Tamiya XV-02 PRO Chassis parts list

22046 XV-02/TT-02 Ball Differential Set (39T)
22047 XV-02/TT-02 Front Direct Coupling Set (39T)
22048 XV-02 Slipper Clutch Set
22049 XV-02/TT-02 Oil Gear Differential Unit
22050 06 Module Spur Gear (70T) for XV-02 Gear Differential
51694 XV-02 06 Module Spur Gear (70T)
51695 Ring Gear Set (39T) for XV-02/TT-02 Gear Differential
51696 Ring Gear Set (40T) for XV-02 Gear Differential
51697 XV-02 B Parts (Bumper)
51698 XV-02 D Parts (Caster Block, 6°)
51699 XV-02 E Parts (Rear Uprights)
51700 37mm Swing Shafts For Assembly Universal Shaft
51701 XV-02 Urethane Bumper
51702 Ring Gear Set (39T) for XV-02/TT-02 Ball Differential
51703 Ring Gear Set (40T) for XV-02 Ball Differential (Tentative)
51704 Ring Gear Set (39T, 40T) for XV-02/TT-02 Direct Coupling

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