Tamiya RC Live – Tamiya Grand Prix Tournaments and Tamiya RC History

Tamiya Grand Prix Kansai and Tamiya RC History!
The Tamiya Grand Prix All Japan Championship Kansai held at Kobe Harbour Land on Saturday 25 September. The final race of the ‘Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix Kansai’ held on 26 September (Sun) will be shown. Tamiya RC History introduces the R/C released in 1997. The ‘Nissan R390 GT1’ that participated in the Le Mans 24 Hour Race, the all-rounder buggy ‘Blazing Star’ and the ‘Mad Bull’ with its big tyres will make an appearance.

Tamiya Grand Prix Aichi Introduction and Tamiya RC History!
Tamiya Grand Prix Aichi held on Saturday 15 October at the Port of Nagoya Garden Wharf Rinko Midori-en. Tamiya RC Car Grand Prix in Aichi held on Sunday 16 October. Tamiya RC History introduces the R/C cars released in 1997. The ‘Volkswagen Golf V5’, the ‘avex Dome MUGEN NSX’ which competed in the All Japan GT Championship, and the ‘Porsche 911 Carrera’!

Introduction of Tamiya Kakegawa Circuit Off-Road Meeting, Tamiya GP Champion Round Just Before Special & Tamiya RC History!
The Tamiya Offroad Meeting held on the renewed Offroad Course on 9 October (Sunday) will be presented with the final race. Tamiya Grand Prix Championships” to be held on 29th and 30th October, we introduce the course layout and the points of attack for each class. Tamiya RC History introduces the RC released in 1998. The ‘Opel Vectra STW’ that competed in the German Super Touring Car Series, the ‘Subaru Impreza WRC’ that won the Manufacturers’ title in the WRC and the ‘Rover Mini Cooper Racing’ that appeared with the reborn M chassis will be introduced.