Bakugan Brothers Let’s & Go! Magnum and Sonic pure tin chopstick rests

High-quality finish by Kurita Sangyo, a long-established cast metal manufacturer in Shizuoka Prefecture, under the Jutaro brand. Two types, Hurricane Sonic and Cyclone Magnum, will be released simultaneously.

67503 Hurricane Sonic chopstick rest
67504 Cyclone Magnum chopstick rest

The popular machine becomes a high-class chopstick rest
Mini 4WD animation “Bakusou Brothers Let’s & Go!!
A pure tin chopstick rest in the shape of Retsu Hoshima’s machine, Hurricane Sonic. As it is made by Kurita Sangyo, a long-established casting manufacturer in Shizuoka Prefecture, the product has a luxurious finish. The unique texture of craftsmen’s handiwork and the heavy weight are the charms of casting. In addition to being able to be used as a paperweight, it can also be enjoyed as a display model because it is detailed. Also, pay attention to the red package that reproduces the box art of the kit with foil stamping. The inside is decorated with illustrations of the Retsu and Go brothers, and a set of Retsu Hoshima cards. It is a fulfilling content that allows you to fully enjoy the world view of animation.