Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2022 Releases

Like at the previous changes of the year

a) which products do you think Tamiya could release this year (static, RC, Mini 4WD, anything else) and

b) which products would you personally like to be released (regardless of if their chances are realistic)?

Feel free to use the comments link at the end of this entry (comments are shown after being checked which can take some hours).

sincerely thanks all of you
for our continuously growing community
and wishes a better new year full
of joy and health with

170 thoughts on “Guesses and Wishes for Tamiya 2022 Releases

  1. d h

    a) i wouldn’t be surprised to see another blockhead collab – perhaps a monster truck – though these don’t personally float my boat
    b) Avante 2001 bodysets please please please!

  2. Andrew deeley

    In 1/48 scale Military Vehicles any of the following

    Char 1 bis French Heavy tank
    R35 French light Tank
    Somua S35 French Medium Tank

    M3A1 Scout car
    M3 Stuart


  3. Travis Fetter

    Realistically I would think the hardbody Jeep Wrangler as a CC02, bring back the TA02 and the Ford 4×4/Humvee and the Nissan King Cab. Then I would hope for the original Toyota 4×4, but most of all I think Tamiya needs to make a super scale WW2 Willys Jeep kit. It would make their legacy continue for the future.

  4. Ryan Li

    1. R/C –1/14 Mitsubishi FUSO Tractor truck
    R/C–1/10 Honda HRV body on MF01X
    R/C–1/10 Tesla Model 3 body, 257mm wheelbase

  5. Ricardo Gonzalez

    1/12 BMW S1000RR 2020/2021
    1/12 KAWASAKI NINJA ZX-10 2020/2021
    1/12 SUZUKI GSX-1000R 2020
    1/12 YAMAHA MT-10 2020/2021

  6. Thomas

    90th Formular1, TA04 rerelease and the okd brushed Motors ( dyna run or acto power)
    Mclaren f1 or p1.
    Lemans rerelease Was great

  7. Pete Walton

    I would like to see the following in 1/48:
    Pnazerjager IV Lang
    US M3 halftrack (and some variants)
    US M3 or M5 Stuart tank

  8. Marty

    Please Mr.Tamiya:
    Porsche 959 + Toyota Celica Gr.B 1/12
    The Falcon
    Dyna Storm
    King Cab
    Road Wizard
    Porsche 956 1/12

  9. Alasdair Fleming

    Dear Tamiya

    We’ve all been very good so please may I have for 2022

    1/48 jagdpanzer iv Lang
    1/48 us M16 half track

  10. James Lee

    Want List:
    1. Rere Toyota Hilux 4×4 58028(I ask for this every year).
    2. Rere Nissan King Cab/Monster Racer.
    3. Rere Castrol Toyota Toms Supra GT 58170 on the TA02SW or at least the body shell/set.

    Happy New Year All =)

  11. Grant Mayberry

    I hope Tamiya will do the M39 personal carrier1/35 scale from the M18 frame, please!?!

    Would like to see a 1/48 scale M60A1 or A3 tank.

    Thank you Tamiya.

  12. Alvin

    Re-release wishes:
    Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI (58128)
    Mini Cooper ’94 Monte Carlo (58483)
    BMW M3 E30 (58113, 58323, 58451, or 58541)
    Abarth 500 Assetto Corse (57063)
    Dynatech 02H motor and parts

    New car Wishes:
    Abarth 124 Spider on M06
    BMW X1 on TT02 or XV01
    Subaru XV/Crosstrek 2nd Gen on TT02 or XV01
    4WD on-road M-Chassis

  13. Miguel

    Like last year:

    – Any Jonathan Rea’s kawasaki, 6 world championships guarantee the possibility of having his 1/12 motorcycle. 2021 model looks so good. Street or race model.
    – Honda RC45, modelers have wanted this model for a long time.
    – An 90’s SBK (RC45, VTR, ZXR7, R7,…)
    – A 8h Suzuka model

    Definitely, any bike 1/12

  14. Noel

    Ce que je souhaiterais voir sortir pour 2022 :
    – Un camion Unimog U4023 ou 5023 utilitaire benne ou avec petite grue chassis CC02 1/10e
    – Une Ford Mustang Fast back 1967 1/10e
    – Un toyota Hilux avec carrosserie en ABS avec suspensions plus réalistes que le 58397 et une telecommande avec volant et boite de vitesse a 2 rapports high et low.
    – Un camion Dakar 1/10e
    Et surtout par pitié ARRETEZ LE LEXAN ! ☺☺☺

  15. Quentin AGNELOT

    1/10 RC XV01 Peugeot 205 T16 Body ♥️♥️♥️
    1/10 RC Astute
    1/10 Toyota Celica GT ST165

  16. Stéphane

    En rc : Porsche 959 ,Porsche 911 GT2 47321 , Bear Hawk 58093, Wild one 58525,Toyota 4X4 pick up 58028,
    Blazing Blazer … Et plein d’autre.

  17. Chris Botan

    a) I expect Tamiya to release M3/M5 Light tank in 1/48
    As for b), I would love to see Renault FT-17 tank in 1/48.

  18. NeekonMike

    Thank you for the 100+ kits in the 1/48 military miniatures range!
    Next hundred could include:
    – Panzer 35(t)
    – Early T-34 (1940/41)
    – BT-7

  19. AMNAUJ

    Feliz año antes que nada a todos/as….y agradecer a Tamiya el modelo da la Suzuki moto Gp….y de nuevo comentar…Motos
    Rc 45 8 horas Suzuka
    Yamaha 8 horas Suzuka
    Kawasaki 8 horas y campeonato del mundo
    Honda nsr 250 año 1992
    Moto Gp 2019 2020 2021(Honda.Yamaha.Ducatis)

  20. Calvin Goh

    In 1/48 scale Military vehicles:-

    M-48A3 Vietnam
    M-41 Walker Bulldog
    M-113 ACAV
    M-151 Ford Mutt
    Vietnam War Figures
    Merkava MK1-4

  21. FromageTheDog

    Finally another round of Hot Shots coming in 2022, so I can finally scratch that off my wish list.

    Still on my list:

    * Falcon
    * Striker

  22. Brett annetts

    I would like to see some more 1/12 motorcycle kits such as new suzuki hayabusa, ducati v4r, and many more. I’ve always wanted a 1/12 kit of the 2008 suzuki b-king (I’ve owned 3 of the real bikes) has there is no model company out there that makes a model of it.

  23. Max

    a) I think another cool LMP car will come out

    And for b) I wish myself an updated TRF Car with mid motor and A-Arm suspension.

  24. Alexander Ho

    Dear Tamiya,
    I am an avid rc hobbyist. So, please re-release (and reengineer the weak parts) the following:
    -bush devil
    -King blackfoot
    -tr15t (my all time favorite tamiya rc car)
    -dyba storm
    -dyna blaster
    -hotshot ii

    Thank you Tamiya! Love you forever!


    Avante 2001 kit rerelease
    Bear Hawk
    Hotshot 2
    Classic vintage 1.10 scale :

    Radio Control 1.14:
    Peterbilt 359
    Peterbilt 389
    Kenworth W90
    Freightliner Coronado or a license badge on Knight Hauler !
    Radio control 1.10 scale:
    Lamborghini Miura
    Lamborghini Murcialago Super Veloce
    Lamborghini Aventador
    Lamborghini Reventon

  26. nadago

    1/48 scale Military

    M3 Half Track
    Tiger I Mid Production
    WWI British Tank Mk.IV Male

  27. Harold

    How about a new tool a 1/35th Sherman .75 M4 and M4A1? Or an American M3 Halftrack in 1/48th and 1/35th?
    I think there are already enough German Stugs, Tigers, Panzer III’s and IV’s and lots of other German WW2 armor.

  28. FB

    Dear Mr. Tamiya,

    Please release these new RC products:
    1. TRF420M – Mid motor mounted TRF420
    2. TRF420F – Mid motor front wheel drive TRF420
    3. TRF221 – Next gen 2wd competition buggy
    4. 2021 Toyota Le Mans Winner on TC01 Tuned Chassis
    5. TB06 Pro with TA08 Pro suspension

    Please rerelease these RC products:
    1. Dynastorm with pink brushless motor
    2. Monster Racer / King Cab
    3. Porsche 911 GT2 (White) on TA02SW
    4. Ferrari F40 Group C
    5. TA03R-S TRF Special Chassis

    Start prepping the moulds & signing licensing agreements for Porsche 959 for 50th Anniversary celebration!

    Thank you for the Top Force Evo. Happy New Year!

  29. Calvin Goh

    In 1/48 scale military:

    M-42 Duster;
    Chieftain Mk5;
    Leopard 1&2;
    SAS Landeover.

    Thank you.

  30. Jason

    My 2022 RC re-release wish list:
    1/10 RC Astute
    1/10 RC Dyna Storm
    1/10 RC Avante 2001
    1/10 RC Hotshot II

  31. Paul

    Ford F150 58027
    Toyota 4×4 58028
    Blazing Blazer 58029
    Nissan King Cab 58081
    Toyota Hilux Monster Racer 58086
    Porsche 959 58059
    As every year.
    Porsche 935 in 1/10 maybe as 50th anniversary in 2026 with special TA chassis or some other

  32. Dennis Loep

    I’d really love to see
    All in 1/48th

    US M3 Halftrack
    US M3A1 Scoutcar
    US WC 51/52/53
    US WC 54 Ambulance
    US WC 62/63

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  33. Lex

    RC 1:10 scale..
    Bearhawk kitnr: 58093
    Toyota Celica Gr.B kitnr 58064
    Toyota Celica GT-Four Rc kitnr 58119
    Toyota Celica GT-4 kitnr 58096
    Toyota Celica GT-Four 97 monticarlo kitnr 57010
    Happy New year all Tamiya fans

  34. Robert Adolphus

    Hi as follows
    A) I would like to see the F-16B/D Falcon and F-14B Bombcat released in 1/48

    B) MiG-19 in 1/48

  35. lee

    Can we please have the following
    1, 53038 Avante Carbon Graphite Chassis Set re release so us VQS owners can bling them up,
    2, 58027 Ford F150 Ranger XLT Srb re release.
    Thank you,
    Hope to see them.

  36. Kauffman Stephane

    Bonne année 2022 à tous.

    Mes vœux :
    – Réédition Peugeot 206 Ta03 1/10
    – 1/14 slt 4 essieux Scania ou autre
    – édition supplémentaire de la Porsche 934 45e anniversaire, j’ai pas réussi à en avoir une…
    – Engins TP rc 1/14!!!

    Un grand merci à toute l’équipe pour le plaisir que vous nous offrez.

  37. Santiago Ortiz Beltran

    La lista es larga
    Cualquier moto de las 8 horas de suzuka, (zxr, rc45, vtr, cbr, yzf, r1, gsxr ..)
    La zx10r de Rea.
    Cualquier deportiva de los 90,
    Cualquier moto que corra el dakar(ktm, crf, hero, yamahas, cagiva elefant ,Tdr 750,)

  38. dunebuggy

    First i would like to thank Tamiya for the release of the Lotus Europa Special on M-06 Chassis.
    A dream came true.
    They did so much cool new and nice releases in the past.
    Here are my hopes and wishes for 2022:

    – Re-Release of Hot Shot II (58062)
    – Re-Release of Super Sabre (58066)
    – Re-Release of Wild Willy (58035)
    – Porsche 917K and 917/30 as static “Big Scale” Kit and RC Version too. (Maybe on a “Group C” chassis base).

  39. Paul

    A few wishes
    1/24 Porsche 919 lmp1
    1/12 2021 Yamaha YZR M1 MotoGP
    1/12 2021 Ducati GP21 MotoGP
    1/48 RF-4C

  40. LHC Ketting

    1/24 Hyundai elantra/i30 wtcc
    1/24 Lada Vesta wtcc
    1/24 polestar wtcc
    1/24 Skoda Octavia Touring car

    1/48 Arado AR240 night fighter
    1/48 Gloster Meteor NF 11/12/13/14
    1/48 Blohm & Voss Bv p212
    1/48 Mig 9 Fargo
    1/48 North American FJ1 Fury

    1/35 Chasseur de Chars Lorraine 37L anti tank
    1/35 Vomag 88mm Flak waffentrager
    1/35 SAu 40
    1/35 AMR 35 ZT3 anti tank

    1/9 Puch Maxi Starlet
    1/12 Honda MBX 125
    1/12 MZ ES125/150

  41. Mike

    I wish, next time Tamiya releases any kit, please let it be available for ordinary people, not only for speculators. Everyone knows what I’m talking about. Thank you.

    And now back to models:
    rere M-chassis S2000 and BMW M roadster
    rere TT/TA/TB Carrera GT
    rere SRB Ranger

    new ones:
    M-chassis Miata NB, NC, 124 Spyder,
    it would be nice to have some nostalgic bodies also, like Capri, Kadett, Mirafiori, Stratos etc
    Kyosho did something similar in 90-ties ??
    any 1/14 Dakar truck (Tatra would be nice)
    highlift/bruiser body
    hardbody for CC
    next batch of Honda City Turbo and Black Avante
    and finally give us kit 58238 (we are waiting way too long)

  42. Matthew

    Any 1/350 scale warship from WW2. HMS Nelson or Implacable. French ships Jean Bart or Le Fantasque. Anything IJN especially the carriers. German or American ships are a given but they are still easy to find.

  43. Gideon

    I would like to see the russian T-64 and his variants in 1/35 scale. I was shocked when I struggled to find a 1/35 model of this historical significant tank.

  44. Eric EVAIN

    1/20 RED BULL HONDA RB16B 2021. HONDA F1 WORLD CHAMPION. I couldn’t imagine that Tamiya won’t release that F1 in order to celebrate the Honda title.
    1/24 Ferrari Stradale

  45. Mr Peach

    How about the Alfa Romeo 4C? Or any Italian car to be honest. These don’t get enough attention!

    Happy new year!

  46. Andreas

    Re-Release please:
    1/10 Toyota Celica GT FOUR 58119 / 58129 and 58164 on TA02
    1/10 Escort Cosworth Pilot / Repsol / Mobil1 on TA01 or TA02
    1/10 Skyline R32 on TA01 or TA02
    1/10 Wild One Buggy in sufficent numbers so that it’s not going to be an traders thing only

  47. Andreas

    For new cars:
    1/10 Porsche 911 type 992 roadgoing version on long M06 with touring car sized wheels
    1/10 Porsche 911 1963-1972 roadgoing version on mid wheelbase M06
    1/10 Toyota Prius on FF01

  48. K. Kalani Kaleikula-Kele

    1/12 Semi Truck Series…

    UD Trucks Quon CK/CW/GK/GW (4×2/6×4/8×4)

    Hino Profia/700 Series (4×2/6×4/8×4)

    Fuso Super Great/Shogun (4×2/6×4/8×4)

    Scania NGT (G/P/R/S Series – 4×2/6×2/6×4/8×4)

    DAF NextGen XG/XF/CF (4×2/6×2/6×4/8×4)

  49. Mykhailo Bondarenko

    a) Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. E, Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. G, Middle/Late version, update Sd.Kfz 251/1 Ausf C
    b) Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. H, Marder II, Panzerkampfwagen III Ausf. J, T-60, T-70, Famo with 8-tone crane, Mercedes-Benz L 4500

  50. fernando ugalde

    1/12 HONDA NSR500 1987 GP500 world champion
    1/12 YAMAHA YZR250 1990 GP250 world champion
    1/12 CAGIVA V594 1994
    1/12 HONDA NSR500-V 1996
    1/12 APRILIA RSV250 1996 GP250 world champìon
    1/12 MODENAS KR3 1997
    1/12 HONDA NSR250 1997 GP250 world champion
    1/12 APRILIA RSV250 1998 GP250 world champion
    1/12 APRILIA RSV500 1999
    1/12 APRILIA RSV 250 1999 GP250 world champion
    1/12 SUZUKI GSX-RR 2016
    1/12 YAMAHA YZR-M1 2021 MotoGP world champion
    1/12 DUCATI GP21 2021
    1/12 KTM RC16 2021
    1/12 KALEX KTM AJO Moto2 world champion
    1/12 any SBK world champion bike, current or old
    “GOLD LEAF” lacquer color

  51. Christian

    Re-Release please:
    1/24 aston martin dbs

    New car:
    1/24 ferrari stradale
    1/24 porsche 911 992

  52. Hamish Inglis

    Re-release wishes (please).
    1:12 Wolf WR1, 1978 (Item No: 12044).
    1:24 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC Lorinser, 1983 (Item No: 24037).
    1:24 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, 1997 (Item No: 24188).
    1:12 Lola T-70 MkIII, 1967 (Item No: 12015).
    1:12 Porsche 910, 1967 World Sportscar Championship Winner (Item No: 12041).
    New wishes.
    Classis cars in 1:12 (or 1:24) scale, for example.
    I can just imagine what Tamiya could do with these!
    Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona.
    Ferrari 250 GTO.
    Ferrari 250 LM.
    Lamborghini Miura P400 SV.
    Porsche 917.
    Ford GT40.
    McLaren F1 (and GTR).
    Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato.
    Jaguar E Type, Series 1.
    Gordon Murray Automotive T 50 (and T50s).

  53. antiob

    Soviet self-propelled gun SU-76M 1/48 scale;
    Soviet light tanks T-26 family 1/48 scale;
    Simca 5 Staff Car 1/48 scale;
    And re-release Willys Jeep in 1/48 pleas.

  54. Gary

    Here is my wishlist:

    Porsche 959
    King Cab / Hilux Monster Racer

    Yamaha Yzr-m1 2021
    Honda NSR500 98 and 99 (re-issue)
    Honda NSR500 01 (Rossi’s first 500cc title)

    Red Bull RB16B (2021 F1 championship winning car)
    Benetton B194 and B195
    Williams FW18 and FW19 (1996 and 1997 championship winning car)

    Mitsubishi Pajero 1992 Le Cap winner (re-issue)
    Peugeot 405 T16 (re-issue)
    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

  55. L B

    Since more than 10 years im hoping for a King Cab rerelease.

    As new releases:

    1/10 Porsche 911 GT2 (991)
    1/10 Porsche 911 RSR

  56. Tobi

    TRF Buggy 2WD + 4WD
    Frog ( without loosing front wheels)
    RC Porsche 935
    Opel Ascona on original Chassis.

  57. César M. Martín

    Happy New Year, to everyone.

    Well, I’m not good making predictions so I will only include here my personal Tamiya Wish List:

    Military Vehicles 1/48 scale :
    Dodge WC54 Ambulance with detailed interior (1/35 for this one too, please).
    M3A1 Scout car.
    M3 / M5 Stuart Light Tank & M-8 Howitzer.
    M2 / M3 / M5 / M9 / M16 / M21 US Halftracks.
    SdKfz 7 German Halftrack Versions.
    M3 Lee US Medium Tank.
    M4A1 (76mm) Sherman.
    M4A3E2 “Jumbo Sherman”.
    Panzer I Ausf. A & Ausf. B Combo Kit.
    Panzer II Ausf. F
    Panzer III Ausf. F / G.
    Panzer IV Ausf. D / F / G.
    Marder III H (The only version you have not released so far).
    Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. F / F/8.
    Sturmgeschutz IV.
    Jagdpanzer IV L48 & L70 (Two in One Kit).
    Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbar” (Early / Mid Versions).
    Sd.Kfz. 124 “Wespe”.
    German Lanz Bulldog Tractor.
    Austin K2 Ambulance with detailed interior.
    Horch Kfz 15 (Rommel’s personal vehicle included).
    Phanomen Granit Ambulance with detailed interior (1/35 for this one too, please).
    Opel Blitz Maultier.
    Ford 918 Truck.
    Ford V3000 Truck.
    German PaK 40 7.5 cm Anti-tank Gun.
    German FlaK 37 3.7 cm Anti-aircraft Gun.
    Char 1 Bis French Heavy Tank.
    R35 French Light Tank.
    Somua S35 French Medium Tank.
    Japanese Type 95 Light Tank.
    Japanese Type 97 Medium Tank (Multiversion Kit).
    Some British Trucks (Bedford, Austin…).
    Some civilian 30s / 40s Cars (Peugeot 202 / 402, Mercedes 170V, BMW 328, FIAT…).
    US M-41 “Walker Bulldog” Medium Tank.
    More figure sets of the same quality of your last German Infantry set.

    And with some wings attached:
    Ki-61 Short Fuselage (Ko / Otsu / Hei) Kit.
    Polikarpov I-15 Fighter.
    FIAT G-50.
    Morane Saulnier M.S. 406 / 410.
    Curtiss P-40 /P-40B / P-40C “Tomahawk”.
    Lockheed P-80 A / B / C Multiversion Kit.
    North American F-86 A / E / F Multiversion Kit.
    Aichi E-13 Hydro.
    Curtiss C-46 “Commando”.
    FIAT C.R. 32 Fighter.
    Grumman F-2F “Panther”.

    You will be quite busy for the next five years or so, I’m afraid. 😉

    Arigato Gozaimasu !


  58. John Phillips

    The M-09 4wd chassis would be great based on TA08 or TC01 drivetrain/layout.

    Either TRF M-4XX or TRF M-EVO Series chassis. With MTC taking off all over the world Tamiya are slipping behind the curve on trends in Europe if nothing else. The TA05M was a hint of what can be done but not with a 380 motor.

  59. John Phillips

    Something along the line of the SU-01 chassis. Small scale indoor table top racing. Normal tamiya hop-up optional extras but as the world slowly recovers from COVID small group racing may be the next big thing.

  60. César M. Martín

    I forgot to add a few suggestios in my first post. Here they are…

    Military Vehicles 1/48 scale:
    T-34/76 Model 1940.
    BT-5 Soviet Tank (Multiversion Kit).
    BT-7 Soviet Tank (Multiversion Kit).
    T-26 Soviet Tank (Multiversion Kit).
    SdKfz 9 FAMO.
    Bussing NAG 4500 German Truck.
    Renault FT-17 Tank.

    Aircraft 1/48:
    North American T-6 “Texan”.
    Boeing P-12 / F-4B Family.
    Ki-61 II.
    Ki-46 II (The only version you have not released).
    Ki-100 Ko / Otsu.
    Ki-43 Family.
    Hawker Typhoon.

    Arigato !


  61. Snuggles

    They better not rerelease the Monster Racer. I think you guys forget(or don’t know) about the flawed ball diff. They’ve completely discontinued the Super Astute and related parts(TTC trans). It ain’t hap’nin.

    I want new or rere TRF buggies!!!
    Give us a new Stadium Truck!!!

  62. TA7

    1/10 Astute or Super Astute Re-release

    Scale Models
    1/24 Honda Civic Type R (2022 model)
    1/24 Nissan Z (2022 model)
    1/24 McLaren F1
    1/24 Aston Martin Valkyrie
    1/24 Toyota GR Yaris
    1/32 Messerschmitt Me-262
    1/350 Bismarck (new tooling)

  63. Tommy

    My wishlist for 2022 is

    84431 Porsche 934 RSR „Jägermeister“
    58059 Porsche 959
    58064 Toyota Celica Gr. B
    58002 Martini Porsche 935
    58113 Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo

    All of these cars on the original chassis.

  64. Matze

    My long wishlist RC-Models

    Re releases:
    Porsche 959
    Toyota Celica Gr. B
    Dyna Storm
    Avante 2001
    Hotshot II
    Ligier JS9
    Williams Fw07
    Alfa 156

    New Models:
    Matra MS670
    Lola T70
    Porsche 917
    Ferrari 330 P4
    Porsche 908
    Ford GT40

  65. Jay

    I would like tamiya to fill in the gaps on the scale model cars, so we can do a complete series of our favorite cars. Like All the ford escorts mk1 – mk6, sierras mk1 – mk3 and fiestas mk1 – mk7 there just ones of the top of my head as a ford fan.
    Then as model builders we can build a history of our favorite car brands.

  66. Richard Coggill

    1/48 Hawker Typhoon
    1/48 Hawker Tempest mk V

    1/32 Hawker Hurricane

    1/32 Bf 109G – long overdue !

  67. Tony.T

    Well, here are my hope.

    a) I don’t know.
    b) These are my dream idea for R/C line-up :
    – All race trucks run on TT02 chassis and not TT01.
    – A new body for race trucks, the Volvo VNL driven by Franck Conti on TT01/02.
    – A re-release of the Renault 5 Turbo 1/12 clear body.
    – A new line-up about USAC Sprint Cars bodies and based on DT03 chassis with M05 suspension arms
    – Why not another line-up Can-Am style based on 1/12th pan chassis.

  68. Robert

    My wish lost:

    CC-02 Toyota 4Runner
    TT-02 Lamborghini Aventador or Huracan
    TB08 Evo Chassis
    New F1 cars

  69. Erich Löwenhardt

    Hi, this is my list…

    Military planes 1/48:
    Ki-61 Hei.
    Ki-61 II.
    MiG 1.
    MiG 3 Short and Long nose.
    Polikarpov I-15 Chato.
    Fiat G-50 Bis.
    N.A.A. T-6 Texan / Harvard.

    Military 1/48:
    Dodge WC54 Ambulance.
    M3A1 Scout car.
    M3 Stuart.
    M3 Halftracks.
    M3 Lee US Medium Tank.
    M4A1 (76mm) Sherman.
    M4A3E2 “Jumbo”.
    Panzer II Ausf. F
    Marder III H.
    StuG IV.
    Jagdpanzer IV.
    Sturmpanzer IV “Brummbar”
    Austin K2 Ambulance.
    Ford 918 Wehrmacht Truck.
    Ford V3000 Wehrmacht Truck.
    German PaK 40 7.5 cm Anti-tank Gun.
    More civilian passenger cars and trucks.
    More 3D scanned figures.

    Thank you. 🙂

  70. Oldskoolheroes

    Mini 4 wd
    Wild one offroader
    Crimson Glory
    Neo Burning Sun
    Wild willy
    Monster beetle

  71. Hugo

    I would love for Tamiya to make
    1/24 Toyota Yaris WRC
    1/24 Toyota Supra / Nissan GT-R / Honda NSX / other, from the latest SuperGT championships

  72. Marcin

    1/35 Military Miniatures:
    Marder III Ausf.H
    M106A1 mortar (35116)
    German 8-ton semi-track SdKfz 7/2 (35144)

    1/48 Military Miniatures:
    Leopard 2A6

    Many thanks and all the best in new year 🙂

  73. Jan Falkowski

    Hello, Friends!

    I use to build mostly in 1/48 scale so here is my wish list:

    Military Miniatures:
    M3 Stuart.
    M3 Halftrack.
    M3 Lee / Grant.
    M3A1 Scout Car.
    Dodge WC54.
    Panzer II F.
    Marder III H.
    German 3 ton. trucks (Mercedes, Glockner-Deutz, Ford, Magirus, MAN…).
    Austin K2 Ambulance.
    T-34/76 Model 1940.
    BT-5 / BT-7.
    Renault FT-17.
    SdKfz 7/1 & 7/2 Halftracks.
    StuG III F/8.
    Char 1 Bis.
    Somua S35.
    More upgraded figures.

    Ki-61 Early.
    Ki-61 II.
    Fiat G.50 bis.
    Morane Saulnier M.S. 406.
    T-6 “Texan”.
    Lockheed P-80.
    Grumman F-2F “Panther”.
    MiG 3.
    Polikarpov I-15 “Chato”.
    Aichi E-13.
    Bucker 131 “Jungmann”.
    Bucker 133 “Jungmeister”.
    Heinkel He 70.

    Thank you in advance.

  74. moimoi

    there are so many radio-controlled models that we would like to see reissued
    For example
    Avante 2001
    Sonic Fighter
    Escort Cosworth
    Renault 5 Turbo
    and so many others……

    2022 is a great year for new products:
    new Rally1 hybrid

  75. Iain

    I have so many new kits I’d love to see… I ask for so much! 😛

    Firstly, some 1:72 scale twin-engine Japanese bombers/ground attack planes, for example:
    Mitsubishi Ki-67Ia or Ib Hiryu
    Mitsubishi G4M2 or 3
    Kawasaki Ki-102b

    A couple of new 1:72 German planes as well, ones I’d love to see:
    Junkers Ju 88 C/G
    Messerschmitt Bf110 (C, F, G, any variant really)
    Junkers Ju 87 D/G

    Finally, some new 1:72 American ones I’d love to see:
    P-38 J or L
    B-26G Marauder
    A-26B Invader (hard and/or glazed nose)

    Hopefully at least one of my dreams can come true!

  76. Dam cava

    Talking about 1/24 static models, i would love a Ferrari 488 gt3. I think this would be a huge success like the amg gt3.
    Or something different like F1 from the 50ties.
    Also some re-issues like the jgtc nsx 2005.

  77. Gaêl


    My wish list :

    Vintage models

    – Mazda 787B Renown 1/10 (58102)
    – Porsche 959 1/12 (58059)
    – Toyota Celica Gr b 1/12 (5864)
    – Toyota Castrol celica 1/10(92200)

    New models (1/10)

    – Ferrari 330P4
    – Peugeot 905
    – Aston Martin DB7 or Vanquish
    – Porsche 911 (2020)
    – Corvette C5R
    – Lamborghini Aventador

    I love Tamiya 🙂

  78. Antony

    All 1/24 scale model kits
    Mclaren P1, P1GTR, Senna GTR, Elva, Speedtail, F1, F1 GTR, F1 Longtail, 675LT, 720 S
    Koenigsegg Regera, Agera RS, Jesko, Gemera
    Bugatti Chiron, Veyron, Type 35, Type 41 Royale, Type 57SC Atlantic, EB110 Supersport, Divo, Bollide
    Ferrari FXX-K Evo, 812 Superfast/GTS, Sf90, Monza SP1/2, 850 Monza, 250 SWB, 250 Testarossa, 250 California, 275 GTB4, New Daytona
    Lancia O37, Delta Integrale, S2
    Alfa Romeo Guilia, Alfaholics GTA-R, 33 Stradale, TZ1/2, Disco Volante (old and new), 155 jagermeister
    Porsche 904,908, 935, 956,962, 550 SPYDER, 919 EVO
    Mercedes W196, W111, SLR 722 Stirling MOSS, the Red Pig
    Jaguar D-Type, XJ13
    Aston Martin DB4 GT, DB4 GT Zagato, DBS Superleggera, Valkyrie,
    BMW 507
    Delahaye 135
    Lamborghini Diablo SE30 (very specific version)
    VW ID-R
    Ford Capri Zakspeed
    Zenvo TSR
    DeTomaso P72
    Apollo IE
    Rimac Nevara
    Lotus Exige, Esprit V8

  79. Matthias

    Every twenty year another batch of the Tamiya Dyna Storm would be a proper path for unlimited/lifetime fun with this nice kit..!

  80. Stuart Latheron

    As the biggest producer of 1/48 WW2 military vehicles, I hope Tamiya continues to support and expand in this area. There are still so many options that have not been covered yet, so the slow release of new models in this scale is sometimes frustrating, especially when re-releases/alternative versions of popular kits take up release slots. I understand why the company does it though.

    Personally I’d like to see some Allied lend-lease vehicles as they could be built and painted for a variety of nations.
    Upgrade kits to build variants of existing models would also be a good way to make use of existing moulds without having to do a full release. E.g. The numerous Sd.kfz 251/xx variants. An extra sprue of components would allow for half a dozen new models quickly.

  81. Ezio

    330 p4 1967
    412 p 1967
    512 m 1970
    512 s 1970
    365 gtb4 competizione 1971
    F333 sp
    360 gtc 2004
    F430 gtc
    488 gt3 2015
    488 gte 2015

  82. Ryan Rozsitch

    We’re is the original falcon rerelease. I have been waiting since 2021 please rerelease this buggy and the super hornet plz plz plz. I have bought a lot of your rerelease buggy’s and these would be greatly appreciated Ty for your time

  83. Carl

    What I would like to see:
    1/48 P-38J or L Lightning
    1/48 Retooled N1K2 Shiden (George)
    1/48 Fiat G.55 Centauro

  84. Victor

    I’d really like….
    1/48 scale TigerII H
    1/48scale M18
    1/48scale Maus
    1/48scale Centurion
    1/48scale T14 Armata (I now its a very new tank so not for awhile)

  85. Richard



  86. Peter

    Dear Tamiya,
    please bring Porsche Fuchs rims for the M-Chassis on the market. In Chrome!!! With two different off-sets for front and rear.
    They would fit perfectly with your Volkswagen Beetle, Karmann Ghia and VW Bus T1Typ2.
    That would be really cool!!!

  87. Scott

    My wish list,
    1/12 Porsche 930 production car using the basics from the 934.
    1/32. F-6f3 Hellcat
    1/48. F-4C Phantom
    1/35 updated SAS Jeep(new tool)
    1/35 new tool sdkz 232, 233 series German 4 and 8 wheel armored cars
    1/35 new tool LRDG truck
    1/35 new tool panzer ivD

  88. Allan Nielsen

    Re-release the 1/12 Ferrari 312 T4 in the 1979 Monaco special configuration (narrow wings) . It requires not that many modifications and the kit is still a superb kit.

  89. Jonathan

    I would like to see Tamiya release the following:

    1/32 Hurricane Mk I
    1/32 BF109E-4
    1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt “Bubbletop”
    1/32 Spitfire Mk I and V.
    1/32 Meteor

    Tamiya are good kits, it would be nice to see them do a lot more in 1/32 scale.

  90. John Waller

    Some wishes for collaborations
    * DUKW (from Italeri)
    *.PzKpfw II Ausf L/M Luchs (from Asuka/Tasca)
    *US M3A1 Halftrack and variants
    *Sherman Duplex Drive with skirt up/down/off options
    Combining some of the recent German tank/SPG crews into sets would be nice too
    best regards

  91. Delmo

    I know I am late to this but I would like to see Tamiya do some re-issues of older 1/12 scale Motorcycle kits. We really need a re-print of the 06 Honda RC211V and 99 Honda NSR500. The second hand market it killing us.

    My wishlist of future model kits would be all 1/12 motorcycle kits.
    I would love to see any of the following bikes get the 1/12 treatment.

    Suter MMX 500
    Crighton CR700W
    2004 Suzuki GSV-R MotoGp bike
    2007 Suzuki GSV-R MotoGp bike
    2008 Kawasaki ZX-RR MotoGp bike
    And for the love of god can we finally get a Cagiva GP500 model kit in 1/12 scale?

    As far as street motorcycles. I wouldn’t mind any of the following
    Honda VTR1000 SP1
    Kawasaki ZX-7RR
    MV Agusta F4 750

    One can only dream.

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