Tamiya limited edition Bronco CC-02 project

Tamiya’s recent release of the limited edition CC-02 Bronco was the perfect excuse for a new project build. This version of the Tamiya CC-02 Bronco kit comes with a prepainted and precut body from the factory. You get a quality finish and it takes care of a task many are afraid to complete. So in this video, Greg will quickly go over the kit and then show you all of the options available for it if you want to build up an exciting project. This turned out to be a wild build with the installation of the optional tracks and you’ll see them in action tearing up mud and snow!
Added parts shown
Tamiya CC-02 Aluminum Servo Mount 22002
Tamiya Motor Bridge 54971
Tamiya Carbon Steel Shafts 54998
Tamiya Front CV Shafts 54984
Tamiya Link Mounts 54944
Tamiya Pivot Balls 54945
Tamiya Spur Gear Adapter 54970
Tamiya Servo Horn 54893
Tamiya Shock Set 54991
Tamiya Spring Set 54992
Tamiya Track Set 54948
Source: RCDriver_Online