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Tamiya Mini 4WD animal driver models

Mini 4 wheel drive x animal driver, a lot of fun machines to run and decorate!
The easy-to-install Mini 4WD, which does not require adhesive, is a collection of machines with cute animal drivers. Popular characters, including Kumamon, Shirokumako, pandas, wolves, dogs, hawks, owls, pigs, cats, and relaxing koalas. In addition to the open top type with no windows, the machine style operated by the animals also has a GT type with plenty of feeling that the animal driver can be seen from the window. All animal driver dolls are assembled and painted, and they can be made and run together to be enjoyed by parents and children alike

  • Mini 4WD and Pig

    A machine with a chubby humorous pig driver. The tartan plaid pattern and the graphic of the footprints stimulate the cuteness. (Super II chassis)

  • Mini 4WD · Owl

    A machine on which an owl driver with a steady eye is riding. The finish looks like the night sky of the full moon of Halloween, but a little mysterious. (Super II chassis)

  • Mini 4WD · Hawk

    A machine with a sharp eye with a smile, and an empty king Hawk (Taka). The linear wedge shaped body is attractive because it cuts off the air and flies. (Super II chassis)

  • Mini 4WD · Dog

    A machine on which a Shiba Inu driver, a representative of a Japanese dog, rode, as well as special stickers such as “柴” and blue and yellow graphics. (Super II chassis)