Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2023 Releases

Like at the previous changes of the year

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, Mini 4WD, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments here (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours) or at our Facebook and Twitter pages.

sincerely thanks all of you
for our continuously growing community
and wishes a better new year full
of joy, health and peace
with Tamiya!

151 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2023 Releases

  1. mes

    Return of the TRF team programme including MR33 plus a range of pro-level 1/10th scale buggies would be stellar!

  2. Nan

    We haven’t seen a new release of 1/700 waterline warship for years. We know depending on the topic, it’s probably not as profitable as armor and other types of models. But as a ship modelist, I hope Tamiya can release some new ship models or re-tool some older ones. Thank you and happy new year! N.W.

  3. James

    Happy New Year! Answering “B”:
    – Re-re Toyota Hilux/Blazin’ Blazer.
    – Re-re Porsche GT2 TA02SW with new livery.
    – Re-re Castrol Tom’s Supra GT 58170(or street version) on TA02SW.
    – Re-re King Cab/Monster Racer.
    – Update of the F201 chassis.

  4. Toyolien

    I’m looking forward to the MB-01. I’m not too fussed what Tamiya release, but what I would like is when they announce a new kit, that they are ready to ship, rather than having to wait months and months…

  5. ThoFi

    90th f1 cars
    Mclaren f1 gtr
    Lmp1 on tc01
    Mercedes c class d2 on ta02
    Ta04 rerelease
    Skyline r34 calsonic
    Mini cooper on m05
    Mazda 787b
    Porsche gt1 and toyota gt one on f103
    Some New brushed Motors

  6. Mark

    I think Tamiya may re-release the HS2.. probably using the newer higher roll cage from the HS2 BH version.

    I’d really like them to release the HS2 completely original though. I have one in good condition but I’d love newer parts with spares readily available to I could race her.

    I’d also like to see a the 4WD TRF team start up again.

  7. ぬるま湯


  8. David

    Answering “B”

    Would love to see the Avante 2001 re released (finishing out the family).
    A VQS black (or any colour) special could be cool.
    Hot shot II (no BHM changes).

    And a static model of the F-35C would be great (in any scale).

  9. John Bromley

    Still waiting on my Rere Bearhawk and another run of the OG Top Force.
    A TT03 is probably over due, as is a DF03 replacement, maybe an XV02B would fit the bill.

  10. zuqbu

    Would love for Tamiya to do more with the TC-01 platform, dip into the DTS popularity of F1 with some new models, and a new FWD touring car would be great, too!

  11. Hiroyuki Tozuka

    1/10RC バギー用のタイヤ

    1/10RC 入門用ベルトドライブツーリングカー (TT-03?)

  12. Marty

    Happy new year! Please offer for 2023:
    Porsche 959 + Toyota Celica Gr.B
    King Cab Rerelease
    The Falcon Rerelease
    Dyna Storm new batch
    Road Wizzard Rerelease
    Manta Ray new batch
    TRF-4WD Buggy

    Thx a lot!

  13. Kinus

    1/12 Lotus Mk III
    1/12 Ferrari 312B
    1/24 AMG Mercedes Class-C DTM

    1/20 RedBull RB16B
    1/12 Ducati Desmosedici GP 22
    1/48 F-14B Tomcat/Bombcat
    1/32 Messerschmitt Bf 109
    1/32 Focke Wulf Fw 190

  14. Reno

    Go for 1/24 static group C cars.
    Refresh the unacceptable Porsche 962C tamtech body for a real decent one. Do it !
    The other brand are very active so make it first the Toyota TS010. Do it !
    At last the iconic Jaguar XJR14. So many versions…GO FOR IT !!

  15. Bernard

    1/24 Porsche 911 Turbo (993)
    1/24 Mercedes 300sl roadster (to accompany 300sl Gullwing)
    1/24 McLaren F1

  16. Travis Fetter

    I love all the new releases but please make them more available and not so long after the announcements.

    What should be coming now:
    Porsche 959 + Toyota Celica Gr.B
    Original Hilux/Blazing Blazer
    Nissan King Cab

    We want:
    A new batch of MF-01X Jimmy’s and a truck Jimny

    We Really Need:
    1/6 or 1/10 realistic detail scale Willys Jeep based on the Hilux parts
    1/6 or 1/10 realistic detail scale VW Bug based on the Sand Scorcher parts

  17. Carlos

    In terms of R/C, I would love a Porschee 959, a Mitsubishi Pajero and a Toyota Celica ST165 or 185. At least the least the ST165 will be out according to some sources, so it’s great! 🙂

  18. Max

    My wishlist for Tamiya Mini 4WD:
    1) Reinforced FM-A Chassis
    Weirdly not sure why one of my FM-A chassis rear point breaks.
    2) Re-release Magnum Saber/Victory Magnum, Sonic Saber/Vanguard Sonic.
    Not sure why the body cover catch broke despite it was very lightly used.
    3) Re-release Tamiya Super TZ-X reinforced chassis.
    4) Mini 4WD HG Grease for gear, pinions etc. plastic components
    5) Release Tamiya 15176 Aluminum progressive downthrust roller with HG grease.
    6) HG Motor pinion
    7) Tamiya battery checker for Powechamp batteries.

    Lastly stock availability as in my countries certain kits as well as parts seems no longer on sale.

  19. Andreas

    1/10 Celica ST185 please, doesn’t matter ist Castrol, Repsol or street replica. Not only as a car kit, also the separate body kit please, aswell for the Lancer Evo, Escort WRC Custom and Celica ST165

  20. Ricardo Gonzalez

    Hello Tamiya Friends, First of all, I wanted to thank you for giving us the opportunity, to let you know our wishes and then for continuing to offer us excellent models, thank you very much.

    My wishes for this year are:

    – 1/12 BMW s1000rr 2022 or 23
    – 1/12 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10 2022 or 23
    – 1/12 MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR 2020
    – 1/12 Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin (Same as 1/6)
    – 1/12 Yamaha MT-10 SP 2022 or 23
    – 1/12 Superleggera Front Fork Set
    Thanks a lot, Best Regards.


    Avante 2001
    Hotshot II original version with silver box as it was how it was.
    Bear Hawk
    Sonic fighter
    Toyota hilux 1981
    Peterbilt 378
    Peterbilt 379
    Peterbilt 359
    Freightliner Coronado
    Kenworth W900
    Lamborghini murcialago SV with wing
    Lamborghini Aventador with wing
    Lamborghini Reventon

  22. Mark

    I agree, a 1/12 static Porsche 917k wood be epic. But also a smaller scale (or larger) Porsche 956 would be nice. Additionally , a new 1/14 scale RC truck of “Japanese” pedigree would be a nice change to their RC truck lineup.

  23. Antony Jackson

    Mercedes W196, W198 Streamliner, AMG One
    Ferrari 850 Monza, 250 California, 275GTB/4, 246SP, 512S, 488 Pista, 458MM, Laferrari Aperta, SP2 Monza, SP3 Daytona, SP12 EC, F12 TRS, SP38, J50, 296 GTB, 812 Competizione/Spider, SF90
    McLaren P1, P1 GTR, Senna GTR, Sabre, Elva, Speedtail, M8A, 720S/765LT
    Porsche 550 Spyder, 959 Dakar
    Jaguar XJ-13, C Type, D Type, type 2, XK120, CX75
    Bugatti Chiron, Veyron, Pur Sport, Bollide, Mistral, Type 57SC Atlantic
    Audi RS6 Avant
    McMurtry Speirling
    VW ID-R, Scirocco, Corrado VR6
    Pagani Zonda R, Zonda HP Barchetta,
    Mazda Furai
    Ford RS200, Mach-E 1400, Zakspeed Capri, Escort RS Co’s worth, Sierra Cosworth RS500, Puma Hybrid WRC
    BMW 507
    GMA T50, T50S Lauda, T33
    Light Car Company Rocket
    Alfa Romeo 155 BTCC, 2900 Figoni & Falaschi bodywork
    Delahaye 135 Figoni & Falaschi
    Delage D12
    Maserati Merak, Bora, 250F, MC 12, Birdcage
    Aston Martin DBR 3, DB 4 GT Zagato, DB5, Vantage (70s/80s), Victor, Vulcan, Valkyrie,
    Koenigsegg CCX, Agera R, Regera, Jesko Attack, Jesko Absolute, Gemera, CC850
    Zenvo TSR-1
    SSC Tuatara
    Rimac Nevera
    Lotus Emira, Evija, Esprit V8, Elan
    DeTomaso P72
    Apollo IE
    Hoonicorn, Hoonitruck, Hoonitron, Hoonipigasus, Subaru Family Huckster

  24. Luca Roveda

    Please Tamiya these would be great:
    1. Lancia Stratos 1/12 rally version
    2. Tiger I 1/25 (new tooling) with full interior, workable tracks and 5 man crew
    3. Curtiss P40E “flying tiger” 1/32

    It’s surprising that Tamiya has no version of the Curtiss P40 or of the Lancia Stratos rally.

  25. Allan Lowe

    Re re 1/20 Ferrari sf70h 20068
    Red bull 16B / RB18
    All F1 circa 2015 -2022
    Mazda 767b
    Detail up items for all above

  26. Allan Nielsen

    1/20 RedBull RB16B 2022 season AND also the 1/20 Ferrari F1 from the 2022 season.
    Talking Tamiya TS sprays the metallic sprays are super good. But we need more different metallic sprays.

  27. Vander

    Please do something interesting with the CC02. Nobody builds RC Dakar trucks, and a CC chassis fits great into that concept.

    Besides all kind of Dakar racing machines (that have iconic looks, which is the business model of RC-Tamiya) also do Rally-Safari cars. You can base them on existing bodies and adding liveries and things like extra lights, snorkels and small details, creating iconic cars.

    -Celica Safari Rally
    -Audi Safari Rally
    -classic Mini Safari Rally
    -Jacky Ickx 1983 Dakar winning MB G-Class on CC-02 chassis
    -IVECO or DAF de Rooy racing trucks on CC-02 chassis

    just some examples…

    I would like a classic Hilux body on a CC-02.

  28. Ivan

    More 1/48 scale models and figures , please.:

    1/48 British Army Centurion Mk.III
    1/48 Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf F (3 figures, PLEASE, like 35374)
    1/48 JGSDF Type 90 and Type 74.
    !/48 Bundeswehr Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A6
    1/48 Russian Self Propelled Gun SU-76M
    1/48 Israeli Tank Tiran 5
    !/48 U.S. MBT M60A3 TTS
    1/48 U.S. Light Tank M24 Chaffee
    1/48 U.S. Medium Tank M3 Lee
    1/48 U.S. Armored Personnel Carrier M3A2 Half Track
    1/48 US M1046 Humvee wTOW Missile

  29. fernando ugalde

    1/12 scale motorcycles:
    HONDA NSR 500 ´1987
    YAMAHA YZR 2500 ´1990
    SUZUKI RGV 250 ´1993
    CAGIVA V594 ´1994
    APRILIA RSV 250 ´1996
    MODENAS KR3 ´1997
    HONDA NSR 250 ´1997
    APRILIA RSV 250 ´1999
    HONDA CRF1000L Africa Twin
    2022 MotoGP and SBK bikes.
    Reissues of discontinued references

  30. Yetiboy

    Would love a King Cab or Hilux Monster Racer reissue, but what about a race truck using a TD2T or TD4T chassis and new bodies for both.

  31. Ramón Medina

    1/32 Republic P-47D Thunderbolt
    1/48 North American F-86 Sabre
    1/48 IAR-80
    1/48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate
    1/48 Kawanishi N1K2-J Shiden-Kai “George”
    1/48 Grumman F6F Hellcat
    1/72 Grumman F-14 Tomcat

  32. Mr trevor davis

    A modern RC motorcycle chassis that can have many different bodies purchased separately, large enough for racing with standard radio.

  33. Miguel FS

    Hello to all modelers, i wish all mototorcycles 1/12 in this order

    – Honda RFV750 (RC45)
    – 2022 MGP world champion Ducati GP22
    – Any Jonathan Rea’s kawasaki, 2022 model looks so good and 6 world championships guarantee the possibility of having his 1/12 motorcycle.
    – Any 90’s SBK (RC45, VTR, ZXR7, R7,…)
    – Some kalex team (RedBull FE)
    – Some modern Dakar bike

    ThankU so much

  34. Martin

    1/16 T-34 tank – radio controlled, with sounds, to complete large scale rc tank series. We still believe that it will be realized precisely by you. Bottom hull can be used for many conversions.

  35. Santiago Ortiz Beltran

    Hola a todos los modelistas, deseo todas las motos 1/12 en este orden

    – Honda RFV750 (RC45) suzuka 8 hours
    – zx10r 2022 suzuka 8 hours /sbk
    – r1 2020 suzuka 8 hours / sbk
    – Cualquier moto de los 90 (RC45, VTR, ZXR7, R7,…)
    – ktm / honda/ husquarna / yamaha / sherco/ hero Dakar moderno o antiguo.

  36. Eric

    1/20 F1RedBull HONDA RB16B or RB156
    1/12 Ducati Desmosedici MotoGP GP 22
    1/24 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

  37. Eric

    correction of mistakes
    1/20 F1 RedBull HONDA RB18 2022
    1/12 Ducati Desmosedici MotoGP GP 22
    1/24 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

  38. Mark

    I’ll play along… 🙂

    RC Category:
    – Porsche 959 + Toyota Celica Gr.B (original chassis)
    – Bullhead
    – Falcon
    – Hotshot II

  39. Tony

    Hi Tamiya. You already have the presses and tools for aluminium RC car chassis on older models, why not reduce plastic slightly and start using a bit more aluminium for chassis and swing arms etc, how cool would it be to see a aluminium complete Porsche chassis or new TT03 or TA-09 metal (aluminium) chassis.

    Just a thought

  40. Juan Manuel Cressi Payá

    Feliz año lo primero
    A:motos 1/12 2022…….moto Gp Ducati..Aprilia…Yamaha….Honda 250 (Capirex….Doriano….D’antin…..Yamaha’s 250…..Aprilias rsv250/500

    B:motos 1/12 reediciones de todas las que se han quedado sin stock

    C:Por lo menos campeonas del mundo Sbk…24 horas etc

    En fin todo lo que sea relacionado con motos 1/12

  41. Jack Lynch

    Release the 1/32 scale pilot figures from your aircraft kits separately. I would buy every one of them – just don’t want the aircraft kits 😉

  42. JBART

    Super Hornet rere
    1/24 – 1/20th scale static kit of the Sand Scorcher
    Servo on axle housings for the CC02
    Clipless body mounting.

  43. Alvin

    I wish for the re-release of:
    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI – TA02 (58128)
    Martini Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI -TA03F (58189)
    Honda NSX – Group C (58094/84385)
    By the way, it’s time for FF05 and M09, right?

  44. Ian

    This is a little out of Tamiya’s typical subjects but a Tamiya quality Uh-1 I think would get a lot of traction. The variants and options are endless, and I believe it’s a worldwide recognized icon.

  45. Tom

    a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year:
    RC Ford Ranger XLT
    RC Buggy Champ
    Modelkits 1/35 Rerelease of the first plastic Military kits

    b) which products would you personally like to be released:
    RC Tamiya Porsche 959 / Toyota Celica Gr.B
    RC Nissan Hilux
    RC Falcon
    RC Frog Blockhead Edition
    RC Striker

  46. VS

    1/24 or 1/12 scale model of Lexus LC500 Inspiration Series Coupe
    A new top level RC F1 chassis or re-release of one of the previous models

  47. Paul

    I hope the Ranger XLT, Blazing Blazer and Hilux. The King Cab and the Hilux Monster Racer. The Bearhawk.

  48. William Morrison

    I’m very excited about the rumors of the Gordon Murray T50! I hope they are true, and that it’s not the S version but the more elegant standard car.

    I’d love to see Tamiya’s non-supercar sports car this year be the 2023 Honda Civic Type R, the FL5 is less polarizing than the FK8 which was unfortunately skipped.

  49. Ferenc Nagy

    I hope these will be released:

    Mercedes 500 SL AMG, Mercedes 500SEL AMG, Honda Prelude, Toyota Land Cruiser,
    Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Escort Cosworth, Ford Sierra RS500 Gr.A, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia coupe

  50. Anatoly C.

    Static kits of:
    1/12 Porsche 964 Turbo
    1/12 Mercedes 190E 2.15-16v EVO2
    1/12 Lancia Stratos rallye version “Alitalia”
    1/35 Strv-103a/b/c swedish tank
    1/32 F4U-4 -5 -7 Corsairs
    1/48 F-4E Phantom
    1/32 or 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk. XIV high back
    1/350 newly tooled King George / Prince of Wales battleships

  51. Kauffmann

    Bonne année 2023 à toute l’équipe Tamiya
    Merci pour la qualité de vos modèles
    – Réédition Daytona Thunder
    – Réédition Peugeot 206
    – Peugeot 106 rallye
    – Dragster
    – Pelle rc 1/14
    – Bulldozer rc 1/14
    – Niveleuse rc 1/14
    – Peugeot 205 Gti
    Merci Tamiya

  52. Skiny

    Massive Fail bringing the new GR-FOUR kit out as FWD, who wants a FWD model of a 4WD car ??
    Especially when the WRC Yaris is 4WD

  53. Julio D. Risso

    1/20 Ferrari F1-75 (2022)
    1/20 Alpine Renault A522 (2022)
    1/20 Leyton House CG 901B (1990) Re-release
    1/24 mazda 787b Le Mans 24 Hours 1991 N. 18 (1991)

  54. Alain Noêl

    En RC 1/10e
    – Un petit camion pompiers 4x4x genre base Unimog
    – Une Formule 1 actuelle
    – -Une Ford Mustang 1967 Fastback
    – Un Ford F150 chassis CC02
    – Une Bugatti Royale !

    En RC 1/5e
    – Un Pick up Ford ou équivalent

  55. Bob PHILLIPS

    Hey! As well as, in 2/24th the Mazda787 and Porsche 956/962 family, how about:
    New: Oreca LMP2 w/ decal choice, and current GT3 cars.
    Old: the Porsche 936s and Porsche 911s from the ’70s and ’80s.
    Let’s hope….!!!

  56. Lee

    Ford Ranger XLT
    53038 Carbon Graphite Chassis set.
    Tamiya TBLM-02S 5.5,6.5,7.5,8.5 and 9.5 Brushless Motors.

  57. Tom

    What about some World War One. Kits in 1/35 scale. The only ones available are 1/72 scale ! So adding these is in 1/35 scale. Tanks trucks. Field guns and troops would make a great diorama,

  58. Matt

    Tamiya can we have somemore of your superb motorbike kits. I have alot of 1/12th but could they maybe re-issuse the 1/6th Harleys or 1/12 Harleys or some other 1/6th kits.

  59. Andrew McLean

    A TRF F103 30th anniversary and a 25th anniversary TRF F103 LM would be amazing to add to the F1/LMP line up.

    Re-release of these kits would be good as they are very popular and extremely hard to find these days.
    Group C Daytona cars
    Group C Daytona Thunder
    Group C Street Devil
    TRF F103 15th anniversary
    TRF F103 LM
    F103L Indy Cars
    TRF 101
    TRF 101W
    TRF 102
    TRF 103
    F103 and F104 spare parts.wheels,tyres,hop up parts.

  60. Hayden Lamont

    Redbull air race aircraft, edge540 , extra 330sc, etc . Be cool to see, Would love to see decent scale 1930s raceplanes also. Golden years. And some vintage motorbike at a large scale.

  61. Hamish Inglis

    Re-release wishes of static models (please!).
    1:12 Wolf WR1, 1978 (Item No: 12044).
    1:24 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC Lorinser, 1983 (Item No: 24037).
    1:24 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, 1997 (Item No: 24188). 1:24 Mazda 787B, ’91 Le Mans 24 Hours Winner (#55) 1992 (Item No: 24112).

    New wishes for static models.
    Cars in 1:24th (or 1:12th) scale please, for example.
    ‘I can just imagine what Tamiya could do with these!’
    Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona.
    Lamborghini Miura P400 SV.
    Porsche 917.
    Ford GT40.
    McLaren F1 (and GTR). Ferrari 296 GTB. Ferrari SP3 Daytona (2023). Pagani Utopia. Aston Martin Valkyrie. Aston Martin Lagonda, ‘Wedge shaped’ (1974 – 1990). Aston Martin ‘Bulldog’ (1979), could you imagine Tamiya producing a scale model of this! I wonder if there may be a market for special and classic cars such as these.

  62. G

    1/48 or 1/72 scale A10 Thunderbolt.
    Afghanistan era campaign.

    Or a scale model HIMARS truck with
    Rotating rocket launcher module ready to

  63. Anthony Fursey

    Where to start:- 1:32 Hawker Hurricane,Messerschmitt 262,109,FW190,Westland Lysander,Yak1,Harrier or re-issue the Zero would be great

  64. Michel

    Lamborghini Countach 2022
    90s F1 cars
    Penzoil NISMO GT-R
    00s DTM cars
    Porsche 70th anniversary Le Mans cars The LMGTE Pro entries No.91 and 92 from 2018

  65. Antonio Marban Vergel

    Sería hermoso poder realizar de la mano de tamiya en escala 1/24 los WRC actuales
    Toyota Yaris WRC
    Hiunday i20 wrc
    Ford puma WRC
    Peugeot 205 turbo 16 evo 2
    Talbot sumbean Horizon rally
    Porsche 959 Dakar rally
    Seat Córdoba wrc

  66. Luis

    A) RC: reissues of the other Group C chassis cars most likely the beloved Mazda 787B. I already own the OG and the first reissue but both are display pieces so when they do reissue it again I’ll buy one to be a runner.

    B) RC: Super Clod Buster release that is not exclusive.

  67. Jean-Philippe

    Would love to see the Toyota Celica GT-Four #58164 TA-02 kit or Tamiya Celica GT-4 Monte Carlo #58201 TL-01 kit.

  68. Keith

    How about another run of the nissan primera kits using original chassis and maybe a re run of the piaa and taisan starcard porsche kits….

  69. Antonio Romero

    Greetings to all….
    F-14A-B-D BombCat 1/72 Scale
    Vought F7U Cutlass 1/48 Scale
    F-16A-B-D 1/72, B-D 1/48
    Sukhoi Flanker family 1/72, 1/48
    Fokker D VII 1/48
    C-130 Hércules 1/144
    Concorde 1/144
    AMX-30 tank 1/48, 1/35 Scale
    M3 Stuart 1/48

  70. TA7

    a)1/10 RC GR DKR Hilux on DB02 or DF03 chassis
    1/24 GR DKR Hilux
    1/24 Honda Civic Type R FL5
    1/24 Mazda 787B Renown re-release

    b) 1/24 McLaren F1 (full detail)
    1/24 Aston Martin Valkyrie (full detail)
    1/350 Prinz Eugen
    1/32 Focke Wulf FW 190 D-9
    Renew Ferrari license and re-release Ferrari kits.

  71. LeDelmo

    Hello, First off I just want to state how happy I am about seeing so many Motorcycle kit requests! What an amazing community! Hopfully, 2023 with be jam packed with Motorcycle kits. Both re-issue and brand new.

    I myself would love to see the following re-issues.
    1/24 Mazda 787B
    1/12 Honda RC211V 03′-06′
    1/12 Honda NSR500 98′-99′
    1/12 Honda NSR250

    For new Kits
    1/12 Suter MMX 500
    1/12 Cagiva V594 MotoGp bike (We REALLY need a Cagiva 1/12 Kit)
    1/12 Suzuki GSV-R 04′ or 07′ MotoGp bike
    1/12 Kawasaki ZX-RR 08′ MotoGp bike
    1/12 Kawasaki ZX-10RR SBK Jonathan Rea Compianship bike
    1/12 Kawasaki ZX-7RR
    1/12 Honda VTR1000 SP1
    1/12 MV Agusta F4 750

    Looking forward to seeing more amazing Motorcycle kits from Tamiya this year and the future.

  72. Steve

    My thoughts:

    1/12th Lotus 72C/72E – based on the 72D
    1/12th McLaren MP4/6 Monaco Version

    1/20th RB6 (rerelease)
    1/20th Ferrari SF90

    Release all Williams F1 Cars in Static and RC cars.

  73. Mark S.

    I am still wishing for the following:
    10th Gen FK8 Civic Type R, preferably in 1/12th scale.
    5th Gen ZX10R.
    ZX10 SBK Jonathan Rea
    11th Gen FL5 Civic Type R

  74. moimoi

    there are so many radio-controlled models that we would like to see reissued
    For example
    Avante 2001
    Astute mk1
    Sonic Fighter
    Escort Cosworth
    Renault 5 Turbo
    and so many others……

    Maybe in option night version parts for futur Yaris Hybrid WRC.
    Other Rally1 hybrid or WRC2?

  75. Keith Pardini

    The first one is a no brainer and the second one that would shoot to the top of many car modelers wish lists, not to mention actual 1:1 car owners.

    – 1/48 F-4C/D in Operation BOLO theme with load outs & decals (based on the new F-4 moldings)

    – 1/24 and better yet, 1/12 Corvette C8 and C8 Z06. C’mon Tamiya, get with GM and put out this affordable “supercar” that can actually be purchased by the common man. You put out supercar kits like the Enzo and the Porsche Carrera GT which are absolutely stupendous, but aren’t realistically possessable by 99.9999% of the population. The C8 is.

  76. stefaan

    1/350 Forrestal
    1/48 F5F Hellcat
    1/48 F-111A / F
    1/48 EF-111
    1/48 F-105D and G
    1/48 F-102
    1/48 F-106
    1/48 Tamiya tooled Hurricane
    1/350 Prinz Eugen

  77. Mirek

    Dobrý den,
    pro mne by byla zajímavá ree všech modelů 1:10 na podvozku C. Mercedes C11 je super, ale třeba Ferrari F40?

  78. Mark Hall


  79. Alexander Pfefferkorn

    re-re Porsche Gt2 Ta02sw
    re-re Spare and HopUp Parts for TGX, TG10 Mk1, FF01, Ta02
    Why Ta02 Carbon Chassis Set is limited? Re-re it.
    More of TA02 Models – Alfa, Mercedes, Volvo
    Why Tamiya Japan OnlineShop does not send to Europe?
    Why i can’t buy the Tg10 Mk2 2022 44055 in Europe?

  80. Alexander Pfefferkorn

    -all Tamiya GuideBooks in english or german as pdf online available – for pay
    -also all the catalogues

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