Tamiya Neckties Mitsubishi A6M Zero One Point

67447 Necktie `Mitsubishi A6M Zero` One Point (Navy Blue)
67448 Necktie `Mitsubishi A6M Zero` One Point (Sky Blue)
67449 Necktie `Mitsubishi A6M Zero` One Point (Gold)
67450 Necktie `Mitsubishi A6M Zero` One Point (Brick Color)

– These are ties with a 52-point one-point embroidery and top view that has been used in most battles in the latter half of the Great War, among the zero battles that continued to fly as the main fighter of the Japanese Navy throughout the Pacific War.
– The material is 100% silk.
– Made from high-quality silk thread under strict quality control, from fabric weaving to sewing all over the factory in Tokamachi, Niigata Prefecture.
– Available in 4 colors: navy blue, sky blue, gold and brick.
– A playful tie that decorates the chest of a model fan.
– Material: 100% silk Width: 85mm

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