Tamiya Fair 2019 Special Sale Items

Special Sale Items
■ 1/35 American Airborne Tank M551 Sheridan (Vietnam War) (white box) (4,070 yen)
■ 1/35 American anti-aircraft artillery M42 Duster (with 3 dolls) (white box) (2,860 yen) )
■ 1/35 German light tank 38 (t) E / F type (white box) (2,640 yen)
■ 1/35 Deutsche Bahn armored P204 (f) (white box) (¥ 3,630)
■ 1/35 Ground Self-Defense Force light Armored motor vehicle (LAV) (white box) (3,080 yen)
■ 1/24 Countach LP500S (clear coat red body) (white box) (3,300 yen)

* What is a white box (shirobako)?
This is a prototype model kit that will be produced in a limited production prior to the product launch. The outer box and assembly drawings are printed in simple form, and the color and shape of the parts may differ from the product version.

■ Toyama’s “ Rural Manju (5 pieces) ” made by Tamiya Fan (1,026 yen)