Upcoming Tamiya 58672 1/14 RC Monster Beetle Trail GF-01TR

58672 1/14 R/C Monster Beetle Trail (GF-01TR)

The classic Tamiya Monster Beetle is an iconic R/C kit. This version takes the classic body, shrinks it to a smaller scale, and mounts it on a variant GF-01 chassis called the GF-01TR!
The GF-01TR fits the gear-driven GF-01 chassis with reduction gears (also known as portal axles). This modification allows the hobbyist to better transverse trail terrain as it lifts the bottom of the chassis to better clear obstacles that could high center the vehicle and render it stuck.

5 thoughts on “Upcoming Tamiya 58672 1/14 RC Monster Beetle Trail GF-01TR

  1. DJ

    YES! I had a feeling a GF-01tr would be out soon, but this far exceeds my expectations! Tamiya, are you reading this? Use this body shell again on the WR-02CB for a Comical Sand Scorcher!

  2. S. Widdick

    Monster beetle trail. It’s a dyna head minus 2 of everything and they want the same money for it. I don’t think so.

  3. admin Post author

    In which country?
    Original Japanese prices are different, Dynahead is 28,944 yen and Monster Beetle 25,920 yen.

  4. S widdick

    Dyna head 279-45 offer 234.
    Monster trail 260-26 offer 234.
    £19 less on retail for all that’s missing.
    Modelsport UK.

  5. admin Post author

    We can’t account Tamiya HQ for dealers giving different offers and discounts, can we?

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