Tamiya 63717 Korokoro Aniki Comics First Issue Legend Volume 5

Released on Sunday, July 12, 2020, 641 yen

The true story of the guys who created “Koro-koro! Mini 4WD edition”
The story of the men who created “Koro-Koro” Volume 5 is “Mini 4WD Bakusetsu Densetsu”. This time, the author, Nomura Shinbo, will be in-depth coverage of the person in charge at the time and the people involved in Tamiya. Every anecdote is hot enough to cause burns, such as the moving drama of the editor in charge with the author, Tokuda Zaurus, the reason why the Tamiya no Mae-chan talked about the “mini 4WD hit”, and the life of Dr. Tokuda’s comics! It’s a gorgeous, not-so-luxurious book with bald-marus that is full of benefits, such as newly drawn columns and valuable photo galleries obtained from related parties.

★ “Mini 4WD” development legend
★ Manga artist / Tokuda Zaurus legend
★ Mae-chan talks about “the reason for the hit”
★ “Dash! Four-wheeler” explosive legend
★ “Jump study group” legend

○ Type/Number of pages: 192 pages of B6 size
○ Publisher: Shogakukan Co., Ltd.
○ Author: Nomura Shinbo

Comment from Dr. Shinbo Nomura
The 5th volume of “Korokoro’s First Legend”, which I have continued to write, is finally here.
This volume is only one story about “Mini 4WD”. It’s just the “Mini 4WD Legend”!!
Hobby gold tower that enthusiastically enthusiastically shines in the history of Korokoro! That is Mini 4WD.
CoroCoro editorial department, the maker Tamiya, and the manga artist Tokuda Zaurus provided the trio with readers, and the result was a big boom involving adults and children all over Japan.
Mini 4WD boys who were hot at that time, look back at the time and read it by all means!!

What is Korokoro’s first legend?
“Todoroke! The true story of a manga artist and editor who created “Korokoro” by betting everything, created by Nomura Shinbo, the author of “Ichiban” and “Tsuru Pikahage Maru.” It is a comic of “Korokoro First Issue”, which has been talked about in various places such as TV, magazines, and SNS since it was serialized in “Korokoro Aniki” for adults. From the time of its publication to the present, the author, who has been painting for 40 years, has made a comic book about how the elementary school boy’s bible “Monthly Korokoro Comic” was created. The story behind the birth of “Game Center Synopsis” and a heartwarming episode with Fujiko F. Fujio-sensei are full of stories that must have been read by former readers! A realistic depiction of the current pinch of personal life, such as divorce and debt, is another highlight, and it is a book about life.

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