Winning works of the Tamiya Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 Concours d’Elegance ONLINE

Mini 4WD Japan Cup 2021 “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” – Here are the winners of each prize!
The “Concours d’Elegance ONLINE” is currently being held online to compete for the best Mini 4WD dress-up ideas. We’ll be showing you the winners of the “NEW ERA Award”, “XLARGE Award”, “Yokohama Tire Award” and the other prizes in the Concours d’Elegance 1 held from 26th July to 16th August and Concours d’Elegance 2 held from 23rd August to 13th September. From realistic machines to machines full of interesting ideas, please take a look at the many passionate and powerful works!

NEW ERA Award 

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Mottsun @TIDALWAVE
    [Title] Mantaray Jr MSP

    The orange and red colors on the sand-colored body are cool! The black wheels are also cool. Add a black mesh to make it even more stylish!

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] ok
    [Title] Backblader 2045

    The setting of the near-future Mini 4WD that runs automatically by AI is exactly the backblader! Also pay attention to the design of the deer horns and legs expressed in paint.

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Daiya @TRIVALS
    [Title] Poseidon X BAD SP Poseidon X with a

    solemn atmosphere is exactly “dark but beautiful”. The camera work that brings out a certain presence is also cool!

  • [Condele 1 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Kojikoji
    [Title] Wild Saurus REX This

    is an off-road race specification Wild Saurus that incorporates parts of various ages. It’s a fun machine whose facial expression changes depending on the viewing direction!

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Muka D

    Roadstorm Dragon The spirit of Showa is fused with the new machine of Reiwa! The point is that the laser parts are likened to the beard of a dragon. It is the beginning of a new mini 4WD remodeling legend!

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Shige-kun ☆
    [Title] Max Emperor The

    machine designed 30 years ago has been revived over time! The body that combines various car bodies is the history of Mini 4WD itself. The design drawings at that time are also a must-see.

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] RAVEN
    [Title] ELEGLITTER Arcana

    A simple and cyber super super COOL machine based on ELEGLITTER . The front face is also perfect!

  • [Condele 2 NEW ERA Award]

    [Author] Pen
    [Title] Find the Eleglitter!

    Optical camouflage ultra-futuristic machine version of the Eleglitter. If you find a machine in the photo, you will experience aha !? Check it out with your eyes!


  • [Condele 1 XLARGE Award]

    [Author] Kochiki @ ConCry
    [Title] Avante old school

  • [Condele 2 XLARGE Award]

    [Author] AZANINA
    [Title] Ifrit

Yokohama Tire Award 

  • [Condele 1]
    [Yokohama Tire Award]

    [Author] Makappe
    [Title] SPS-6 Fullspec

  • [Condele 2]
    [Yokohama Tire Award]

    [Author] Yosuke
    [Title] ADVAN GR Supra (Condele specification)

MC Guts Award 

  • [Condele 1 MC Guts Award]

    [Author] mstk_mini4WD
    [Title] MS-03 Lin

  • [Condele 2 MC Guts Award]

    [Author] Captain Kimiji © TOS
    [Title] LORD RAVEN

Mini 4WD Doctor Award 

  • [Condele 1]
    [Mini 4WD Doctor Award]

    Yamamachi [Title] DYIPNE MOKE

  • [Condele 2]
    [Mini 4WD Doctor Award]

    [Author] DuN 4WD
    [Title] Tom Godi AR Speed

Sakurai Award 

  • [Condele 1 Sakurai Award]

    [Author] ruru4wd (* ^ _ ^ *)
    [Title] Hummer H-1 Racing Track

  • [Condele 2 Sakurai Naru Award]

    [Author] Apon
    [Title] Snow camouflage version Wild Zaurus

MC GUY Award 

  • [Condele 1 MC GUY Award]

    [Author] Battle Road
    [Title] Amphibious Mobile Aquarium White Whale

  • [Condele 2 MC GUY Award]

    [Author] Mr.P
    [Title] Egg μ

Other awards 

  • [Condele 1 Undersea Bombing Award]

    [Author] Utakancho
    [Title] Fish-kun ( Puffers, Tetraodontiformes )

  • [Condele 1 Water Crest Award]

    [Author] tkfm_hobby
    [Title] Spinax_repaint

  • [Condele 1]
    [Wild Scene Award]

    [Author] 19 (one-nine)
    [Title] Challenge nature! Razor Gil ver.Wild

  • [Condele 1]
    [Best Beak Award]

    [Author] hiraspp
    [Title] Iron Sharp Beak

  • [Condele 1]
    [Prize for wanting to run outside]

    [Author] Suzuki Conta Punch
    [Title] Gamemaster Z90 ’s

  • [Condele 1 Idea Award]

    [Author] Machanori
    [Title] MAD CRAWLER

  • [Condele 1]
    [It’s like a tree prize]

    [Author] Ama k @ Wooden Grandpa
    [Title] Parquet XTO

  • [Condele 1 Detailed Depiction Award]

    [Author] Omame
    [Title] DCR Zentangle Edition

  • [Condele 1 Hexa / Orange Best Match Award]

    [Author] kentaLOW

  • [Condele 1 Best Cat Open Top Award]

    [Author] SAT @ Pravo
    [Title] HOT SHOT Jr. Emperor color (FR ver)

  • [Condele 1]
    [Coloring Award]

    [Author] IKE // TOYDEALER // ☈
    [Title] Street- style arranged neoclassical setting

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] Shimo
    [Title ] Wildback

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] Ryu
    [Title] DASH-02XRR / XL “BLACK SUN Rev.1.2”

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] iSOP

  • [Condele 2]
    [XLARGE Special Award]

    [Author] Power @ team.COC / D’eR
    [Title] Iron Beak-e

  • [Condele 2]
    [flower decoration award]

    [Author] Ride Chaser @ Chimuri Ibo
    [Title] Kakou

  • [Condele 2]
    [Coloring Award]

    [Author] Maakichi m4wd
    [Title] Penguins Beak 🐧 gen 2.05

  • [Condele 2]
    [COOL- LOW DOWN Award]

    [Author] General-purpose rabbit
    [Title] Razorback-R

  • [Condele 2]

    [Author] Zuracho
    [Title] Dream Bullet Train

  • [Condele 2 Modeling Award]

    [Author] Daichi @ Kashiramoji D @ Team COC
    [Title] Bergkaiser Elstaunen

  • [Condele 2 Tropical Award]

    [Author] NK
    [Title] Nautilus

  • [Condele 2]
    [BEST MIXING Award]

    [Author] TKMT ★ ☆
    [Title] CROCO-D-FANG

  • [Condele 2]
    [NEW OLD SCHOOL Award]

    [Author] Loki
    [Title] Rising Bird

  • [Condele 2]
    [COOOOL BISON Award]

    [Author] Hiropapa @Team COC
    [Title] Bison Magnum EVO

  • [Condele 2]

    [Author] Miyabi @MISTY -Misty-
    [Title] Saihate -Oceanus- Ver.JC2021

  • [Condele 2]
    [GOD OROCHI Award]

    [Author] Suzu

  • [Condele 2]
    [BEST World View & Best Cinematography]

    [Author] Tsubasa (faa)
    [Title] Animal Caravan -BREMEN-

  • [Condele 2]

    [Author] Damaken (IKEDA)
    [Title] Liberty Emperor Black Max

  • [Condele 2 BEST Suction Award]

    [Author] ATOMIC DROP

  • [Condele 2]
    [CYBER LASER Award]

    [Author] Nikoichi Nippon
    [Title] Blue Wolf

  • [Condele 2]
    [Award for decoration and shooting]

    [Author] Miyo
    [Title] Angel car that makes love come true

  • [Condele 2]
    [KING LASER Award]

    [Author] Nobori
    [Title] Proto L No.13

  • [Condele 2 Idea Award]

    [Author] Yoshino (・ ∞ ・) = ͟͟͞͞🚘
    [Title] UNI-pillar

  • [Condele 2 RACER Award]

    [Author] zaki-melo15
    [Title] Lamborghini Huracàn STO

  • [Condele 2]
    [WILD LASER Award]

    [Author] TAKAYA
    [Title] Super walk

  • [Condele 2]
    [Best Character Award]

    [Author] Tomori Inomura
    [Title] Laser Ninja Nuts! !!

  • [Condele 2]
    [BEST STUDY Award]

    [Author] Kauruko Furutani @ ROUTE404
    [Title] Explanation and consideration of Grace Stinger (904 characters)

  • [Condele 2]
    [BLACK MIXING Award]

    Itoki Ichi [Title] PROVIDENCE EMPEROR -Temperor-

  • [Condele 2]
    [CUSTOM LASER Award]

    [Author] hiraspp
    [Title] Competitive Spirit

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