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Tamiya 63732 Official Guide Book Mini 4WD Cho-soku Tune-up Introduction 2021

This time, we will introduce the knowledge of machines and parts and tips for setting for intermediate to advanced Mini 4WD racers who are aiming for good results in the race.
The trend remodeling techniques such as Body Lantern and MS Flexible, the philosophy of setting heard from the Japan Cup champion, and the catalog of the latest machines by chassis are enough to read.
The special appendix is a translucent type Tamiya official competition simple vehicle inspection gauge that is even easier to use.
Special attachment: Tamiya official competition simple vehicle inspection gauge (latest version)
Number of pages: 128 pages

Tamiya New Item Release list for January 2021

R/C Models
47452  1/10 R/C Volkswagen Scirocco GT (Black Painted Body) (TT-01 Type-E)
54982  M-08 Concept Reinforced C Parts (Uprights, 2°) (2pcs.)
54983  M-08 Concept Reinforced K Parts (Gearbox)
54985  TA07 Aluminum Bulkhead Set
54994  Reinforced Racing Tires (Soft, 24mm/2pcs.)
54995  M-Chassis 60D Super Radial Tires (Soft/2pcs.)
42365  1510 Sealed Ball Bearings (2pcs.)
42366  1050 Sealed Ball Bearings (2pcs.)
42367  950 Sealed Flanged Ball Bearings (2pcs.)
42368  850 Sealed Ball Bearings (2pcs.)
42369  840 Sealed Ball Bearings (2pcs.)
42370  630 Sealed Ball Bearings (2pcs.)

Static Models
14024  1/12 Suzuki RG250F *
14029  1/12 Suzuki RG250F Full Option *
24355  1/24 McLaren Senna * (details preview)

95585  Spin Viper
95586  Diomars Nero

Tools & Paints
87210  Accent Color (Dark Red-Brown)

* Release date undecided yet

Tamiya 23455 McLaren Senna 1/24

This Tamiya 1/24 scale model recreates the 2019 McLaren Senna in hyper detail! Named after legendary Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, this extremely track-focused hypercar is McLaren’s most calculated masterpiece. Its unmistakable appearance is dominated by numerous air intakes and aerodynamic addendum that create incredible downforce. Combine that with the extensive use of lightweight carbon fiber throughout and an insanely powerful engine and you have the recipe for a vehicle that launches like a missile and handles the curves like a go-kart!

• 1/24 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 198mm, width: 91mm, height: 60mm.
• The sleek aerodynamic body’s form is captured in style. Uniquely, it is composed of a single monocoque part onto which body panels are attached individually, allowing a highly realistic depiction of the car.
• Parts are designed to be assembled into blocks of the same color, streamlining the painting process.
• Features a realistic depiction of the V8 twin turbo engine and visible sections of the complex surrounding engineering.
• The model can be assembled as European, U.S. or Japanese spec.
• Separate parts for brake calipers and discs ensure that while the wheels (and brake discs) rotate, the caliper remains stationary for super realism.
• The dashboard can be assembled in the standard roadgoing or streamlined racing positions.
• Metal transfers recreate McLaren logos.