Tamiya RC Advice Vol.7 – Let’s start an RC car with an assembled model! Introducing how to install an aluminum damper

Attach the aluminum oil damper to the XB dual ridge (TT-02B chassis). We will introduce in detail how to assemble the aluminum damper and how to attach it to the completed model.
OP.1993 Clamp type aluminum wheel hub (6mm thickness)
01:35 OP.1152 Damper Oil Air Remover (Super Long)
02:02 Radio pliers
02:14 Damper pliers
02:45 OP.585 φ3mm shim set (3 types, 10 sheets each)
03:01 Maintenance stand (blue)
● Please see this video for more detailed explanation.
10:25 How to bleed air from the air removerTamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.26 (YouTube) from around 31:00
15:58 About vehicle height adjustmentTamiya RC Car Grand Prix Vol.26 (YouTube) from around 41:00