Introducing the Dash! Yonkuro & Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go!! related Tamiya Mini 4WD

Introducing the machines that appear in the popular mini 4WD manga “Dash! 4WD” and “Hyper Dash! 4WD”. Dash corps machines, including the protagonist Hinomaru Yoshiro’s machine “Emperor”, are on display. It is a fun lineup to make new and old dash machines and compare them.

18651 Dancing Divine Doll (MA chassis)
18649 1/32 Canon D ball (MA chassis)
18644 1/32 God Burning Sun (MA Chassis)
18643 1/32 Rise Emperor (MA Chassis)
18641 1/32 Shooting Proud Star (MA Chassis)
18075 1/32 Great Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18073 1/32 Dash 0 Horizon Premium (Super II Chassis)
18070 1/32 Super Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18069 1/32 Dash 1 Emperor Premium (Super II Chassis)
18632 1/32 Dash 01 Super Emperor (MS Chassis)
18630 1/32 Dash No. 3 Shooting Star (MS Chassis)
18628 1/32 Dash 2-Burning Sun (MS Chassis)
18625 1/32 Dash 1 Emperor (MS Chassis)
17006 1/32 Wild Zaurus

Introducing the machines that appear in the popular mini 4WD manga “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !!” and “Bakuso Brothers Let’s & Go !! Return Racers !!” In addition to the protagonists, the Magma and Sonic, the favourite machines of the Hoshima brothers, machines of teammates and rivals are on display. This lineup is also recommended for those who want to recreate the famous scenes while working with original fans who are starting Mini 4WD and their favourite machines!

19454 Cosmosonic (FM-A chassis)
19453 Great Magnum R (Revolver) (FM-A chassis)
19452 Brockengigant Premium (FM-A chassis)u
19451 Gun Blaster XTO Premium (FM-A Chassis)
19450 1/32 Spin Cobra Premium (Super II Chassis)
19449 1/32 Tridagger WX (AR chassis)
19448 1/32 Proto Saber Evolution Premium (AR Chassis)
19447 1/32 Beak Stinger G (AR chassis)
19446 1/32 Great Blast Sonic (AR Chassis)
19445 1/32 Buster Sonic Premium (AR chassis)
19444 1/32 Beat Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19443 1/32 Diospada Premium (AR chassis)
19440 1/32 Cyclone Magnum Premium (AR Chassis)
19441 1/32 Hurricane Sonic Premium (AR chassis)
19442 1/32 Z Wing Magnum (AR Chassis)
19439 1/32 Beak Spider Premium (Super II Chassis)
19438 1/32 Ray Stinger Premium (Super II Chassis)
19437 1/32 Bergkaiser Premium (Super II Chassis)
19436 1/32 Shining Scorpion Premium (Super II Chassis)
19435 1/32 Vanguard Sonic Premium (Carbon Super II Chassis)
19434 1/32 Victory Magnum Premium (Carbon Super II Chassis)
19433 1/32 Tridagger X Premium (Super II Chassis)
19432 1/32 Sonic Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)
19431 1/32 Magnum Saber Premium (Super II Chassis)
18622 1/32 Rodeo Sonic
18621 1/32 Bison Magnum

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