Tamiya Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro & HG Tweezers overview video RC Driver

There are some RC builders that will use whatever tools they have on hand to build and work on their RC equipment. And there are those that want the right tool for the job. When it comes to building Tamiya cars and some other brands out there, having the right tools for the job is necessary unless you want to chance running into problems. Tamiya offers a full service modeling experience and therefore has the right tools for building their RC cars and models. We have added the new Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro to our Tamiya collection as well as some of the bits they offer and even the new HG Tweezers. These helpful tools make getting builds done easier and are much less likely to damage hardware. In this video, we give you an overview of these tools so you can see them up close and even in use.
Featured products
Tamiya 74152 Ratcheting Screwdriver Pro
Tamiya 74155 HG Tweezers
Tamiya 69932 (+) Screwdriver Bit Short
Tamiya 69933 2mm Hex Wrench Bit
Tamiya 69934 7mm Box Wrench Bit

Source: RC Driver YouTube channel