Exhibition of Tamiya “Until a plastic model is made”

Article and photos from Takahito Nakamura
The peak of the “Shizuoka Hobby Show” is the Tamiya model. Every time, I had the biggest booth at the back of the North Building. This time, there was a must-see exhibition for fans at the Tamiya booth, “Until a plastic model is made.”

Beginning with planning interviews, we explain in order how the plastic model is completed through the processes of design, mold making, and molding, showing the process. A larger injection molding machine was installed to demonstrate how the plastic model was actually made, and at least on the trader’s day, it was distributed to those who were looking at the completed plastic model.

The latest ones are designed using 3D-CAD, but in an era when there wasn’t such a thing, it was far more handy than it is now to make details from the design drawings and make a wooden pattern from them. It is a valuable exhibition that shows that the model was completed by such work.

In addition, the Tamiya model is open to the history museum of the head office during the hobby show (until May 15th). In addition to historic Tamiya products, you can see real F1 exhibits such as Lotus and Tyrrell with 6 wheels. If you have time, I definitely want to go there.
Source in Japanese language: Response