Announcement of the 80th Tamiya Pachi Contest winning work

It started with the special issue of Tamiya News in June 1970, and this is the 80th time. This year, there were many applications for the 1/35 Soviet KV-1 1941, which was just released in June. In addition to its powerful style, it is also popular for its latest modeling and ease of making, but the barrel, which is not too long, fits well on the screen, resulting in a well-balanced photo. I was also happy to see that there were many applications for new products such as the French light tank R35, the German light tank 38 (t), and the German infantry set (mid-war). Mr. Shiba’s work in the gold medal in the scene photography category is a photograph that conveys the atmosphere of the battlefield with a novel composition that has never been seen before, but this also uses a new product. We stepped up every year from the Junior Award three years ago, and this time we won the Gold Award. There are 150 applicants from 8 to 79 years old. There were also participants from parents and children, as well as from overseas such as Hong Kong, China, and Australia. The deadline for applications for the click contest is September 1st every year. When the new product is completed, first click with the camera. Please take a picture of your masterpiece and apply.
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Scene photography category prize-winning works

Gold medal
[Author] Hinata Shiba (18) Chiba [Title] Senior Soldier [Scale] 1/35
In this work, I made a diorama of the KV-1 that fell from the bridge and the German soldiers investigating it. The bridge is made of balsa wood, and the base with height difference is made of wood powder clay with styrofoam as the core, and pebbles and flowers are placed and painted. Soldiers add gun slings and helmet straps. I shaded it with an airbrush and then painted it with a brush. The shooting was done outdoors, taking advantage of natural light.

Silver Award
[Author] Shigehiro Yoshida (62) Aichi [Title] Assault KV-1 (1941) [Scale] 1/35
The work is an image of the assault scene during Operation Barbarossa in early autumn. I chose a figure with movement and tension and placed it under the line of sight of the tank soldier. For painting, prepare paints of the same color but different tones, and paint with the consciousness of fading on the side and top of the car body. The shooting was done under natural light with a diorama base set near the brown leaves.

Silver Award
[Author] Tomoya Kawada (22) Yamanashi [Title] Tank transport training [Scale] 1/35
I made it by adding the setting that several tank soldiers are checking and observing the work procedure while referring to the material photos during the tank loading work. In the image of late autumn, the vehicle was painted in a single color of dark yellow, and the surrounding area was made of dead grass. The dead grass is ready-made or deer hair, and the ground is reproduced by sprinkling it with a sieve of real soil. I used a single-lens reflex camera and a macro lens for shooting.

Work Photograph category Winning work

Gold medal
[Author] Yosuke Yamada (56) Hyogo [Title] RUSSIAN HEAVY TANK KV-1 [Scale] 1/35
Assembly is straight except for minor modifications (wire material change, fender damage processing, etc.). The painting is a two-color camouflage of green and brown, and the state where the white of the winter camouflage remains slightly is reproduced. At this time, we finished it while paying attention to the texture expression of the kit (armor surface, casting surface, welding marks, etc.) as much as possible. Also, as a color accent, I looked into the red cloth from the tool box at the rear of the car body.

Silver Award
[Author] Koichi Hoshino (53) Gunma [Title] German Heavy Tow Vehicle SS-100 [Scale] 1/48
I wanted to express the worn-out appearance, so I filed only the ground contact surface of the tire to express the feeling that the rubber was worn out. As for painting, use an airbrush and brush to clear orange for rust that has emerged or flowed out. Clear blue is mixed with German gray that I made to give a three-dimensional effect to the car body, and it is sprayed on the shadows, and XF-57 is used for dirt around the suspension.

Silver Award
[Author] Kenichi Sanada (49) Fukuoka [Title] JS-2 1944 ChKZ [Scale] 1/35
I chose the JS-2 this time because I wanted to make a rugged Russian tank with a more vicious image. Even if you remove the fenders to expose the tracks or arrange the equipment outside the car in a cluttered manner, the effect is great, and I am satisfied that the work was as intended. In shooting, I tried to keep the overall balance by turning the barrel backwards.

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