Setting up the new Tamiya 45069 Tamiya Brushless Electronic Speed ​​Controller 04S with Sensor

The TBLE-04S ESC is replacing our older model, the TBLE-02S. The new 04S has been updated to handle sensored motors in the 15.5T range (for Tamiya motors) or 21.5T range (for aftermarket brands). It features individually adjustable high point, neutral point and brake points as well as having reverse.
Two separate battery cut-off modes are included as well – LOW battery voltage protection (cuts off at approximately 5.6v) and HIGH battery voltage protection (cuts off at approximately 6.2v).
This ESC will be available separately as well as a running change in kits that come with ESCs.
In this video, we discuss the set up of your TBLE-04S ESC, if it even requires it.

Source: Tamiya USA