Full official details and photos of Tamiya 42383 Chassis Kit TB Evo.8

The pinnacle of shaft drive 4WD touring chassis
A brand new chassis that bears the name of the pinnacle of shaft drive 4WD touring chassis “TB EVO” will be released for the first time in five years. By combining a new-shaped carbon chassis with a minimal upper deck, it achieves optimum pitching rigidity and a low center of gravity for driving. The main chassis also adopts a mechanical plate and center stiffener. The front and rear aluminum bulkheads have also been redesigned to provide superior strength and drive efficiency. The suspension uses the same upper and lower arms as the TA08 PRO to maximize tire grip. SSBB (Super Short Big Bore) dampers are standard equipment for both front and rear. The motor mount has a structure that allows easy backlash adjustment, and two types of motor layout can be selected: front mid/rear mid. Based on the data obtained from the previous “TB EVO” series, we pursued speed, maneuverability, and maintainability, and the “TB EVO.8” was born.

Main equipment parts
2.25mm Thick carbon lower deck ●2mm thick carbon upper deck ●1mm thick carbon mechanical plate ●2mm thick carbon bumper support ●Single type aluminum lower bulkhead F/R ●Aluminum upper bulkhead F/R ●Aluminum motor mounts A/B/C ● Aluminum servo mount ●Aluminum battery holder ●Aluminum center stiffener ●Aluminum front direct cup ●TRF super short big bore damper plus ●42mmW cardan drive shaft ●42mm lightweight swing shaft (strengthened type) ●06 hard coated aluminum pinion gear (23T) ●Front and rear stabilizer ● Full bearing

Separately purchased
●Body ●Brushless motor ●Tire ●Wheel ●RC mechanism: ESC, 2 channel radio with low profile servo ●Battery and charger for running ●Transmitter power supply