Let’s ask how to enjoy Mini 4WD and how to make it live! – Tamiya’s interviews with event organizers

We interview the event organizers of all over Japan!
A mini 4WD event that is not an official tournament sponsored by Tamiya, which is held all over the country, “Kusada 4WD event” (in the way of grass baseball). Recently, various events have been frequently seen, from large-scale events to events specialized for the local community. [List of events other than Tamiya sponsorship] . From such a number of events, we will talk directly to the organizers of the events that interest you, and introduce you mini 4WD activities. It may be useful for those who are considering holding a mini 4WD event from now on?

The third bath four wheel drive, hina four wheel drive, 笹 four wheel drive …
We are thinking a lot of interesting ideas! “Saiin nugumi”
We interviewed the organizer of the Mini 4WD event and listen to the various things about the management, the third of the plan, in Kyoto, the course of the public bath “Asahiyu” in Saiin is paved the length and breadth of the bath of the mini 4WD. Race to “bath four wheel drive”, mini four wheel drive to honor the lady and the inner back (ladder) and decorate the hiland “Hina four wheel drive” etc … I can not forget once heard in the catchy naming, excellent impact We talked to “Seiin-gumi” who is hosting a mini 4WD event!

An original event logo with the letters “Bath 4WD” on the center. If it is said that the impact when you first see it on SNS!

ど う How was the Mini 4WD Team “Seijin Team” formed?

“Seiin’s” Seiin “is the name of the city of Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city. There was a pub called” Jamin “where mini 4WD lovers gather in Saiin, but in the shop” mini 4 J Jamin Cup “(Japan I was holding a mini 4 wheel drive event called “I’m playing a cup”. At the invitation of the members at that time, as a part of the event of the city’s music festival ” The Saiin festival “, it was decided to open a mini 4WD booth at Kasuga Shrine and formed a team. In fact, most of the members do not live in the Saiin … but because it was formed in the wake of the Saiin, it was named “Seiin’s Union”. After that, there was a change of members, and now members are centered on the people who gathered at the time of the first four wheelers. ”

A state of Hina 4 wheel drive. When I planned to “make it fun when I decorated the mini 4 wheel drive!”, Various “Hina 4 wheel drive” seemed to be gathered by volunteers. People gathered at that time are now at the center.

── You have events such as “Bath 4WD” and “Hina 4WD” that go beyond the scope of mini 4WD. How did you come up with these ideas?

“From the 4th in the public bath to the” bath 4th “, from the 3rd to the 4th” Hina 4th “, from the rhythm of the reggae to the 4th mini” 4th “. After deciding on the title of the event, I think it would be interesting to see what the event is … I think the Saiin-gumi group currently has 8 members, but there is no team representative. “Because I become a leader and plan an event, and other members support the planner with all my energy, so there may be a lot of withdrawal of ideas.”

“The main events of the Saiin-gumi group are” Bath 4WD “,” Rege 4WD “, and” New 4WD “to be newly planned this time, but the person in charge is different in every project. There is … but I always think about what I think would be interesting if realized. ”

── Each member plans as a leader, so many ideas are born. We are anxious about new event “笹 4 笹”!

“This year’s Tanabata,” Fourth Four-wheel drive “planned by members of the Saiin team on July 7 (Sun), prepare chopsticks and short strips and want to write and tie wishes (to Mr. Tamiya) Actually, it was planned to be held last year, but unfortunately it was canceled without being blessed with the weather, but this year’s venue is planned to be indoors, so it depends on the weather I think it can be held without any problems. ”

── Saiin Gumi holds events in various places such as public baths, shrines, cafes, etc. How is the venue secured?

“Basically, there are many opportunities to connect in a group of people. There is an offer from those who met at” The Saiin festival “that was the catalyst for team formation, and when we talked about hobbies, in fact each other’s minis The story gets excited in the 4th generation of cars … Then do it at home? Or become. Where do you actually put the course? What will you do with pit space and power? How do you advertise? … etc. If you meet each other by the meeting day, you will be able to ease the management of the day if you meet each other many times, and it will be possible to cope with it smoothly even if any trouble occurs if it is a pattern while trusting each other. ”

“Of course we have customers who take part in the event enjoy it, but if you are exhibiting at a shop lent to the venue or at a festival etc., the event organizer, and an event where all of our members can smile” We aim to

西 Mr. Saiin-gumi holds various events, how do you decide the race method and rules?

“I can not say in general because the age group and the number of participants are different for each event, but events with a large number of participants, such as the Bath 4WD, have tournament-style races. I am allowed to play freely in free practice, do time attacks according to the mood of the children, hold simple races, etc., and change according to the scene. You will be glad to see them. ”

Course scenery of bath four wheel drive
“There are 40 open, 40 junior juniors, and their accompanying parents, who will be close to 100.”

“We will always have a racer’s meeting at the beginning of the event and will firmly explain the precautions and prohibitions.”
Since the venue may be in a residential area, it is essential to cooperate with the manners of the participants so as not to bother the neighbors.

“The regulation of the tournament basically conforms to the official Mini 4WD official competition rules , but in consideration of the junior pocket money, even the battery only 100 yen shop or the like is OK. In the event with many participants Because there are scenes where beginners and advanced players run together, the course layout is designed with the course layout in mind so that you can enjoy it regardless of your level. ”

Course layout of mini 4 wheel drive experience society held in the children’s center
“We are devising to be the position where obstacles such as slopes and banks are clearly visible from the start line.

One piece of “Regae 4WD” doing mini 4WD while playing Noga

State of exhibit at a junior event
“The atmosphere of the event also changes according to the age group participating in the event.”

── Saiin-gumi’s event logos and posters are very cool. Are members doing design etc?

“All members are designing and producing event logos and posters. Since I am a sign shop, I also make posters for events and stickers from the Saiin group with this technology. There are also things that can spread. ”

Event logo of original design Hina 4WD (upper). Reggae 4WD (Lower) “We make logos and send them together because it’s difficult to communicate with text alone. If you think it’s like this, you’ll be interested, so good readable logos, titles and photos that you can see at a glance are good. is not it.”

“In addition to the shops that handle mini-shikakeri, posters are attached to facilities where there is an event site and places where you can cooperate with the area. A poster was posted on Ms.’s main station, as those who look for information on the Mini 4WD from SNS are already playing with Mini 4WD, so it is quite effective as an approach to the other layer I think.”

By making announcements at facilities that the general public visits, approach the event to a group who does not know the Mini 4WD

“In addition, when you post events of the Saiin team on the Tamiya site, or send information via SNS, you can create a dedicated hashtag such as “ # Bath 4』” or ” # な 4』 “to share topics I’m putting it on. ”

The Tamiya site has a function that can post events hosted by shops and groups .
“We will post events of the Saiin-gumi group and check the posted events to see if they will be covered by other organizer’s events.”

“There are few permanent courses in Kyoto, so there is not a place where people who started Mini 4WD can easily run. If the number of teams holding Mini 4WD events in Kyoto increases, Mini 4WD becomes more interesting If you would like to hold a mini 4WD event in Kyoto but don’t know what to do, please contact saiingumi (at mark) gmail.com If you are new to Saiin-gumi, there are some parts that you are not familiar with, We can share the know-how we have experienced so far!

あ り が と う Thank you for the interesting story from the story of the event concept to the idea of ​​disseminating information!

You can check out the activities of the senior executive Saiin-gumi who can organize events that are not confined to the framework of the Mini 4WD and that can be realized by searching with the Twitter hashtag ” # Saiin-gumi “. In addition, you can look back on the past events if you search for the event-specific hashtags ” # bath four wheel drive ” or ” # hina four wheel drive ” etc. Great attention is also given to “ # 笹 4 駆 ” which will be held in July !

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