More details of future Tamiya 58697 Astute 2022 TD2 Chassis

  • The body, designed by Japanese designer Kota Nezu of Znug Design Inc
  • Kota Nezu also was the lead design of the recently released Superavante
  • The TD2 is based around the TD4 chassis which uses Front Inboard Suspension which offers slim, low-profile form, the front suspension arms have a skid angle of 25⁰ for superlative ground hugging stable performance off-road, plus angled CVA Oil dampers for smooth suspension movement
  • The chassis uses the same Ball Diffs as the TD4, full ball bearings and a midship motor placement with 3 gears connecting to the drivetrain for optimum balance and improved performance
  • Ribbed front and rear square spike tires for improved grip and stability with NEWLY designed front star dish wheels attached with Hex Hubs instead of bearings
  • 4-wheel double wishbone suspension
  • Choose between low & high wing stays to adjust downforce depending on the road