First photo of Tamiya 58695 Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors

Source of photo: Modellbau Seidel

The Wild One is a R/C 2WD buggy assembly kit that has been a hobbyist favorite for years! We are celebrating the Wild One with this special release with a twist! The sticker set, this time around, is designed by Jun Watanabe’s brand “BLOCKHEAD MOTORS”, which has produced stickers and apparel, and customizations of Tamiya off road buggy models from the 1980s. Watanabe has taken part in the design of collaborative fashion, music, and skateboard projects to expand the horizons of R/C cars. This kit is sure to be a fun addition to anyone’s collection!

• 1/10 scale R/C assembly kit. Length: 425mm, height: 140mm, width: 225mm. Wheelbase: 255mm.
• Durable and lightweight ABS box type frame is matched with a battery case which is compatible with modern power sources such as Tamiya Racing Packs and LF batteries.
• 4-wheel independent suspension consists of coil springs and trailing arms. A wide tread ensures excellent off-road stability.
• Enclosed gearbox includes differential gears for smooth cornering.
• Driveshafts feature dog bone-type joints and dust cover.
• Includes 540-type brushed motor.
• Requires: 2-channel radio, steering servo, ESC. 7.2-7.4volt battery & charger

Unique to this release:
• Polycarbonate body (0.7mm thickness) is pre-cut and pre-painted in light blue.
• Comes with metal-plated parts (A, E, G and front/rear wheels)
• Window nets, number plates and dummy antenna included.
• Includes new stickers designed by Jun Watanabe’s brand “BLOCKHEAD MOTORS”.

5 thoughts on “First photo of Tamiya 58695 Wild One Off-Roader Blockhead Motors

  1. S widdick

    Just found out there releasing original as well £50 difference in price .
    Get an original paint it blue and silver and save £50 for a sticker

  2. admin Post author

    Could be done, but its not exactly the same, the silver parts are plated not painted and there are also some extra parts like window nets, number plates and dummy antenna.
    Of course everyone must decide for its own if this is worth the price difference.

  3. S widdick

    I do agree with you on that . And I might still get one if it turns out to be a limited edition .
    I made that comment as an alternative as they are releasing both versions at the same time.

  4. admin Post author

    All fine, no worries. 🙂
    Since the Blockhead edition got a 58xxx number it won’t be a limited release, but of course if it doesn’t sell well (which we doubt) Tamiya might take it out of production after some time.

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