Spaceship or RC Car?! Tamiya Super Avante TD4 4WD review by RC Driver

Tamiya is known for bringing us unique chassis offerings. The RC Kits they offer are developed to give us a fun building experience, to gain our interest through unique designs and to deliver fun when we drive them. Many of the kits are simple, but Tamiya also steps up some of their designs too. They did this with the all new TD4 chassis. This kit still says Tamiya at its core, but it also has better quality components than their typical RC models. This new platform carries the name Super Avante after one of their popular buggies of the past. In this video we take a close look at this new 4wd electric off-road buggy and it’s interesting styling. We’ll of course take it out for a drive too and review it with a more critical eye than a standard Tamiya model kit. Yes, we understand Tamiya and what their models are about. If you are a Tamiya Fan, you know. This is one kit that Tamiya fans really need to see!
Source: RC Driver