Full details of Tamiya 56045 1/16 RC British Battle Tank Centurion Mk.III Full-Option Kit

Hull length: 476mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

A Solid Presence
By the end of WWII, the British military was developing counters for the powerful German Tiger and Panther tanks among others, and one of the designs they chose was the Centurion. Fitted with the 17 pounder gun initially, its sloped armor and Horstmann suspension set it apart rather from its British predecessors. Although it was not in time to be deployed in WWII, it was quickly pressed into live action in the Korean War, which broke out in June 1950 – more precisely, its Mk.III model was pressed into action, a variant which was upgunned to significant effect with the 20 pounder. The Centurion Mk.III was a key presence, to the extent of its being often named as the most effective fielded in the United Nations force. A number of further variants were developed in later years, as the Centurion served various European militaries and even equivalents in India and Israel.

About the Model
●This is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit depicting the Centurion Mk.III. ●The powerful form with 20 pounder gun is recreated with formidable accuracy. ●Utilizes an aluminum main gun barrel for a crisp, precise finish. ●In addition to the standard part, an optional version of the gun shield canvas cover intended for display models is included. ●Take control of a full range of model and turret motion. ●Features a realistic rendering of the full-size tank’s Horstmann suspension. ●Can be used with the separately sold Tamiya Battle System for enthralling battles with other 1/16 scale R/C tanks.

One thought on “Full details of Tamiya 56045 1/16 RC British Battle Tank Centurion Mk.III Full-Option Kit

  1. Chris van Ravesteijn

    Dear modelling enthousiast workers on the Tamiya facory !

    You don’t know how happy you are going to make 1/16 tank modellors with this Tank !
    Ihave almost all Tamiya 1/16 Full Option Tanks, but if there was ONE TANK still on the bucketlist,
    it would be this one ! Used by many countries and much been involved in Wars around the globe
    with distinction, this choice by your firm is a real goog choice !
    I have also the 1/16 RC Chieftain ( the follow-up Tank) but the new Centurion will surely gets a prominent
    place between my 75 + Tanks from WWI to the latest.
    ONe remaining question what is the time table for release here in Europe ???
    greetings and best wishes

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