Fall / Winter 2020 Tamiya Mini 4WD New Product Lineup by MC Guts & Mini 4WD Doctor

MC Guts and Mini 4WD introduce new Mini 4WD products in the fall and winter of 2020! We will explain thoroughly from various angles while holding the actual items and parts. Please take a look.
MC Guts / Mini 4WD Doctor

00:00 ~ Opening
★ Mini 4WD new product kit ★
03:13 ~ Honda e
10:40 ~ Neo VQS Advance Pack (VZ Chassis)
15:51 ~ Rise Emperor Black Special (MA chassis)
18:06- Mach Frame Black Special (FM-A Chassis)
22:07 ~ Copper Fang Black Special (FM-A chassis)
★ Mini 4WD new product parts ★
26:51 ~ HG Low Height Tire Aluminum Wheel II (2 Reversible)
30:30 ~ 17mm Aluminum bearing roller with plastic ring (dish) (red)
32:18 ~ High mount tube stabilizer set (black)
34:16 ~ HG 17mm all aluminum bearing roller (taper type)
36:09 ~ Ending

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