Tamiya TBLE-04S – Switching from Brushed to Brushless Mode

The TBLE-04S ESC has the ability to power both brushed and brushless motors. Out of the box, the TBLE-04S is set up to work with the Mabuchi motor that comes in most of our kits.
But what if you want to replace that motor with a more powerful brushless motor?
In this video we show you how to do just that! We go through the programming steps needed to switch the TBLE-04S from brushed to brushless mode!
You should also be aware of the two battery cut-off modes as well – LOW battery voltage protection (cuts off at approximately 5.6v) and HIGH battery voltage protection (cuts off at approximately 6.2v). We will have a separate video on that coming soon.

Source: Tamiya USA

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