Full details of Tamiya 58695 1/10 R/C Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors

Overall length = 425mm The photo shows the assembled kit.
The body and driver doll have been painted and cut.

Custom offroader transformed into bright colors
This is a wild one offroader customized by graphic designer JUN WATANABE, who is also known as a big Tamiya RC fan. In contrast to the original version, which features a wide and low body structure and wild black and red coloring, the Wild One Off-Roader BLOCKHEAD MOTORS features a bright light blue that excites off-road driving. Moreover, the polycarbonate body is painted in light blue and has been cut. The window net, bib plate, and dummy antenna will make your run more exciting. Of course, the BLOCKHEAD MOTORS logo, the mascot mark of the turtle, and many sponsor marks are prepared with stickers.

4 The rear-wheel drive chassis equipped with German suspension creates a metallic feel
The frame is a box type made of ABS resin that is light and highly durable. The battery case is compatible with LF batteries as well as 7.2V racing packs. Wide tread specification for 4-wheel independent suspension with single trailing arm. Both front and rear are equipped with aluminum cylinder oil dampers, and especially the front damper mount is also made of aluminum. The gear case mounted on the rear end is a sealed type that shuts out the intrusion of sand and pebbles that are inherent in off-road. It has a built-in differential gear to ensure smooth cornering. In addition, the drive shaft joint is equipped with a dog bone type with excellent wear resistance and dust boots to improve driving reliability. Moreover, JUN’s commitment is also to the chassis. The roll bar with insert molded metal parts is silver. It is also a point to use plated parts for the wheels, front and rear suspension arms, side guards, and gearbox to create a metallic feel.

RC car brand represented by JUN WATANABE. We are developing stickers and apparel by customizing mainly Tamiya off-road buggy in the 1980s.

JUN WATANABE: Graphic designer / BLOCKHEAD MOTORS Representative A designer
who handles a wide range of graphic design and product design, mainly in the fashion world. While also in charge of designing many collaboration models, he is also active as an artist who creates paintings and video works. He has been an avid Tamiya fan since he was a child, and he is still a creator who loves RC cars and never stops. In 2012, we released Tamiya’s “Hornet by JUN WATANABE”, an RC car with polka dots, and we also handle Tamiya’s apparel goods.

Basic specifications
● Overall length 425mm, Overall height 140mm, Overall width 225mm ● Wheel base 255mm ● Tread = 190mm for both front and rear ● Frame = ABS resin box type ● Body = Polycarbonate ● Drive system = Rear motor / rear wheel drive ● Diff gear system = 3 bevel type ● Steering = 2-split tie rod type ● Suspension = 4 wheels independent with single trailing arm on both front and rear ● Tire width / diameter = front 23 / 83mm, rear 38 / 88mm ● Damper = aluminum oil damper on both front and rear ● Gear ratio = 1: 7.54, 1: 9.05 ● With 540 type motor ● Speed ​​controller = ESC specification (sold separately)

Items to be purchased separately
● Fine spec 2.4G electric RC drive set ● 4 AA batteries for transmitter

Introducing the PV produced by BLOCK HEAD MOTORS, who was in charge of custom design of the machine. The video that is conscious of Tamiya CM in the 1980s is cool!