-road RC released by Tamiya just like an American racer in the 1970s. We asked designer JUN WATANABE about this unprecedented style.

“I’ve always liked RC cars, but when I was a kid, I thought Tamiya buggies were fantasy things. I found out that it actually existed.Looking at the photos of the actual car at that time, I also found that there were details that were omitted when it was modeled as an RC.Therefore, including the graphics, I tried to recreate the atmosphere of the actual car in Tamiya’s reproduction buggy.”

A number of Tamiya RC cars displayed on the walls of Blockhead Motors stores. The point is that it is displayed in the atmosphere of a hobby garage. Each RC car is finished with a unique taste and can be used as a reference for painting.
Blockhead Motors is now recognized as a custom brand that makes RC cars cool. With a lineup ranging from RC stickers to various RC gears and apparel, it has gained popularity worldwide. From the official Tamiya, the block head motors specification of the reprinted RC “Wild One” has appeared. And in March 2023, it was decided to release the Blockhead Motors specification of “Hot Shot II” as well.

Source and more in Japanese language: Nifty News